MPT-LS - Prologue - "Deep in the Underworld" (Tag CO)

Posted April 13, 2021, 5:48 p.m. by Captain Zachariah Cobb (Commanding Officer) (Sharon Miller)

Posted by Lieutenant Surda (Chief of Security / RTF) in MPT-LS - Prologue - “Deep in the Underworld” (Tag CO)
My Lady Sujin. You asked for unexplainable occurrences, unusual rumors, and bizarre happenings. I am pleased to report that I have more than rumors for you. To show my gratitude for your protection, I bring news of a truly stimulating product.
There is an auction (yes, that sort of auction,) where a certain special friend of yours is selling a most peculiar individual. Do with this what you will, but remember, I am your most faithful vassal.

Sujin Surda sighed as she deciphered Pan’s Jusson’s message. A special friend meant they were almost certainly one of J’okho’s friends, and she knew exactly what sort of circles J’okho ran in. Stimulating product, that meant she’d have to bring this to the Captain. Excellent. She’d have to write back first.

My faithful Pan. I appreciate this info more than you can imagine. I will, most hopefully, be present at the auction. There are new members I would like to bring along. If you plan to meet us there you need not bring money. My special friend will not be weighing down their pockets.

Surda stood outside of Cobb’s office, holding a PADD at her side. She pressed the chime, shifting slightly at the thought of presenting her confidential info. What did one say first, “Let me tell you about my ex-husband, let me tell you about my underground network,” or should she start with “So you know how my entire file is redacted?”
-Surda, CoS

At that precise moment, the captain was not in his ready room, but still making his return from the containment deck, where he had just completed a tour for their newest engineer, Gil. But upon entering the CIC and sighting the Orion Security Chief at the door, Zachariah’s own eyes grew wide and a somewhat panicked expression settled across his face.
“Ah, Lieutenant,” he cleared his throat at the completion of his approach, moving quickly to open the ready room door and usher them both inside. “Is this because of the…ah…incident this morning? I swear, I had no idea the bloody thing could spit like that! I apologise now for whichever of your officers had to clean that disgusting mess up after I’d gone.”

Moving quickly to the bar, he attempted to regain her good graces with an offering - two glasses of a spiced, Orion rum. Handing one to her with an apologetic smile, he sipped anxiously at his own as he waited for the expected dressing down.

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