Pre-Sim: CNS - Counselor Check-in

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Madison stood at the entrance to the counselor’s office. Being off duty, she was wearing an off-white lace trim saten cami which was covered by a light pink ribbed shawl cocoon sweater along with skinny blue jeans and light tan arnet booties. A double drusy necklace hung around her neck to go with her outfit. She said quietly to herself, “Well, here we go.” She raised her right hand and pressed the doorbell with her index finger to notify the counselor that she had arrived for her scheduled appointment. Her finger nails were well-manicured and varnished in a dark purple coloration. She crossed her arms below her chest and waited patiently for an invitation to enter the office. She definitely did not want to barge in and potentially interrupt a session that could have been in progress at that time. Madison had learned in the past that having even having a little bit of consideration in day to day life can go a long way.

  • Dr. Madison Marsh, Ensign, Senior Researcher - Exobiology

Dean, the administrative assistance for the department, looked up from his desk, “You must be En Marsh? You’re a bit early, but Lt Synthi-er should be here shortly. Can I get you a drink while you wait?” He waved toward the selection of chairs and couches scattered around the main lobby of the deck. It always made him laugh every time someone came in and just marched up to a door and by passed him immediately. Watkins joked that maybe his desk should be bigger, more like a wall, but he took it in stride. People were always so jumpy when they came down here. But the department was the best he’d ever worked for and he had a very big brotherly pride about them all.
PO Dean, Counseling Admin Assistant

Madison was startled at the sound of Dean’s voice as she literally had passed by him without noticing his presence. Her thoughts had been preoccupied with what could possibly be on tap for discussion with the ship’s counselor. She pivoted off of her left heel, turned to face Dean, and her sky blue eyes glanced downwards to meet his gaze. She placed her left hand across the top of her chest, “It seems that at least some of the rumors of the Leviathan are true. This ship is a haunted house and you totally earned a nice scare there. Well done.” Madison grinned at Dean in congratulations and then pondered his beverage question for a moment. “Hmmm. How about a white chocolate latte. I would appreciate that, thank you.” Her accent was obviously of Australian origin to go along with a popular drink choice from that very country as well. She set her hands at her sides and appeared to be much more relaxed now as she waited for Dean to gather her drink. “I am Dr. Marsh and you are?”

  • Dr. Madison Marsh, Ensign, Senior Researcher - Exobiology

Dean simply raised a brow and gave the ensign an appraising once over. The Lt was going to have this one as an appetizer before lunch. “My intention was not to scare you, but it’s a good lesson in being aware of your surrounds, and a vital one if you intend to survive on Leviathan.” Dean got up from his chair and walked over to the replicator. He was a consummate professional, but he always seemed laid back, friendly, and easy to talk to. He was the first person people talked to when they arrived, and he was very good and making the atmosphere relaxed. “One white chocolate latte,” he told the computer and once materialized he brought it to her. “I’m Robert Dean, chief petty officer, medical administration. You can call me Dean or Chief. Pleasure to meet you, Marsh. Have a seat.”

It wasn’t long before the turbolift doors opened and Lt Synthi-er walked out. The first thing someone would notice would be that the chief counselor on board wore a tactical uniform, by choice. They were utilitarian and not an inch of the uniform was put to waste. But only Synthi-er could make man or woman stop and stare as she walked by wearing one. The compression shirt of the uniform left no doubt to the tone and fitness of her phsycique. The cargo style pants, on their own were a bit blase but tucked into her knee high soft leather boots, they billowed slightly at the knee. On her, the pants allowed a freedom of movement that conveyed the power contained in her slight build. The uniform jacket, thigh length and cinched at the waste, was unzipped, and yet seemed to hug her like a second skin. The sleeves were rolled up to 3/4 length. There was a very unique and never seen before, other than on her arm, bracelet of intricate and unique design. As always she was wearing her necklace, but it was tucked safely under the uniform shirt out sight. Her black, red studded, hair was plaited in a fishbone style braid that served to keep it out of her way. And of course there were the striking all black eyes of a Betazoid.

She moved off the lift and she flowed. Always, there was never a waste of energy when she moved. There was an aura of confidence around her that was palpable. This was the walking personification of ‘Warrior Princess.’ She walked up to Dean and grinned, “Do you have that event schedule for me sign off on?” He handed her a PaDD and after a once over she signed off on it. With a carrying whisper and laughter in her voice, “I don’t need the cmdr coming down here because I forgot my reports.” Dean covered a chuckle, that some might call disrespectful, at her words.

Without looking up Synthi-er addressed the ensign sitting in the lobby. “You must be En Marsh. I’m early, and you are even earlier, so this way, don’t dawdle, we’ll get started.” She turned toward her officer door and with a press of her palm to the reader the doors swooshed open, “After you ensign.”
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Madison happily received the white chocolate latte from Dean and nodded her head once in acknowledgement, “Thank you Dean.” She held the cup to her lips and took a sip of her drink. The delicious flavor fulfilled her tastebuds inner most desire, “Mmmm, so tasty. This is my personal favorite drink, it is a popular beverage back home in Australia. It helped me get through studying for exams and writing papers in graduate school.” A grin came across her face as she reminisced the many late nights she spent feigning fatigue in a valiant effort to maintain successful marks in the plethora of courses that she completed to earn her degrees. The Docotral program at Stanford University was quite rigorous and demanding of students.

After a few moments had passed, she heard the turbolift doors open and observed Lieutenant Sunthi-er make her grand entrance. She held the coffee mug in the palm of her hand while she observed her interaction with Dean. The woman seemed to be organized, she literally appeared to have all of her ducks in a row. Madison was the same way being prompt, organized, and demonstrated efficiency in delivering results. She was focused and made direct eye contact when Lieutenant Synthi-er addressed her. Madison responded in kind, “That would be me sir.” In response to Lieutenant Synthi-er’s directions, she promptly rose to her feet and entered the room for her session. Madison looked around the room observing the decor for a moment. She had an appreciation for and particularly enjoyed taking a moment to observe the decor of other’s homes, rooms, and offices. Afterwards, she took a seat on the couch and crossed her legs making herself at home. She set her coffee mug on the table while she waited for the ship’s counselor to get settled in herself.

  • Dr. Madison Marsh, Ensign, Senior Researcher (Exobiology)

Dean having saved Casela the need to offer something to drink to the new ensign, she stepped over to her replicator and ordered water, minus her usual lime, and got lemon instead. Not just to squeeze into the water but several slices to infuse the water with. She loved the aroma of the fresh lemon, but synthetic didn’t quite do it. She wondered briefly if she could get some real lemons from Tock the bar tender. Or what about that plant that Knox gave her, she wondered if she could convince it to smell like lemon? She’d have to try when she got home later after her shift. Maybe she could convince him to show her how to transplant a seedling, since he had taken over the poor plants care when she’d done something wrong and almost destroyed it.

Synthi-er’s office was nothing to look at. A desk, a couple of chairs, bare walls. Her credentials were on the wall and there was a small self unit behind her desk, away from curious hands with a few small undiscernible items and some art work done by a child or children. Her office was not where she conducted therapy sessions, her office was for paperwork and for these tedious onboarding evaluations. Necessary but tedious. The other thing that made her office unique, but that only the very elite in security and tactical training and intelligence would notice, was the numerous weapons hidden about the space. Casela moved her desk chair out to beside her desk, sat down and propped her feet up, sipping at her water. “En Marsh exobiology, senior level research for ARU sciences, I’m Lt Synthi-er, chief counselor. Tell me what has brought you to our little piece of purgatory?”
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Madison first pointed at the artwork on the small shelf unit, “The artwork is lovely. Did your children draw those?” Her soft pink lips met the coffee mug as she took a sip of her warm white chocolate latte. After tasting her drink, she set the cup down on the table.

Unlike most people, Casela didn’t turn to look at what Madison was pointing at. Casela knew exactly what was there and didn’t need to know. She could tell you exactly what was on each shelf, where it had come from, and every detail of it’s history. But she just smiled over the rim of her cup. It was a knowing and mysterious smile, much like Mona Lisa.

She observed the way that the Lieutenant was sitting on her desk and thought ‘Wow someone is getting quite comfortable over there. I can not wait to have my own office one day.’

Well part of Casela’s job was to make people uncomfortable, at times. Other times it was her job to put them at ease. And body language was a huge part of that. And with her messed up head and everything she’d been through her mental blocks weren’t what they should be so she ‘heard’ that. She leaned the chair back just a bit further, and visibly relaxed into her chair, feet on her desk. It would either encourage Madison to relax herself or irritate her. Either reaction would be telling.

Madison replied to her new counselor, “Well Lieutenant, I was assigned to the Leviathan by Admiral Roebuck as a Senior Researcher in Exobiology. After our meeting, the Leviathan arrived at the dock and here I am now a few days later.” She kept her response to the point in hopes that she can get out of this session as soon as possible. In fact, she saw counseling as a pseudo science anyways being a pure waste of time and resources that could be better served in advancing research. If she had a problem, she could just sit down and talk to a close friend. This woman across from her did not give a damn about her and only met with her to follow Starfleet regulations along with the fulfillment of her duty as an officer. This was not necessarily true, but Madison would at times be plagued with negative thoughts that she kept to herself in a valiant effort to be polite to others.

“No no Ensign. See I’ve been doing this a very long time and I know when someone doesn’t want to be in my office. And that’s 99% of the people who walk through my door. You are obviously part of that 99%. Why do I say this? Well you just gave me a crap answer. We both know it. I didn’t ask how you arrived on Leviathan. I asked how you came to be here. Every. Single. Person. On. This. Ship. is here because we didn’t quite fit in for the regular fleet. We don’t conform nicely, but we are too valuable to Star Fleet to be dismissed. So why didn’t you fit in and what do you bring to us that Roebuck took such an interest in you to put you on the flag ship?”

Another thought came to her mind, ‘Purgatory? Seriously? She must hate her posting here. It really can not be that bad here. I think people just exaggerate to be honest.’

Madison replied as a slight smile formed around her lips, “How about you Lieutenant? How long have you been aboard the Leviathan?” She tilted her head slightly as an expression of curiosity spread across her face. She already knew from this point on that this counseling session would be quite unique compared to what she was used to going through in past experiences with counselors.

  • Dr. Madison Marsh, Ensign, Senior Researcher (Exobiology)

“I can see you from your face, which is remarkably transparent, that you think I’m exaggerating the risk of this ship. So let me show you something.” Casela turned her large display screen on, typing in her access and security codes (never one to speak them aloud) and swiveled it around for Madison to see. The screen began to play the security footage of Dave’s Breach. (OOC: Here is the thread that Dave’s breach thread ).

Casela waited a moment after it ended, “Now do you think I’m exaggerating? No? Good, because I’m not in the business of making things up because I’m bored. We lost 89% of the crew in that encounter. All but 12 of them in the first 2 minutes. This ship, this crew, is my home and my family. I have been on board since the day Levi was recommissioned as the ARU Flag Ship. There is not one person on board that I do not know. Their aspirations, their accomplishments, their failures. We are family, we survive together, we rage against the gods together, but we don’t give up despite the horror. Now let’s get down to business shall we? How do you face your demons, Ensign? Because on this ship, we capture them, contain them, and look them in the eye and laugh at their ineptitude.”
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

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