Symbols of Family

Posted April 14, 2021, 12:24 p.m. by Lazol (Chief Science Officer) (Brian Richards)

Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in Symbols of Family
Casela had sent the request for Lazol to come speak to her the day before. All in very round about ways of course. She was conscious of Lazol’s desire to maintain his façade, and she respected that he be allowed to decide when and if to dispose of it.

Today she was lounging on the couch, having moved there before Ryder or Gen left. She’d gotten quite a talking to after being caught at the computer, talking to Octavia, her first day out of sickbay. She was, currently, laying back after having sat up for some time. But she absolutely was not going to have anyone come see her while she sat in bed. She fiddled with the bracelet on her arm. She hadn’t worn it in a very long time, but now, for whatever reason, Casela was feeling extremely sentimental. It was a family piece that she’d gotten when she was very very young, and it had been added to over the years. Her life had changed drastically in the preceding months and contrary to her normal behavior she was feeling…off. She shrugged it off as a result of Knox’s work and the subsequent unburied memories. But giving herself more grace than normal, Casela decided she was going to go ahead with her idea, and had contacted Lazol. When the chime rang she called out for him to enter. “Come in Lazol, forgive my ability to get up, but please help yourself.” She waved toward the replicator and the small bar that was situated near by.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Lazol entered the room with conviction, the squat old man had grown to appreciate the counselor and knew that if she were to call on him it would be something more serious than a whim or to complain about yet another NE who had been ‘traumatized’ but his work. He nodded and let a light smile hint at the corner of his lips as he said, “Comfortable I take it? This is the first time I think I’ve seen you actually trying to relax. Shall I replicate some grapes and feed them to you?” Lazol was being about as tongue in cheek as possible but given that they had a growing mutual trust he had hoped the humor would not be lost. He indeed made his way to the replicator and made an order. Swirling into existence was a slice of spore pie and indeed a bunch of purple grapes.

“So what can I do for you Casela?” Lazol asked, sincerity in his voice as he took a seat.

Lazol, CSO

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