Consulting deck Cerenity's lab "call for help" ( anyone )

Posted April 12, 2021, 10:27 a.m. by Chief Warrant Officer Kodek Vonn (RTF Commander) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in Consulting deck Cerenity’s lab “call for help” ( anyone )

Posted by Chief Warrant Officer Kodek Vonn (RTF Commander) in Consulting deck Cerenity’s lab “call for help” ( anyone )

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Casela could feel the sickly oily feeling of an evil mind. She was familiar with it, and perhaps because of her recent trauma her mind was more childlike as it healed, she could pick up on the voice. She couldn’t exactly hear the words it was more like a whisper from another room. But Cerenity’s fear was more than enough, in fact had already convinced Casela weeks ago, that he shadows were real. She palmed open her office and then palmed open a locker and took out her extra Mark VII and rail gun fro RTF. She wasn’t cleared yet, but she still had them. Quietly, using the key pad she set the lights in her office to full brightness, and lowered the lobby to half light, creating plenty of shadows. She turned and looked at Surda with a nod she would hear Casela’s voice in her mind. ‘Go in my office and once the door is shut use the site to site transporter to get Cerenity to Luna. I’m going to get Vonn and RTF down here. Do me a favor find Gen and keep her away if you can. Let the cpt and cmdr know too.’

Once her office door shut she tapped her combadge, =^=Synthi-er to Vonn. We have a possible anomaly on the counseling deck. Request assistance.=^= Then she turned to the shadow lobby with a wicked grin on her face. Her mind reaching out, come out come out wherever you are. She watched the shadows anything that seemed to move was going to get blasted by a very bright light from the end of her Mark VII.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Almost without pause the reply came through. =/\= Acknowledged. =/\=

” No don’t stay here you will get hurt you can’t see it. You can’t fight it” Cerenity cried.

“All will be well. Trust in us.” Invisibility was no protection from a determined woman, and Surda knew none more determined than Casela.

As the other two left the shadow refused to reveal itself. I’d did however camunicat one thought. ” I’m after the child not you” was all iy said speacking directly to Casela then seaming to disaper hiding its mind from her. It was still on the deck but now completely invisible to her.

In her mind she laughed, pity and disgust at the thing filling the sound. You can only hide so long, but that’s okay. I’m sure children are an easy target for you, too weak to come after the rest of us. But even that child is stronger than you. You’ve been chasing her a long time and you still can’t manage it.

Surda swept Cerenity into Casela’s office, not at all minding being relegated to childcare. =/\= Lt. Surda to transporter room. Beam Cerenity and I to Ensign Luna’s location. =/\= She attempted to reach back to Casela, somewhat clumsy, but noticeable nonetheless. Where is Gen most likely to be?
-Surda, CoS

Casela thought back Forget that, get ALL the children and their parents to a safe location. I’m going to inform the captain. This thing is after Cerenity specifically, and all the children. (OOC: I’m taking this assumption from the fact it is attacking Jeane as well, but also it’s a logical assumption since the thing won’t attack Casela directly.) It won’t attack me, it even told me directly it wasn’t Cerenity. If it can’t have her it may be willing to attack the other children as well. It was quite a bit of information for Surda to take in telepathically but Casela and Surda worked well together and she wanted to be very clear.

OOC: I split the thread Serenity, Sandra, and Luna are now here So that Calista and Vonn can investigate here if they wish.

=^=Synthi-er to Cobb. We have a possible anomaly on the counseling deck. I’ve notified Vonn, I suggest alert status Captain. Surda has more information.=^= Casela moved about the room, also programming the lights to high setting near the turbolift doors and any access hatches. She wanted to be able to see if the thing tried to move off the deck.

Casela had strong mental walls and was able to send the following directly to Raauhl without anyone or anything over hearing. ‘Ryder there is something down here on the counseling deck. It’s after Cerenity, and might be after the other children. Can you get Gen? Keep her away, she has a tendency to follow us when it’s dangerous. As soon as Vonn gets here I’ll find you both.’

The doors to the shadowy room slid open and a tall figure filled the doorway. One hand was open and relaxed at it’s side. The other held the Type-3 Disruptor pistol. The armored Breen stepped barely into the room and the voice from the helmet said “Report.” as the door slid closed.

Vonn, RTF CO

Casela nodded to Vonn as he appeared. “Cerenity has been complaining for some time that there are shadow creatures coming after her. Her mother felt she was making it up and never brought her back in to explore the situation. I have no doubt they are real and something is plaguing her. The deck was closed today and Cerenity was down here alone and she was attacked. Chief Surda has her and removed her from the deck. This thing, I can’t see it, but I can hear it, it’s telepathic. It told me directly it only wants the child and is now hiding from me, but it’s still here, of that I am sure.” She had picked up a detail from Surda’s mind, “It did grab Surda’s leg trying to get at Cerenity so it can take a solid form.” The whole time she was scanning the room but with no hope of actually seeing it. “I know you can see a greater visual range than I can. I also know I’m not fit nor cleared for RTF duty.” Casela was also not going to leave the deck abandoned and this thing loose until someone else showed up. That was all Casela knew and could report. She kept her report brief but as much detail as she had.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Vonn didn’t respond, but the helmet began to rotate slowly around the room. Inside, the optics began to scan through the electromagnetic spectrum, trying to ‘see’ or detect the shadow creature.

Vonn, RTF CO

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