Surgery Time

Posted April 10, 2021, 7:22 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox (Chief Medical Officer) (Calé Reilly)

Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in Surgery Time


The closed door did wonders for the auditory assault on her head. With the reduction of physical noise and his sudden absence of thoughts, she realized that much of the problem was the telepathic input. She tried to block the telepathic noise only to discover she had almost no control over her telepathy and the effort made her gasp in pain. Her eyes snapped open locking on Knox momentarily before closing them against the stabbing pain. She realized she was in the midst of an incredible severe migraine.

Crossing back to her side he held up a hypo to the light and surveyed the contents leisurely as the counsellor continued to exhibit distress. “Would you like me to give you something for the pain and the nausea?” He asked knowing what her answer would surely be.

Dr Knox

She would have growled at him if it wouldn’t hurt so much. No she didn’t want the medicine, she liked being in pain. She wanted to prove how tough she was, but her mental sarcasim was wasted since he could hear her. She nodded her head clearly, the movement creating a sensation of vertigo, but better than the throbbing the sound of her voice caused.

Again the corners of his mouth turned up and he delivered a fairly large dosage of medication to her. Then, moving to the wall panel he dimmed the light slightly to a more comfortable level and sat down.

She breathed slowly as the medicine took effect. Visibly relaxing when it did. She was exhausted, and it sounded in her voice as she whispered, “what went wrong?”
Lt Synthi-er CNS

Thoughtfully he answered. “Your rib repair went smoothly, there should be some mild discomfort for a few days but nothing painful and the swelling and bruising was minimal and easily reduced with a sub dermal regenerator. Once you’re fully conscious I’d like to do a deep tissue scan of the thorax and a lung function series.” He was watching her intently.

“However, during surgery your Psilosynine levels began to climb. There was significant damage to your paracortext that did not show in your records or previous scans and I was forced to attempt to surgically repair the damage. It is a stable repair for now but it will require further treatment.” He allowed this to sink in a moment.

“Your telepathic abilities may appear amplified. You will also experience headaches. I can give you an inhibitor to tone it back down if you would like.”

Dr Knox

Casela ignored the offer of an inhibitor and despite the pain from the lights, she opened her eyes, locking her gaze on Knox, and started to prop herself up before thinking better of it. “I don’t know if this is some twisted way to see if I’m aware and in control of my faculties or some twisted joke, Doctor. I have never suffered damage to my paracortex.” Was she sure of that though? She felt very confused, trapped, and a need to run. That wasn’t going to help her. “I think you better explain.” Problem was she was not in any condition to stay awake and understand…the pain had eased but the continued telepathic input was going to send her over the edge. Her levels were starting to spike again and her vision went fuzzy.
Lt Synthi-er CNS

Theodore appeared unphased. “I am not sure how much of this conversation you will retain. No matter, I believe you may be unaware of the damage which I can only assume was a result of your time with ‘The Doctor’” he said the word as if it was distasteful. “I am sure the reasoning behind this is fascinating, however the scar tissue is rather pronounced. Strange that it did not show on scans previously. However, one tends not to focus on paracortex areas during basic scans, so easily overlooked.” He mused as he spun another hypospray containing the promised inhibitor between his long fingers.

Long years of training kept her still and her face impassive, other than the reaction to pain and nausea (which had subsided with the medication), but the instruments would show an increase in heart rate, slight respiration, and blood pressure at the mention of “the Doctor.” Casela shared the same distaste as Knox about him, but she’d only ever heard Mad Man refer to him as ‘Doctor’ and so the name stuck. They had tortured her but she had no…wait there was some vague memory but then it was gone. She closed her eyes against the pain of the lights.

“I must confess myself intrigued as to how much your abilities have changed. Can you describe the sensation or the pain for me?”

Dr Knox

Describe it? Her voice was low and she tried to put words to the feelings. “Knives, tiny ones, cutting into the same spot over and over, but deeper each time,” she was probably describing how it had felt when the Doctor operated on her, the memory of the sensation. “Throbbing, no, a thooming, that’s deep, more felt than heard, vibrating through my whole head, it mutes out all the sound to let it back in suddenly like being next to a tri-cobalt grenade going off.” She coughed slightly, “Have you ever been in an avalanche? The roaring at the height of the slide, it never stops and never quiets.” She started to rub her head, right where he’d operated, but it hurt when she touched it and she jerked her hand away. “Too many voices, too loud, I can’t turn them off.”
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Theodore considered the description of pain thoughtfully. “Hmmm” was all he said as he continued to twist the hypo between his finger tips. “The surgical site may be a little tender. Are the voices louder than they were originally?” He asked.

After her reply he considered the readouts and then, only then, did he stand and administer the inhibitor. “How about now?” He asked.

Dr Knox

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