Cobb and Gil Containment tour - Durheim and a Security Officer required

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Ladies and gentleman we return to the continuing adventures of Pants Spider! We join our arachnid friend and his gang of pals as he’s visiting for the day when—gadzooks!---- There are visitors! Upon hearing the young lad exclaiming that he doesn’t know what a pants spider is the adorable little fella wiggles his way up to the edge of the containment unit and blinks as the communications systems crackle and a grainy jingle begins with a crackly voice that is a little too tinny starts in to sing “My friend my friend let me introduce you to the Pants Spider! The greatest little guy that ever has been! He’ll hug ya tight, he’ll hug ya strong. He’s the Paaaaaaaaaaaaaants Spider!” The comms returned to their quiet nature as the enclosure was now empty, Pants Spider was no where to be found! But, just wait, I hear you asking where he went? Well I’ll tell ya...........Tune in next time!

1920’s Radio Personality

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Durheim turned to Gil; sighing in resignation. “This… is the Pants Spider. It is comparatively quite harmless; though it can be quite startling to the unprepared. We’ve spent… well, an inordinate time trying to design a containment unit for it, to no prevail. It seems to simply… appear where it desires; with little warning beyond it’s hijacking of the comms system. Amusingly, there does not need to be a comms system present in the area for it to announce itself; yet another interesting facet of this being.”

-WO Durheim, CE

Gil had felt somewhat concerned as they reached the containment unit for this “pants spider” and upon seeing the anomaly and having it sing at him had put Gil in a rather perturbed mood. Only further exacerbated by the fact that the anomaly was now no longer in its enclosure. However, Gil was not one to shy away from creepy crawlies… his mom was a big bug after all… and his life on a desolate world used as a game preserve meant he’d encountered a number of unsavory multi-legged/multi-eyed/multi-headed creatures. So he just stood still and waited for the pants spider to make itself known. All the while the song it had sung on the comms system was now firmly lodged in his brain and refused to leave.

  • Gil

Luna shook her head. ” Pants Spider I brought you the fether I promised you now come out please I’ll sing with you again” Luna said with a smile.
Ensign Luna

The captain had retreated to the rear of the group and, as the spider disappeared, had grown decidedly anxious. Twitchy, even. In an awkwardly repetitive fashion he would ruffle his own hair, pass a hand across the back of his neck, shake out the front of his tunic…
“We…ah…should we be wearing ear protection for when the bloody thing starts to sing?” Eyes darted from Durheim to Luna and then onto the unnervingly-calm Gil. “Does anyone see where the bloody thing went to?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Without bothering to turn around, Durheim waved a hand in Cobb’s general direction, casually dismissing his concerns. “Not unless the noise disturbs you, Mr. Cobb. Our research suggests that as… odd as the music is, it is not something to be concerned about. All areas requiring hearing protection are clearly marked, after all; as it is with visual and other dangers.”

He made a brief effort to look for the Pants Spider, before giving up - if the odd anomaly didn’t want to be found, then it would not be found - until it announced itself. “You do realize, Mr Cobb, that the Pants Spider is… ‘friendly’, yes? As in, it will seek to assuage your fears; typically through jaunty tunes and… well, hugs.” Jonathan turned and looked at Cobb directly. “We have a suspicion that it can detect, and may in fact be attracted to fear…” Durheim’s eyes fairly glowed behind the thick goggles; as the idea of running a new test settled in his mind.

-WO Durheim, CE

“Friendly?” Zachariah sputtered. “Hugs? Not if I can bloody help it!”

Something about Durheim’s words, or perhaps it was the unnerving sensation of being scrutinised by those goggles, made Cobb feel, in that moment, like the proverbial fly being set out as lunch.

” oh no you don’t I know that face. Neither Gill or I will be lab rats” Luna said a cold chill running down her spine at the thought. ” Pants Spider stop playing games and come you please. I sware your just as bad as Cerenity sometimes” she said giggling.
Ensign Luna

“Yes, yes, no experiments on the crew....” Durheim’s tone carried a note of disappointment at the reminder, but he nodded at Luna in agreement.

“What say we move on, eh? And check back later to see if the thi…if the pants spider has returned?” the captain suggested.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“No, no, you’ve got to be patient,” a voice said from down the hall, not far from the tour party. “Your strategy is good but your impulsivity ruins it. You aren’t waiting for it to pay off,” said Luran, sat on the floor with a pile of rods known as t’an in front of her. Who she was playing with happened to be a cannaballistic plant, apparently known as ‘Carroll’. Luran was attempting to teach the plant the tradition Vulcan game of kal-toh.

~ Ensign Luran Akunon, Medical

Gil continued to look concerned as everyone seemed to treat the concept on an escaped anomaly, particularly one called “pants spider,” as business as usual. The fact that Durheim’s hint of disappointment at Luna’s insistence she and himself not be subject to experimentation only added to this concern.

“It it always like this?” He asked Luna.

  • Gil

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