Consulting deck Cerenity's lab "call for help" ( Science )

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Surda swept Cerenity into Casela’s office, not at all minding being relegated to childcare. =/\= Lt. Surda to transporter room. Beam Cerenity and I to Ensign Luna’s location. =/\= She attempted to reach back to Casela, somewhat clumsy, but noticeable nonetheless. Where is Gen most likely to be?
-Surda, CoS

Casela thought back Forget that, get ALL the children and their parents to a safe location. I’m going to inform the captain. This thing is after Cerenity specifically, and all the children. (OOC: I’m taking this assumption from the fact it is attacking Jeane as well, but also it’s a logical assumption since the thing won’t attack Casela directly.) It won’t attack me, it even told me directly it wasn’t Cerenity. If it can’t have her it may be willing to attack the other children as well. It was quite a bit of information for Surda to take in telepathically but Casela and Surda worked well together and she wanted to be very clear.

OOC: I split the thread Serenity, Sandra, and Luna are now here So that Calista and Vonn can investigate here if they wish.

=^=Synthi-er to Cobb. We have a possible anomaly on the counseling deck. I’ve notified Vonn, I suggest alert status Captain. Surda has more information.=^= Casela moved about the room, also programming the lights to high setting near the turbolift doors and any access hatches. She wanted to be able to see if the thing tried to move off the deck.

=^= Understood, =^= the captain replied. =^= Be careful. =^=

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Casela had strong mental walls and was able to send the following directly to Raauhl without anyone or anything over hearing. ‘Ryder there is something down here on the counseling deck. It’s after Cerenity, and might be after the other children. Can you get Gen? Keep her away, she has a tendency to follow us when it’s dangerous. As soon as Vonn gets here I’ll find you both.’

The doors to the shadowy room slid open and a tall figure filled the doorway. One hand was open and relaxed at it’s side. The other held the Type-3 Disruptor pistol. The armored Breen stepped barely into the room and the voice from the helmet said “Report.” as the door slid closed.

Vonn, RTF CO

Casela nodded to Vonn as he appeared. “Cerenity has been complaining for some time that there are shadow creatures coming after her. Her mother felt she was making it up and never brought her back in to explore the situation. I have no doubt they are real and something is plaguing her. The deck was closed today and Cerenity was down here alone and she was attacked. Chief Surda has her and removed her from the deck. This thing, I can’t see it, but I can hear it, it’s telepathic. It told me directly it only wants the child and is now hiding from me, but it’s still here, of that I am sure.” She had picked up a detail from Surda’s mind, “It did grab Surda’s leg trying to get at Cerenity so it can take a solid form.” The whole time she was scanning the room but with no hope of actually seeing it. “I know you can see a greater visual range than I can. I also know I’m not fit nor cleared for RTF duty.” Casela was also not going to leave the deck abandoned and this thing loose until someone else showed up. That was all Casela knew and could report. She kept her report brief but as much detail as she had.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Vonn didn’t respond, but the helmet began to rotate slowly around the room. Inside, the optics began to scan through the electromagnetic spectrum, trying to ‘see’ or detect the shadow creature.

Vonn, RTF CO

Casela got a silent response from Surda, weakened by the distance of several decks Something attacked Luna, I’m taking all the kids, Luna, and Jin’lor to sickbay and initiating a lockdown there. Surda’s mind was open in an implied offer to take hold and create a direct line, at least for the duration of this crisis.
-Surda, CoS

“Something attacked Luna, probably our intruder,” Casela relayed to Vonn. Surda would feel an acknowledgment. Fenrir will be with Gen. He’ll help.

“Don’t be so sure i cant leave this deck. That chilled will be mine then perhaps ill hunt you Telepath are fun.” It said then retreated to silence, hiding once more.
Cerenity’s shadow monster

Casela didn’t respond to the thing, but she did relay its words to Vonn. (Ooc: is it telepathy? If not ignore that) It’s brief ‘appearence’ allowed Casela to get a hint of its location. She was careful not to move directly towards it as she continued to quarter the room. It might like telepaths, but Casela had no qualms about using hers to kill the thing. But given she never knew when she’d have another one of those headaches caused by Hampton’s machine she had to be careful. And with her surgery scheduled just a few days away, she was dealing with the anemia and rejection symptoms still. She wasn’t fit for RTF duty, not really. She could feel the anxiety, fear and panic building in Sickbay decks away.
Lt Synthi-er CNS

OOC: yes its was using telepathy

IC: It did not like that’s Casela was moving closer to it hiding place. So it moved it was completely invisible to Casela except for the slightest moment in the qurner of her eye. It was now hiding beneath a desk.
Serenity’s shadow monster

On the lower egg of the infrared spectrum . Vonn would see the blob like creacher crawl under the desk then disappear throw the deck. It did however leave a pice of itself behind.
Cerenity’s shadow monster.

OOC: Fixing Split
Casela moved circling around not getting to close to it. It was obviously able to do harm and until she knew more she wasn’t going to provoke it. She saw it move to under the desk but she wasn’t able to track it further…unless. HA! She began to ‘listen’ for a lack of sound. Often those who were able to block telepathy could not be ‘heard’ but the could be sensed by the lack of psychic output. She also wondered if and when more RTF was coming, but then again she had a feeling that Vonn was more than capable of handling anything on his own.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

“There.” said the voice from the helmet, and they pointed. “It went through the deck plating. There is a bit of it left behind. Contact Science and tell them to get a radiation sampling unit in here. The creature is visible in gamma and x ray frequencies. Gelatinous form. Capable of moving through solid matter. Are there other reports of activity anywhere, Lieutenant?” Vonn asked.

Vonn, RTF CO

=^=Synthi-er to Science. Send a radiation sampling unit on the counseling deck, Now. We have an possible anomaly.=^= Casela then looked at Vonn, “If it’s moved, you could use your clearance to initiate a lock down, unless you want to track it.” Casela had no idea what Vonn wanted to do, but he wouldn’t be RCO because of his good looks. Casela reached out to Surda, ‘listening’ to what was going on. “The child, Jeane, was attacked, his leg is broken. He says a shadow creature did it. His father found him in the corridor outside their quarters. En Luna is hurt, unconscious on the containment deck. Lt Surda has taken all the children and parents, that are not on duty, to sickbay and initiated a lockdown.” She twitched her wrist at the comm unit for Fenrir and received an affirmative response. “The AARM unit, Fenrir is also in sickbay. He can initiate a level yellow containment if you desire.” She keyed in her access code to the nearest computer, “So far nothing else as been reported on ship.” She turned to look at Vonn, more than confident in taking his orders.
Lt Synthi-er, RTF and concerned parent

The Breen tapped at their wrist computer. In an instant, the RTF COmmander’s voice echoed through the Leviathan. =/\= All hands, this is RTF Command. All minors and their guardians are to report to Sickbay immediately. This is not a drill. All children and families report to sickbay immediately. This is an order. Vonn out. =/\= Another tap and Vonn said =/\= RTF to Sickbay. When the last child is within your facility, activate level five contagion protocols and ensure all lights are on at full power. =/\= The helmet swiveled to look at Synthi-er. “Go to sickbay. Monitor any areas of shadow and keep the children in light. I will wait for Science and try to determine the nature of the anomaly.”

Vonn, RTF CO

Casela nodded, “Aye Chief” She stepped into her office where the lights were on to full brightness, she chose the transporter just in case another one of those things was waiting to get onto a turbolift. She supposed it could slip through on it’s own, but no need to open doors and access paths unnecessarily. She tapped her combadge, “Synthi-er to transporter room. Beam me directly to sickbay.” And in a swirl she was gone.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Several minutes after, Surda’s voice came through to Vonn. =/\= Lt. Surda to Chief Warrant Officer Vonn. What’s the situation out there?=/\=
-Surda, CoS

The voice from the helmet replied =/\= Waiting for Science to arrive. Do we have a status from Sickbay? =/\=

Vonn, RTF CO

The response was almost instantaneous. =/\= All the kids are in, Commander Rahuul is the only parent unaccounted for. We’re locked down with Fenrir patrolling, lights at max. =/\=
-Surda, CoS

Vonn thought for a moment. =/\= Get all the radiation meds you can find. Tell Medical to give them preventatively to the children. The creature is only visible in Gamma and x-ray spectrums. The radiation medication should help protect them.=/\=

Vonn, RTF CO

Bump for science

The door to Casela’s office opened and Niven, Vulcan female, vanguard of the Black Devil’s, and a preeminent xenobiologist stepped through. Visual scanner in place and in full RTF gear. “Chief, science sent me down. Apparently they are having their own issues in the labs.” She scanned the area on the spectrum that had been relaid to her. She walked over to the desk and knelt down setting her pack next to her. She tapped a couple buttons on the visual scanner and it began scanning the left overs like a medical tricorder would.
OOC: any info I should know?
PO Niven

OOC: That would be up to the creator of the creatures!

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As Nicen stand the left overs the small blob became visible to the naked eye. Any scene of life it had was gone. It seamed to hold a semi solid shape and have a basic nerves system. As well as a complicated DNA structure.

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