Defend - on Rho Pupis

Posted April 17, 2021, 3:36 p.m. by Civilian Genesis (Gen) McCallister (Anomalous Individual) (Calé Reilly)

Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in Defend - on Rho Pupis
This was a difficult situation and Casela wasn’t happy about it. She wasn’t sure what Gen was thinking. Well to be honest she did, from the perspective of a child it was simple. Her mother was hurt, and she had the ability for her to not be alone, and so here Gen was. Not to mention there was the fact Gen had already lost her family. And Casela had never lied to Gen about how dangerous the things she was doing were. She supposed if she had attempted to go to Delotha alone Gen would have showed up there too. Now that would have been complicated but safe, for the most part.

After making sure Gen was up for the walk, Casela locked up the shuttle and led her directly back to the Inn where she was staying. Normally, she would have made a circuitous route back, but she wasn’t sure Gen was physically up for that long of a delay. Not after phasing for such a distance and length of time. She just wanted to get her back in the room and to bed. As they approached their destination Casela slowed and steered Gen towards a small outdoor coffee house, one Casela had not visited earlier in the day. “Come on we’ll get some hot chocolate.” She sat down at a table and when the waiter came and went with their order, Casela pulled a small PaDD out of her pack. She was going to have to do some back logging. She was able to passively scan the computer systems near by and find the one for the Inn. She was going to have to add Gen to the ‘guest list.’ Casela’s expertise was not computer hacking, but the program on the small device did the work for her. It took only a few minutes and everything was taken care of. Casela had no intention of ‘working’ while Gen was with her, but certain steps had already been taken and she would have to maintain the cover until she could send Gen home, with or without herself. The hot chocolate arrived and she cupped her in her hands enjoying the warmth. The courtyard where they were sitting suddenly lit up with flickering light. Casela scanned the area, the sudden excitement from those around her making her head pound, but long years of dealing with pain helped her mask the discomfort. “Oh, this will be fun. Look,” she pointed for Gen, “Romulan Fire Dancers.”

Hot chocolate held in both hands Gen hugged the cup and sipped as they watched the show.”

After they had returned to their room, later in the very early hours of the morning, a shadow slipped out the back door of the Inn. Pulling on a long shawl against the crisp night air. “Jolan tru, Honored one.” Another woman, draped in a black robe, indicative of a religious order, hands tucked into her sleeves bowed slightly, “Jolan tru. You have news?” The voice was analytical and soft with an obvious steel to it. The first woman, younger and nervous nodded. “You said to report anything strange. A visitor today, she left the Inn, where I work, very late. At first I thought to warn her about wandering alone so late, but she stumbled several times, acting as if sick, and I was worried about some alien illness.” The older woman nodded. There were such superstitions among those who had never travelled before the sun went nova. “She went towards the landing area. When she returned there was a child with her. With strange eyes, but she did not arrive with a child. They watched the fire dancers until very late. I did not hear them speak but they seemed to be conversing, but I was not close enough to know for sure.”

Casela didn’t sleep well, she never did when on assignment, but she was more on edge than normal. She was worried about Gen, and what was going on here. She moved quietly around the room letting Gen get the rest she needed.

The girl it seemed was unaware of the stress her presence brought. She was curled into a ball, soundly asleep with the Toby the targ plush clutched in her arms.


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