Sickbay shadows atack

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When they materialized they would find themselves on a corridor outside of one of the containment areas. They would find Luna out cold on the floor the only outwork sine of what had hoped was a slight discoloration around her throat.

A scan would confirm that she had been injured it was as if a snake had coiled around her and squeezed her she had several broken bones and it was clear she had passed out from lack of oxygen. ” Mommy no it said it had gone to mommy” cerenity Cryed dropping down next to Luna tears streaking her face. ” Mommy please wake up.” She cried. Luna seamed to move slightly trying to respond to her child’s cry witch she could here but she could not quite bring herself for full conchesness Cerenity looked to Sandra ” Why why is it doing this?” Cerenity cried.
Ensign Luna

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Surda swept Cerenity into Casela’s office, not at all minding being relegated to childcare. =/\= Lt. Surda to transporter room. Beam Cerenity and I to Ensign Luna’s location. =/\= She attempted to reach back to Casela, somewhat clumsy, but noticeable nonetheless. Where is Gen most likely to be?
-Surda, CoS

Casela thought back Forget that, get ALL the children and their parents to a safe location. I’m going to inform the captain. This thing is after Cerenity specifically, and all the children. (OOC: I’m taking this assumption from the fact it is attacking Jeane as well, but also it’s a logical assumption since the thing won’t attack Casela directly.) It won’t attack me, it even told me directly it wasn’t Cerenity. If it can’t have her it may be willing to attack the other children as well. It was quite a bit of information for Surda to take in telepathically but Casela and Surda worked well together and she wanted to be very clear.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

OOC: good assumption yes it will go after all of the childern to include Gen if it gets the chance. It’s real atacking anyone close to Cerenity. It’s been after her for 4 years theres something keeping it from actually hurting Cerenity and it has not killed anyone It’s attacked yet.

Surda cursed under her breath, checking Luna’s pulse. She reached back to Casela, struggling with the added distance. Something attacked Luna, I’m taking all the kids, Luna, and Jin’lor to sickbay and initiating a lockdown there. Surda grabbed Cerenity’s hand. =/\=Lt. Surda to the transporter room. I want myself, Cerenity, Genesis McAllister, Jeane Venneroe, and Ensign Jin’lor Venneroe in Sickbay, now. =/\= She’d discuss moving Luna with Dr. Knox, uncertain if she could be moved safely with the transporters.
-Surda, CoS

Without much worning the scean changed to sickbay. ” Mommy Mommy” cerenity cryed then tuned to Sandra. ” take me back I want Mommy” cerenity cryed. The girls tiny fist his Sandra’s leg. ” it’s going to hurt Mommy we have to ho get her. Cerenity cryed.

The thing about sickbay lockdowns and emergency transports is that the sickbay staff only get a moments notice to say that these things have come into effect. It is therefore a good thing that sickbay staffs are trained to react on a moments notice. So when the unlikely group of kids and adults materialised in sickbay Theo stood waiting. He raised his eyebrows and, in a tone that would be more appropriate on a host welcoming the group for tea, said “ Good evening all.” He glanced at each in turn as if assessing for damage then looked at Surda. “This is an unexpected pleasure Lieutenant. Would you care to fill me in on the details?”

As Cerenity became more visibly upset Theo’s brow furrowed. “Has someone been injured.”
” Mommy Mommy was hurt and Sandra transported us here without here. Mommy’s going to die the shadow will eat her like it eat dady” cerenity cried.

Gen shook herself as if the transporter had made her uncomfortable she looked around confusedly. “What am I doing here…where’s my mom.”

Theo and Gen

“On the consulting deck Don’t go pleases Gen” cerenity said garbing Gen’s arm. She wanted to protect her friend.

Gen frowned, and she took her arm back looking at Cerenity it’s her head titled slightly. “What shadows.” She asked in a flat tone. Her neon yellow eyes glowing slightly. A nearby medical cart began to shake ever so slightly.

Cerenity backed away from Gen ” I- I’m sorry Gen they followed me from the Viking” she whimpered. Then disapered under a nearby biobed. She could her wings around herself so she looked like a ball of fethers. She felt so bad this mess was all her fault. She had gone to her lab to plant the seeds that Sandra had given her. She did not want this trouble.

“Not right now my dear.” Theo said staring at the girl. He met her glowing gaze with his own dark eyes and gave a shake of his head. “Calm yourself.”

Having found Jeane injured in the hallway just before getting the news he had to get to sickbay with him, Jin’Lor was quick to get into action. It was not like he was about to say no with his adopted son crying and injured. Picking up Jeane, he made his way to sickbay where he found Cerenity in a state of panic and looked to the others with curiosity written on his face.

“Someone mind telling me what’s going?” Jin’Lor inquired with a raised eyebrow. “Jeane’s been muttering about some shadow monster attacking him.” Keeping a good grip on the shaking teen in his arms, he looked to Surda for answers.

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe

“The shadow hurt him to” Cerenity whimpered feeling all the more guilty the shadow had followed her here.

The doctor moved then to the injured Jeane and motioned for his father to put him down on the nearest biobed.

Dr Knox


Jin’Lor silently set Jeane down on the nearest biobed, brushing the teen’s hair from his face. “I think his leg is broken.” He stated and stepped out of the way. “He was limping badly when I found him.”

Jeane only whimpered and tried to sit up, eyes darting around the room in desperation. Old memories kept swimming around in his head, brought back to the surface by the shadowy monster that had chased him. All he wanted to do was run.

Ensign Jin’Lor Vennroe
Civilian Jeane Venneroe

Surda sighed and ran a hand down her face. “An anomaly is after the children on this ship. It apparently manifests as shadows, and can physically interact with us. Ensign Luna is injured, I wasn’t confident in the safety of transporting her.”

Surda set a hand on Gen’s shoulder carefully. “Can you sit with Cerenity for me? I’ll be right there, but I don’t want to leave her down there alone.” She wished she could go sit with the girl, but she had to do her duty first.

“Where was Jeane? I’ll send some of the RTF over.” She approached Jin’lor and Jeane slowly, taking measured steps to avoid startling either of them. She stopped within Jin’lor’s reach, offering a sort of silent comfort without crowding him.
-Surda, CoS

Jin’Lor was thankful Surda kept her distance. After seeing the state his adopted son was in he was very much on edge and did not need a reason to grab for one of his knives. “I found him in the hallway outside our quarters, but he mentioned the shadow was in his room.” He explained and let Jeane grab onto his arm. The teen clung to him tightly as if holding onto the geneticist for dear life.

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe
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The Breen tapped at their wrist computer. In an instant, the RTF COmmander’s voice echoed through the Leviathan. =/\= All hands, this is RTF Command. All minors and their guardians are to report to Sickbay immediately. This is not a drill. All children and families report to sickbay immediately. This is an order. Vonn out. =/\= Another tap and Vonn said =/\= RTF to Sickbay. When the last child is within your facility, activate level five contagion protocols and ensure all lights are on at full power. =/\=

Casela appeared in a swirl of glittery transporter light and turned directly to Surda. She moved closer, staying out of Jin’Lor’s personal space and signed quickly to Surda, “The creature is visible in gamma and x ray frequencies. Gelatinous form. Capable of moving through solid matter. We need to keep the lights to full brightness so we can track it. Also if we can get ahold of the vision specs that RTF uses we can track it more easily.” She paused, “Also, this thing is telepathic, it’s after the children and will attack their parents if needs be.” She turned to the nearest doctor/nurse/medic and spoke, “The lights are going to get bright the children might benefit from some sunglasses.”

She moved directly to Gen and hugged her, then spotting Cerenity she bent down to get eye level with her. “Cerenity, this is not your fault, and Ms Surda told me your mom is hurt. We’re going to help her, but I need you to come out from under the table okay?” She held out her hand for her. She looked around. Ryder wasn’t there yet. Where was he? Or did he think the order for parents to report didn’t apply to him?
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

” it’s going to get my dad like it got my mother. And it is my fault it followed me from the Viking. I -i did not know it had followed me until a week ago its never attacked like this” she whimpered. She did not take Calestes hand knowing better to. Gen was there and she was already upset. Cerenity crooked out from under the bio bed and backed away from Casela. The last think Cerenity wanted was for Gen to feal she was trying to steal her mother. ” Go take care of Gen she needs you” Cerenity said crossing her arms as turning her back to Casela. ” I’m a big girl and can take care of myself” she said.

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