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A figure appeared at the entrance to the bridge, clutching the doorframe for both support and as if it was her only anchor to reality.

Those familiar with the ship’s assistant counsellor would barely recognise her, her usual immaculate appearance and charismatic presence gone, to be replaced by this ragged, windswept scarecrow.

Anaya lurched the last few steps, where beforehand she seemed to glide as if barely touching the deck, now she moved like a badly made puppet with several strings cut, barely in control of her own body. She slumped to her knees before the Captain and looked up at him, her beautiful face streaked with tears, and blood pouring unstemmed from her nose.

“Too much.... all too much.... the comes from another place.... all black..... can’t stop it....”

Anaya - Asst Counsellor

Of course, Anya felt it.

It was real.

It was magnified through the phased space, through temporal swirls and eddies, perhaps.
Something had torn the Augustin apart.
For the people on the Augustine, this was now.
She wasn’t dead and lost…
…She was still dying.
This was her last gasp, and some were still alive.

Pulled through some unknown hole in dimensional space-time, the Augustine had disappeared almost five years ago.
However, the moment of her death was stretched across and through many such rips and tears in reality’s fabric.
All of this was made clear to Anya in the blink of an eye…
But the sheer horror of feeling the death throes was far too great a burden all at once.
Anya’s mind was not used to experiencing several dimensions at once.
Several timelines at once.
How could she even communicate the utter pain and insanity of dying a thousand different times, yet only once?

Just like the unphased physical wreckage was drawn to Leviathan,
The psychic energy of unphased people was drawn where it would be sensed…
To Anya.

A fantastic jumble of sensations, emotions, memory…

She cried with Captain Franklin, holding young Ensign Williams’s body in his arms. The half that had phased into the corridor.

Her throat tightened as her scream died in the decompression as she and Ellis were ripped from the wreckage and out into the cold vacuum.

She tried to answer Luna’s queries for survivors, but she and Lt. Hannah Parker were too weak. They died quietly, though finally warm. Seconds from salvation.

The odd sensation of simply ceasing to exist as a living being as she and Warrant Officer Grant phased into real space and became molecularly one with Leviathan’s superstructure.

Hundreds of lightyears away, in a completely different sector, She sat quietly hurting with CPO James Franklin on USS Europa. Drunk and alone. Missing his older brother.

Hundreds of others connected to Anya, sharing themselves. Their pain, their last moments.

She could feel them. All of them.

If she could only control it, she could sort them… Find them…

Couldn’t she?

Couldn’t she please? they begged

-Franklin, Anomalous Individual

“Anaya?” Cobb spoke in whispers, as if scared that the solidity of his words could shatter the woman before him to pieces. “What is it?”

Falling to his knees, Zachariah reached out and pulled the Deltan into a protective embrace, one hand gently cradling her smooth head. “You’re safe, Anaya. You’re in the CIC and both me and Commander Raauhl are with you. We’re not going to let anything happen to you.”
He shot an anxious glance to his Trill First Officer, aware that the pledges he made had no anchor within this maelstrom of utter confusion.
“Anaya, can you tell us what is happening to you?” he looked down now at the tortured and tear-stained face. “What is it that you’re feeling?”

Ros stood in the darkness of his quarters, one hand on the wall beside the view pane of the transparent aluminium of the window. He felt the ship shuddering, being torn apart in places that should never be torn. The Engineer in him heard the screams of the metal, the rending of the bulkheads, the surge of the warp core. He let out the breath he had been holding slowly. The Counselor in him heard the tears and screams of those in agony as they were torn apart.

Outside was the wreckage of a ship, part of it anyway. Debri spun in space like a giant hand spun pieces lazily. Ros felt the darkness that surrounded the ship, his eyes moved from piece to piece while his mind worked to pick out the shadows cast from the running lights of the Leviathan. The hulk foretold doom, death and pain. A wounded beast that fought to survive but was falling to the darkness. He closed his eyes with a numb feeling around him as his other hand rested on a box sitting on the side table by his window, words barely coherent but his voice deep as he began to sing.

Augustine flew from the fields of Mars,
The Expanse hers to explore.
She sailed between the silent stars
Where no man had gone before.

Through wilds of space and endless void,
Past strange and awesome sights.
Farther from home than any man,
Had yet sailed into Night.

Augustine flew from the fields of Mars,
The Expanse hers to explore.
She sailed between the silent stars
Where no man had gone before.

Valiantly Her Captain fought the fight,
As she ran before the squall.
But the Storm devoured our Augustine,
Her Crew and Captain, all.

Augustine flew from the fields of Mars,
The Expanse hers to explore.
She sailed between the silent stars
Where no man had gone before.

Finally, she broke through Neptune’s wrath
And reached far Eden’s shores.
Now Ne’er returns our Augustine,
Her Crew will sail no more.

Now ne’er returns the Augustine,
Her Crew will sail no more…

Silence fell over the darkness. Ros’ eyes opened and moved among the wreckage, his hand lifting from the box as he turned ignoring the body floating past his window, the blank stare disregarded. As he donned his tunic and walked out the door he continued to hum the tune. It was time to work.

The doors were already pried apart as Ros squeezed himself through into the CiC, pausing momentarily to survey those in the room and who was present. Without waiting for an order, he headed to the Engineering console sparing a glance at the bald woman on her knees. She caused him to pause slightly in his stride, his eyes moving to the Captain. He could almost feel the pain that showed on her face, but his eyes moved back to the console and his hands began to swiftly move over the alarm acknowledgements. Power had to be redirected, bulkheads shut, plasma cut off. Some, could be done from here.

“Plasma leaks on several decks. Power conduits compromised, redirecting and securing life support where I can.” His voice was calm, but tight. If his time on the Viking had taught him much, how to save what they had left was a big part of it.

Lt Cmdr Akirel Ros, Consultant Researcher

From his position on the floor, the captain glanced up at the engineer. Were they granted brief respite from this chaos, then Cobb might have found pause to identify this as the first occasion onboard the Leviathan he had actually been glad for the presence of Akirel Ros.
“Can you identify what it is that assails us?” he called out to the Bajoran, desperate now for even the most transient of tendrils to resemble an answer.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

OOC: Also, amazing lyrics there courtesy of both Dave’s!

In the background, Raauhl was trying to organise the repair teams, =^=Damage repair team Gamma proceed to Corridor J Deck 4, Plasma leaks and atmosphere venting. Fire suppression system is offline Repair team Bravo there are open fires on Decks 5,6,9,10 and 11, Repair teams Charlie and Yankee to assist. Repair team and Medical team to Deck 13, multiple casualties and anomaly escape RTF crews are already apprehending the anomaly but require the cell to be repaired.=^= Raauhl voice-only ceased to hear what tactical or anyone could tell them what was attacking them.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

“She’s the USS Augustine, Captain.” Ros said, glancing at Cobb while he worked the Engineering console. Several systems were offline to automatic commands and would need manual Shutoff, so while he worked he forwarded the details of what to shut off and what to redirect to the repair teams the XO had ordered to the lower decks.

“She disappeared five years ago, big mystery, presumed lost. Unfortunately for us right now, she’s found us.” Ros paused slightly as he said the last part, looking at Cobb to see if he caught his words. “Looks like she is trapped in some kind of interphase pocket from these energy readings, I would advise we move out of this area before more bits of her phase back into this reality inside us. Readings are throwing out odd chroniton measurements as well Captain.

Lt Cmdr Akirel Ros, consultant researcher

“Aye, let’s put a little distance between us, eh,” the captain nodded. “Are you reading any survivors, Mr Akirel?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

At that moment, the Breen’s augmented voice came across the comms. =/\= RTF to Bridge. Anomaly partially contained. One subject for containment. Captain’s presence requested. =/\= was all Vonn said.

Vonn, RTF CO

=^= Copy, Mr Vonn =^= Cobb replied distractedly, his attention still locked on Anaya, =^= On my way… =^=

Anaya clung to the Captain tightly, her grip verging on painful. She threw her head back, her eyes seemingly searching for something, her sight focused on something beyond the bulkheads....

“Here but not here!” She called, her voice having almost a singsong quality to it,

“Far and yet Near!”

She buried her head in the Captains shoulder as another spasm of pain racked her body.

“It’s okay, I’ve got you,” he attempted to calm her, although doubting that his words were even registering on her traumatised subconscious.

Her voice… barely above a whisper, and muffled by the cloth of his uniform, he could still hear her voice....

“Here but not here..... Far and yet near..... Here but not here..... Far and yet near...... Here but not here..... Far and yet near.....”

Anaya - Asst Counsellor

“Where is ‘here’, Anaya?” Cobb’s voice grew more insistent, his grip on her shoulders strengthening, as if at any moment she might disintegrate like the ruins of the Augustine. “Can you tell me where you are?”

Mr. Ros, if he could find the right frequencies of the phased out persons, would find one hundred forty-one members of the Augustine’s crew in various phased condition. In all, as of this moment, one hundred thirty-four of them were deceased. Seven life signs, all fluctuating wildly, six of them very weak, would be found inside Leviathan. At this very moment, one of those seven had grown very much stronger and was flying at Vonn in a total rage.

Anya would be aware of all this… Especially of the strange balance shift of energy from the entirety of the Augustine crew into the one form…

-Franklin, Anomalous Individual

Raauhl had enough of this game of cat and mouse, “Bring the Leviathan about! Back the way we came and leave warning Bouys, we’re not authorised to deal with an anomaly of this size especially when were at full capacity.” He hoped the ship was in a good enough shape to limp back to the starbase until repairs could be done at least. He crossed his armed and waited.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

The urgency of Raauhl’s voice broke Cobb from his own trance, he quickly lifting Anaya and settling her into his chair before beckoning the Commander to his side.
“It appears, Mr Raauhl, that I am needed on deck thirteen,” he began to explain, his eyes still fixed on the Deltan as he attempted to gently extricate himself from her grasp. “To say that I am concerned about Miss Anaya hare is an understatement. She appears to be experiencing some kind of…” he grasped at the empty air as if the words to complete his sentence could be harvested like nightshade, “…trance. Whether connected to this spectral wreckage or not, I am so far unable to say. But…” he placed a hand on the Trill’s shoulder. “Take care of her. Please.”

Raauhl wanted to object but knew that Cobb was set on what he needed, wanted to do. “Yes sir of course. We’ll get to a safe distance and then we’ll set about dealing with the damage.” He sighed, “Good luck Captain.” He could order some officers to go with him but already badly beaten the CIC needed all hands on deck especially if the Captain was leaving.

At the threshold of the CIC he turned to face the First Officer once more. “And contact me if her condition changes. For now, you have the conn, Commander. Good luck.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

He nodded before turning back to the Holographic Image which was still flickering on and off, “Whats our distance from the debris field? And cans someone get a damage repair team up here.” As if to reiterate why another set of sparks and smoke began to fill the room until two junior officers were able to extinguish the flames. ” Raauhl crossed his hands, they were going to have to undergo quick repairs if they were to be able to make it through the malstrom of the nebula.

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

The Augustine debris seemed to drift more quickly now, swirling into a whirlpool of particles around the Leviathan.

Then they seemed to wink out of existence altogether, leaving no trace other than what damage had already been done.

Leviathan should have a clear path away… For now.

-Franklin, Anomalous Individual

At that moment, a message would come through from the captain.
=^= Commander Raauhl, take the ship to warp and away from this location immediately! =^=

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

=^=Aye sir=^= Raauhl said now looking to the helmsman “Take us to warp six in any direction but here.” The Trill Executive officer then turned to the officer on the science “Launch a probe and set it to warn incoming ships and document it into the ship’s library for future investigation if the ARU so decide.” He crossed his arms and waited for their responses, once done he nodded once, “Let’s get out of here.”

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

Madison made eye contact with Commander Raauhl as he delivered his instructions to her. There was a sense of confidence in her response and mannerisms as she refused to allow any of the horrific activities that transpired earlier on the bridge affect her job performance, “Aye sir.” She immediately glanced down at the science console and executed his command without hesitation. She selected an open probe and coded it with a generic warning for ships to alter their course due to the dangerous anomaly in the area. As the launch sequence initiated for the probe, she used that spare time to document the anomaly in the ships library with all of the available information that pertained to it. This would provide the crew with preliminary information on the anomaly to help them have better preparation for the next encounter with such a threat. She saved the documentation to the ship’s library and then a chirping sound came from the console indicating that the probe was ready to be released. Madison pressed the launch clearance command key and the active probe was sent off into space. She looked up to meet Commander Rauuhl’s gaze, “The probe’s launch was successful and all of the information has been documented in the Leviathan’s library sir.”

  • Dr. Madison Marsh, Ensign, Senior Researcher - Exobiology

A few moments later and the captain’s voice once more rang out over the comms.
=^= Good work, crew. It appears as if we are in the clear. For now. =^=

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

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