Cobb and Gil Containment tour - Durheim and a Security Officer required

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Considering the pair were now retracing their steps to the most dangerous part of the ship, one might have expected an anxious caution in the movements of Zachariah Cobb. And indeed, the Leviathan’s commanding officer was no fool - he understood fully the lethality of the entities locked up on their containment deck and the penalty to be paid for underestimating their capacity for harm. But still, as he lead Gil back into a turbolift, the only emotion evident in the burly captain was one of curious joy.

=^= Mr Durheim =^= he announced into his commbadge as the pair continued their approach, =^= I am about to show your new engineer around the main containment deck. Perhaps you would like to join us? =^=

=/\=Ah; yes Mr. Cobb - I will be there shortly.=/\=

Reaching deck 13, Cobb rounded the corner and, at the sight of the stationed security officer, stopped short. Another tap of his commbadge and he added, =^= This is the captain requesting a security escort for a tour of the containment deck. =^=

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

=/\= I’m on my way there for a patrol I can escorted you Captain=/\=

About 5 minutes later Ensign Luna rounded a corner. ” Hi Captain Gill” she said with a smile.
Ensign Luna

“Mr. Cobb! Oh, Miss Luna; it is good to see you both; I hope you both are doing well.” The familiar, chipper voice sounded from behind the small group; announcing the arrival of the newly-minted chief engineer. A faint scent of smoke and burnt electronics wafted from him; his scorched metal limbs and freshly-blackened clothes indicated that something had likely gone awry, but his grin was wide on his face, and none the worse for wear.

As he approached, his eyes settled on the third individual; looking up into the unrecognized face. The grin dissipated, replaced by an expression of curiosity directed first at Mr. Cobb, before settling onto the face of the new engineer. Recognition quickly formed in his eyes - (Jonathan did remember the personnel file crossing his desk, though he hadn’t had much time to review it). “This… You are Mr. Gil, correct?” It was hard to discern if that was a question or a statement, but even behind the thick, ever-present goggles, it was clear that a response was expected.

WO Durheim; CE

Gil smiled and nodded to Luna, “Hi, Luna.” Then at the sight of Cobb Gil merely smiled. “Yes, just Gil. Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Cobb.” He offered his hand to the man, an automatic action on Gil’s part as he had practiced greetings to try and be more personable. However, had Gil given it more thought he might have not offered his hand to Cob given the man’s current state and the nature of their work. However, now it was too late to retract the hand without seeming crude. So Gil prepared form some unpleasant fate to befall it.

  • Gil

” hi Durheim, did you get into a fight with the worp core? If so who won” she said jokingly. She grinned at the captain. ” just a fair worning Captain Gill here is the master of practical Jokes he almost got both of us kicked out of the academy more then onec” Luna giggled at the memories.
Ensign Luna

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