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John unclipped a water bottle from his belt. “Here, drink this, it will ease the cough,” he said calmly as he offered it to the girl.

Bella took the bottle, but her little hands were shaking. Lanshay took the bottle from her and held it. Despite the terror, to Lanshay’s credit, her hands were steady and she crooned softly to Bella.

“My name’s Dolittle,” he said, “Can you telly me your name?”

Bella finsihed the water. She smiled shyly at the Welsh doctor. “Bella.” She sipped at the water again. “I’m firsty, can I have more, pwease.” Something Bella had been screaming was nagging at Lanshay, and she was turning it over in her mind.Bella’s wordless screams turned to pleas. “Help! Wit me go! I don’t wanna go wit you!” Hearing her cries, Lanshay pushed her self up stumbling towards them, to help Bella. Bella was crying in earnest her words slipping from her normal clear speech. “I wish I’d neber wished bor you!” And the whole scene went quiet and still.

John rummaged through his medkit for something to wash the child’s ankle. The various assorted gels would cleanse it, but would due to their viscous nature, would make the alttaqite stick and burn more.

“Sir, Do you have a waterbottle?” he asked.


Bella was rubbing at her arms and the small burns there, Lanshay took her hands, stopping her, keeping her still for the doctor. She remembered how much the Alttaqite burned. Lanshay looked around. She had a vague memory of being here and it being cold, freezing cold where before she’d been burning. She’d been very little then so the memory was more the recollection of feelings than actual details. She looked around again. “The water here is clean if you have something to collect it in.”
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Lanshay took the empty bottle from Bella and moved the little girl off her lap. She moved toward the river and refilled the bottle, muttering over Bella’s words. “Wish? How do you wish for someone? Where did the woman go? She just…vanished…” the whole while the young teen looked around, almost expecting the monstrous appiration to return. She returned and used some of the water to wash Bella’s arms to try and remove the Alttaqite dusk that was burning her skin, and then she let Bella have the rest to drink. Back at the orphanage Casela could feel the utter terror from Bella and Lanshay, and the same from Raauhl, Remmington and McHarrie, tempered by caution and protectiveness. She resisted the urge to follow them, knowing having a village full of panicked children and then adults wouldn’t help. She had been distracting and entertaining the children, with Karra, for a couple of hours now. She kept a close eye on a child named Neltus, he was El-Aurian and therefore empathic, but so far he didn’t seem affected by the events. If she hadn’t heard by the time it got dark she’d try to reach Raauhl or she’d head south and see what she could find out.

Lanshay looked over at Anderson, “Do you think she’s coming back?”
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Raauhl could sense the tension in the group mixed with a few more emotions, “We can only hope so, and act accordingly we’ll continue our job here and hopefully figure what happened.” In all honesty, he wasn’t sure what they were going to do, they didn’t have the Leviathan to help them perhaps with thier scanners they’d be able to find out the cause but then again they were trying everything to remain incognito. Perhaps Casela would have an idea.

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Casela unashamedly was ‘listening’ as they worked. She heard Raauhl’s thought that maybe she would have ideas. There was no need to make them back track. She convinced Yarren and Jensen to go with her to look for the ‘missing ‘ party. The nights here would get cold and they hadn’t went out with over night gear. They appeared on the far side of the river and nimbly crossed the same path Raauhl and McHarrie had earlier. Jenson moved over to Bella checking her. She hadn’t eaten well and but by the way she was drinking water she wasn’t dehydrated but she was burned from the Alttaqite. Casela, familiar to Bella as Zanya, walked over and sat down next to Lanshay and Bella crawled into her lap. Yarren took Lanshay and looked her over, making sure she was okay. He had let her go with Remington and if she was hurt he felt responsible.
Zanya held the girl still while Jenson worked on her. “Bella, where have you been? We’ve been so worried.”

Bella jerked her arm as Jenson washed her skin and applied an ointment to it. Bella pointed back the way they had come. “In the caves. I didn’t want to go, but she made me.” Yarren looked around for the woman but didn’t see any sign of her. “Where did she come from, Bella? Do you know? Did she come from another village or a ship?” Bella shook her head hard. “No, I wished for her.”

Lanshay turned around, “That’s it. She said ‘I wish I hadn’t wished for you’ and the woman disappeared!” Casela looked from one to the other and then at Raauhl and the other adults. “Bella, what do you mean you wished for her?” Bella tipped her head back and looked at Zanyz, “Niveck was teasing me that I didn’t have a mommy like him. And I made a wish that she was real and she was.” Now that was interesting but it certainly wasn’t the strangest thing Casela had seen or heard of since boarding the Levi.

“Zanya I have to get her back, she’s been exposed to a lot of Alttaqite,” Jenson put his things away and picked Bella up and started walking back. Yarren hesitated looking from Lanshay to Jenson’s retreating form. He gave a once over to the men Zanya had brought with her and sighed. Zanya wasn’t his responsibility. “Stay out of trouble, please,” and then he took Lanshay and followed after Jenson. Casela turned to Raauhl, “Did you get any readings from the shuttle?
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