OOC: Foremost Fleet Report - March

Posted April 11, 2021, 1:07 p.m. by Captain Zachariah Cobb (Commanding Officer) (Sharon Miller)

Hey all,

the March Fleet report is up:

Please find below the various highlights, spotlights and awards and congrats to everyone who earned a mention.

CO Thread of the Month:
The month saw most of us involved in the ‘Augustine Chronicles’ encounter and this thread in particular, featuring several members of the RTF (including James Sinclair, Jennifer Ward and Christina Crafford), to me exemplified the Leviathan and the ARU at its best - RTF members in combat with, and attempting to contain, an active anomaly:

CO Spotlight:
Dave Eads came to us at the end of February with an idea for a new anomaly and, in the month that followed has delivered a wonderfully-crafted and thrilling tale of a temporally-displaced Captain and crew, finding themselves somehow trapped between their dimension and ours and attaching themselves to the Leviathan like some ghostly, anomalous parasite. His storytelling has so far been exceptional, the opportunities for crew to get involved plentiful and on the whole he continues to gift us with a enthralling tale that continues to deliver for every player involved.

XO Spotlight:
This month will be going to Warrant Officer Jonathan Durheim our incoming Chief Engineer, with the unfortunate news that our current CE wanted to take a break we were quick to act in asking Will to take the spot, he’s a great writer and I have no doubt he will only perform amazingly!
Also another cheeky spotlight to Sharon for fixing the MOTD that I am convinced I broke and have been sweating about since! Woo!

Foremost Fleet Awards:
Nominated by myself and Jake - James Sinclair, Matt Bongiorno, Tom Shore
Winner - Starship Trooper (best player) - Matt Bongiorno

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