Suprize enginering lession ( Captens redy room)

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“Because seeing,” Cobb replied with a wink, “is not essential to believing.”

But sensing that his words were doing naught to calm the frightened child, Zachariah returned to the distraction of the tricorder instead. Studying the current configuration, he grunted a few times as he disconnected wires and then said, “What say we start at the beginning, eh?”

A few minutes later and the entire tricorder had been disassembled and was now spread out across the desk.
“Do you like playing with building blocks?” he asked her. “Well, this tricorder is no different. We start with a base, or what, in engineering terms, we call a circuit board.” Lifting the circuit board for the tricorder, he handed it over for the girl to inspect.
“So once we have this, all we do is plug our components into it. The secret, Cerenity, is knowing where to plug them.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Cerenity smiled” I must have put sumthing back wrong because it zapped me when I tried to test it are trycorders sapose to do that?” She asked joking like she know they were not.

The captain roared with laughter. “If I had a strip of latinum for every time I’d been zapped when fixing something, I’d be almost a third as rich as Mr Lazol! Occupational hazard, I’m afraid, Miss Cerenity,” he concluded with a shrug.

” Dont tell mommy that she won’t let me do this anymore” cerenity said giggling at her mother’s overprotective tendency.

“I won’t tell if you don’t,” Cobb agreed, chuckling. “I have a reputation as a competent engineer to uphold here.”

Turning his attention back to the components, he next lifted a chip, about the size of the child’s fingernail. “Now this is one of the two most important components in a tricorder,” he explained, laying the item gently into the palm of her hand. “This tiny chip here is how a tricorder interfaces with our central databanks and compares the raw data that it gathers against established outputs.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Cerenity nodded looking at the chip then at the mother boor then back at the chip already looking throw the scimatics that she had and memorized. ” I think it gose here at lest if I red the tecmanuls and scimatics right” she sid carefully placing the chip. ” captain what is star fleet academy like I want to learn why officers act the way they do” she said getting off topic the way she dose.

“Very good,” he commended the young girl’s placing of the chip. “Then this…” and now he lifted a slightly larger component and dropped it into her hand, “is the main sensor. Now where do you imagine this might go, eh?”

As he waited for Cerenity to fit the sensor, Zachariah sat back and turned his attention to her question. “The Academy? It is…well, it’s just like any other school.” A thought occurred to him in that moment, as he recalled Cerenity’s place of birth as the Viking, “have you ever been to a school, Cerenity? Or have you always been schooled on starships?”

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