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Posted by Ensign Dr. Madison Marsh (Senior Researcher (Exobiology)) in Pre-Sim: CO Check-In

Posted by Captain Zachariah Cobb (Commanding Officer) in Pre-Sim: CO Check-In
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Madison re-materialized on the transporter pad of the U.S.S. Leviathan after anxiously awaiting it’s arrival at the Starbase. She casually waved at at the transporter chief in acknowledgement. “Thank you Chief.” The chief responded with a “Yes, ma’am.” She smiled for a moment in response and then exited the transporter room, walked briskly down the corridor, and entered the turbolift. “Computer, Bridge”. The turbolift shifted into motion and traveled to deck 23. The doors opened and Madison was mesmerized by the bridge due to it’s enhancements in comparison to other ships she had either been on for training or that she had studied in the past. The Leviathan appeared to be one of the most advanced ships that the 24th century had to offer. After scanning the bridge with her lovely sky blue eyes, she headed for Captain Cobb’s office. He had requested a meeting with her as soon as she boarded the Leviathan. As she pressed the page button, one could see her nails were well manicured and varnished in a dark purple nail polish. Madison patiently awaited Captain Cobb’s response.

  • Dr. Madison Marsh, Ensign, Senior Researcher - Exobiology

Marsh could perhaps be forgiven for not noticing her new captain on her way through the CIC. While the Leviathan remained docked at the base, they were seizing the opportunity for some essential maintenance. However, as a former engineer himself, Cobb could not resist getting his hands dirty. And so, when the chime for the ready room sounded, Madison would hear a loud grunt from the direction of the tactical station, followed a second later by a head appearing from beneath the centre console. With long, greying hair and equally unkempt beard, not to mention the rumpled and oil-spotted tunic, the four pips shining dully from the collar was the only reliable indication of this man’s status as captain.

Rising to his feet, he wiped both hands on the front of his tunic before offering one out to his guest. “I was just doing some fine-tuning of our tactical algorithms. The boys at the base can never seem to set the damn thing right. I take it you’re looking for me? Cobb. Captain Cobb. And you, I suspect, are Doctor Madison Marsh? Roebuck has told me all about you.”

With a wink, he moved to the ready room door and ran a thumb along the sensor unit to release the lock. Then, stepping inside, he continued, “Can I offer you something to drink? How about a bite to eat? I’ve been at work all morning and almost completely missed lunch.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Madison pivoted off of her back right heel twirling in an effort to face Cobb directly. Her eyes darted for a split second examining him from head to toe and she concluded that she had met a second cute older man on the same day. She wondered if there were any here around her age perhaps? Cobb looked old enough to be her father. Her eyes then shifted upward to meet Cobb’s gaze and a warm smile spread across her lips, “Oh hi.”. Madison exaggerated the letter ‘i’ in the word ‘hi’ in a way that showed that she was happy to finally meet him, was a little caught off guard, and was quite surprised to see a Captain getting his hands dirty. Cobb was well on his way to having her complete buy-in between what she had read about him and the fact that he will help out with a bit of work around the ship. She extended her soft hand to complete a professional handshake with Cobb, “Yes sir, Admiral Roebuck assigned me to the Leviathan. However, I challenge the notion that he told you everything about me. There are plenty of aspects that you will get to learn about me over the course of time. I would not want you to get bored Captain.” Madison was being humorous with Cobb attempting to break the ice between the two of them based off of her tone of voice. She was definitely young, energetic, inspired, and did not ever hesitate to show confidence in herself.

“I suspect there is no danger of that happening, Miss Marsh,” the captain winked before disappearing through the now opened doors.

As directed, she stepped forward into Cobb’s office and scanned the area looking over how he had it decorated. She had an interest in interior design and had an appreciation for room themes. “Oh nice, I love how you have set up your office.”

Zachariah emitted a roar of laughter. Set up his office? He cast his eyes around the space; the tray laden with empty coffee and whiskey cups, discarded on the long couch that ran beneath the viewing window; the mountain of paper blueprints and diagrams almost entirely covering is desk; the engineering tool kit, open and half-spilled across the upper left corner of the room. At least the antique bar on the right wall was intact. And as if to demonstrate appreciation of the fact, it was towards this bar that Cobb now headed.

She did not have to think about whether or not she wanted to dine with Cobb for a second. “I would love to dine with you Captain. I could definitely eat something as it has been quite a lengthy morning for myself as well. What kind of food were you in the mood for?” She tilted her head slightly and had an expression of curiosity come across her face. She looked forward to getting to know the man that she had learned about during her time at the Academy. Madison wanted to get a feel for Cobb to gauge his interests, personality, and to see what made him tick. This would help provide her with a baseline on how to approach him in the future.

  • Dr. Madison Marsh, Ensign, Senior Researcher (Exobiology)

“My yeoman is one hell of a cook,” Zachariah responded as he continued to fill two whiskey glasses to the brim. “Her specialty is something known as a ‘full english’. It’s a breakfast dish from back home.”

The drinks were carried with expert precision, not a single drop being lost between the bar and the desk, where he laid them directly on top of the paper blueprints.
“Please, have a seat,” the captain nodded to an empty chair as he collapsed into his own, stretching long legs out before him and rubbing at the back of his neck. “And while we wait for our food to arrive, perhaps you can tell me a little bit about yourself, eh? The parts that Roebuck probably missed?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Madison quietly observed and listened to Cobb as he poured their drinks with the professionalism of an experienced bartender. To her, whiskey was like sunshine on a gorgeous day with clear blue skies. The drink was without a shadow of a doubt a clear cut personal favorite of hers. At Cobb’s request, she took a seat in the chair across from him and crossed her legs comfortably. The fresh glass of whiskey was subtly calling her name and she responded as she reached for the glass. She held the glass to her lips and sipped on the whiskey. A look of satisfaction came across her face as she set the drink back on the paper blue print while making eye contact with her Captain. “Mmmm, I love whiskey and this one hits the spot Captain.” A smile came across her closed lips for a few moments before shifting gears to neutral once again. She tilted her head slightly pondering Cobb’s question about her, “Well, first things first sir, what did Admiral Roebuck cover already? I would hate to bore you with a re-run on the Madison Marsh show.” A slight grin came across her face, her tone uplifting, and she could tell that this was going to quite an interesting dinner for both parties.

  • Dr. Madison Marsh, Ensign, Senior Researcher (Exobiology)

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