Sickbay shadows attack

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NE GOodguy nodded once then moved to the replicator. He was back with some blue-tinted glasses within a few moments which he began handing out. Knox was talking to some other staff. A second later and it appeared that a small nova had gone off. Sickbay lit up in such a way that the Whos down in Whoville would be jealous of such light display and JJ Abrams would need to add at least a thousand more lights to his next bridge scene just to compare.

Cerenity whimpered covering her eyes. Even with the provided glasses, it was still too bright for her. One of those unusual bird traits likely.

Casela waved NE Goodguy back over. “Can we get some darker glasses for Cerenity? These don’t seem to be strong enough.”

She moved directly to Gen and hugged her, then spotting Cerenity she bent down to get eye level with her. “Cerenity, this is not your fault, and Ms Surda told me your mom is hurt. We’re going to help her, but I need you to come out from under the table okay?” She held out her hand for her. She looked around. Ryder wasn’t there yet. Where was he? Or did he think the order for parents to report didn’t apply to him?
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Gen returned the hug but stood back watching the goings-on. As She was offered the glasses she scowled and shook her head. “No.” Was all she said. NE Goodguy hesitated but moved swiftly in when the girl’s eyes began to glow again.

” it’s going to get my dad like it got my mother. And it is my fault it followed me from the Viking. I -I did not know it had followed me until a week ago it never attacked like this” she whimpered. She did not take Calestes hand knowing better too. Gen was there and she was already upset. Cerenity crooked out from under the biobed and backed away from Casela. The last thing Cerenity wanted was for Gen to feel she was trying to steal her mother. ” Go take care of Gen she needs you,” Cerenity said crossing her arms as turning her back to Casela. ” I’m a big girl and can take care of myself,” she said.

Casela sat down on the floor near Cerenity. While Cerenity talked Casela noticed her glancing at Gen and understood the girl’s hesitation. Gen I know this is stressful but we need to help her. Come here and sit with us, please. “I am right here with you and Gen. Gen is your friend, right? We are going to help you. I know you are a big girl Cerenity so I need you to come over here and talk to me. You are the only one who knows anything about these creatures. And we need you to tell us. You’ve met Chief Vonn, right? We’ll he’s hunting this thing down so it won’t hurt anyone else. I need you to tell me everything you know so that Miss Surda and I can tell him.” She didn’t ask, big girls didn’t need to be asked to do the right thing.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Gen did not reply to Casela. Her mind it appeared had shut off as if it were trying not to allow anything to distract her. She did however come over and wait with them a moment.

Casela reached over and took Gen’s hand and reached out to her telepathically but careful not to startle her or disrupt her concentration. It’s not the same, Gen. This isn’t what took your family and the Phantom. It’s different. Cerenity is describing it as best she can. But I’ve seen what attacked you, in your memories. This is not the same. I promise, and we are safe in here. I will keep you safe, I promise.

” they did not hunt like this they usually waited in the darkest places of the ship in Jeff’s tubs anywhere where the power is turned of. They usually just take people not leave them hurt. It’s tormented me ever since I was two in my dreams appearing in my room but it never seemed to be able to actually do anything to me.” she said quietly. She did not sit down or look at Casela she just stared at the wall for a bit.

” I should go help Vonn,” She said her hands clenching into a fist. ” its my fault it’s here and now it’s hurt people I care about,” she said.

Casela shook her head, “I’m afraid that is not possible Cerenity. First and most importantly Chief Vonn has ordered us all to stay here. Being a big girl means you follow orders. But what I can do,” She glanced at Surda. Cerenity liked her a lot better. She thought at Surda,She’s an escape artist we need to keep an eye on her, but she needs to feel she’s helping. We might want to get sickbay locked down. “Is open a commlink to Chief Vonn for you, and you can tell him everything you know. I know it’s hard to follow orders to stay and not get involved, but sometimes it’s the best decision. And second, you’re mommy is going to be here soon. They are working on making her safe and getting her here for Dr. Knox to help. When she wakes up she is going to need you. If you are not here, she’ll run out of sickbay before she’s well enough and maybe get hurt worse.” She turned to Surda again, “Lt do you think you could help, Cerenity get in touch with Chief Vonn so she can share her knowledge with him?” It might be from a child’s perspective but right now Cerenity was the resident expert on these things.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Cerenity blinked and turned her head sideways
as if thinking. * ” she is aware I’m pushing her away so Gen won’t be upset she should be more focused on Gen I’m fine by myself, “* Cerenity thought a little frustrated that Calista was not getting the message.

Cerenity took a deep breath. ” How can he find something he can’t see it will probably go back into hiding to it likes the Jefferys tubes,” she said quietly.

Gen looked directly at Cerenity then and said, very clearly telepathically so both Cerenity and Casela would hear her. * I am not upset. I’m fine. My Mom will help keep you safe till your mom is here. Stay here. I don’t want to have to come find you.* she gave a small smile at her friend.

Cerenity blinked not at all bother or surprised by Gen’s communication. * If I were to go please don’t follow me the shadows are dangerous* She thought quietly but did not say it out loud.
Instead she hugged Gen and burst into tears. ” I’m sorry please don’t look at my mind you don’t want to know what these things look like. Cerenity said.

Knox meanwhile had apparently not been idle while this was going on. As everyone had now arrived more or less in sickbay He appeared again by Surda. “I think it best we get a lock on the Ensign and beam her in before the final lockdown protocol is engaged. It is better to move her than leave her without medical attention.”

Dr Knox and Gen

Surda nodded and tapped her combadge. =/\=Lt. Surda to the transporter room, beam Ensign Luna to Sickbay immediately.=/\= She glanced to Jin’Lor and Jeane again, but turned and knelt next to Casela. “Cerenity, there are members of the RTF that know the Jeffries tubes like the backs of their hands. Would you like me to ask Chief Vonn for a status update?”
-Surda, CoS

Ensign Luna would appear moments later on an empty biobed. Cerenity heard the transporter and looked up. ” Mommy!” She ran to her mother who was awake now but not very responsive. ” Mommy I’m sorry pleases don’t be mad I did not tell you they had followed me,” cerenity said. ” wha…” Luna tried to talk and move but found it hard if not impossible. ” I love you Mommy please don’t leave me like daddy did” she sId then turned back to Sandra her mind made up. ” Where is Mr. Vonn I want to help him,” cerenity said.
Ensign Luna

OOC: since there’s so much crazy in your sickbay I’ll let you decide the exact nature of Luna’s injury. I will say she was crushed like a giant snake got ahold of her. Have fun pleases don’t kill Ensign Luna.

Jeane tested his leg the moment it was fixed and healed before he slipped off the bed and went to stand with Cerenity and Gen. He felt a great amount of sympathy for the young winged girl because of what was happening to Luna.

It took every bit of willpower for Jin’Lor to keep any outburst contained as he looked to Luna with obvious concern in his eyes. The moment she arrived he knew this shadow of an anomaly had done it, but Cerenity’s outburst and tears were enough evidence of that as well. “Luna…” He murmured, wishing so badly to offer her a comforting hand, but was afraid to do any more damage to her.

So, the geneticist kept close, but not enough to be in the way of the one tending to the winged woman. He silently prayed she would be able to get through this fine.

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe

Casela gazed about the room, tension was high, but no one seemed to be on the verge of doing something crazy. Her eyes landed on Fenrir. “Fenrir, come here.” The AARM moved through the crowd and came to sit by her, Gen, and Cerenity. “Begin running visual sweeps of the room, focusing particularly on the gamma and x-ray spectrums.
Look for gelatinous forms that can move through solid matter. Contain immediately. Do not wait for orders or confirmation, contain immediately.” She turned to Cerenity, “Cerenity if you see one of these creatures, will you tell me or Fenrir or Surda? Fenrir can trap it if you tell him where it is.” She turned back to Fenrir, “If Cerenity points out one you are to respond with similar protocol. Do you understand?” There was a mechanical hiss as Fenrir’s optical sensors changed to the necessary scanners and then he moved off scanning the entirety of sickbay.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS/RTF AARM Handler
Fenrir, AARM

Surda sat down on the ground, Cerenity on one side, and silently invited Jeane to join them. “We can’t go help Mr. Vonn, but we can check in with him, alright?” She detached her combadge and held it out so all the kids would be able to hear. =/\= Lt. Surda to Chief Warrant Officer Vonn. What’s the situation out there?=/\= She was hesitant to offer Cerenity’s help before she knew the situation, but she had a feeling it would be necessary.
-Surda, CoS

=/\= Waiting for Science to arrive. Do we have a status from Sickbay? =/\=

Vonn, RTF CO

Surda responded quickly. =/\= All the kids are in, Commander Rahuul is the only parent unaccounted for. We’re locked down with Fenrir patrolling, lights at max. =/\= Surda smiled at Cerenity. “They’ve got it covered down there.”
-Surda, CoS

” we should kill that evil thing” cerenity said darkly.

Jeane simply sat down with Cerenity and Surda, still not saying much. The teen was lost in his own thoughts, his mind stuck on the horrid memories the shadow had brought to the surface. A hand absently fiddled with the trinket in his silver hair as his wings seemed to attempt pressing firmly against his back, almost as if trying to keep any curious hands away from them.

Jin’Lor glanced toward his adopted son with concern, knowing full well what was going on in the teenager’s head.

Ensgin Jin’Lor Venneroe
Civilian Jeane Venneroe

Surda carefully avoided shifting, attempting to keep from startling Jeane. “We could, Cerenity, but what if another one appears someday? If we kill this one, we know one way to kill it. If we catch it, we could learn a dozen.” Planning for the future could be hard for children, she knew that much, but she hoped that Cerenity would be able to grasp the concept. “Jeane, how do you feel?”
-Surda, CoS

Cerenity setled down once again. ” but if it gets out it will destroy the entire ship” cerenity said. She looked at Jeane. ” I’m sorry it attacked you is your leg better” cerenity asked.

Jeane jerked at the sound of his name, seeming to come back to reality and looked to both Surda and Cerenity. “What?” He said at first until their words registered in his mind. “Oh, uh…my leg is better but…I…it looked like him…I don’t want to go back to that awful place I was in before dad found me.” He looked toward Jin’Lor, who was still looking very worried about Luna. “I’m scared, Miss Surda.”

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe
Civilian Jeane Venneroe

Surda nodded, remembering how she had felt at 13, cowering in the underbellies of smuggling ships to avoid being sent back. “It’s hard not to be scared, isn’t it? You find little bits of happiness, every day, that make you forget, but those fade and then you’re scared again. It can be worse when they were people instead of monsters,” Worse when anyone you see could be another, waiting for you to let your guard down. She thought for a moment about asking the boy if he wanted to come closer, but decided to wait. “There is nothing I would not do in defense of a child,” she swore, and had Gen or Casela been looking into her mind at the moment, they would have discovered that to be the absolute truth. There was nothing she would not kill, no object she would not find, and no way she would allow them to be hurt.
-Surda, CoS

Casela just shared a knowing glance with Surda. In this way they were exactly the same. Where Surda had allowed for an open link between them, she would feel acknowledgement, acceptance, understanding, and approval, though Surda didn’t need it from her. But also the explicate admittance that if given the chance Casela would kill this thing.

Jeane frowned at Surda. “I don’t want to remember all the horrible things Zeke did to me.” He said and looked to the floor.

Jin’Lor finally stepped over and crouched next to Jeane, setting a hand on his shoulder to comfort the teenager. “It’s okay, Jeane…just remember he’ll never get to hurt you again. I took care of it.” He explained in a calm tone before turning his blue eyes to Surda. “It’s difficult for him. I’m sorry.”

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe
Civilian Jeane Venneroe

Casela met Jin’Lor’s gaze, instant like of the man at his words ‘I took care of it.’ Casela had noticed the man around the ship, though they hadn’t spoken, and his penchant for knives. She had a pretty good idea of how he ‘took care of it.’ She looked around at the three children and the adults with them coming to a decision. “Surda, since Luna is unable and you know her best, I will ask you stand in with Cerenity.” She’d seen how Jin’Lor was looking at Luna on the biobed, and she could surmise that there were deeper feelings there, but she didn’t know what or how far. She also knew Cerenity was fiercely loyal to her missing father, and now was not the time to push that boundry. Her brief gaze attempted to acknowledge both those things to Jin’Lor. It was not a slight at him, but respect for Cerenity. “With each of your permissions I’d like to show the children how to resist this thing.”

Surda nodded without hesitation. Even without Casela volunteering her for Cerenity, she would have asked to stand for Luna.

She pulled Gen next to her, insisting she sit next to Gen and put and arm around her to reassure her and to make sure she okay. She could always have Knox give her something but she didn’t want to do that. While she waited for the parents to decide she tapped her combadge and spoke softly, =^=Alfred, emergency launch, stay right outside the ship. Full lights on, use emergency lights too. Standby for transport if needed.=^= If she had to she’d take all the children and parents off the ship and to the shuttle. A moments later she could see Valkyrja out the sickbay windows. She looked at the children that were staying. “This creature that Cerenity discovered. It’s telepathic. Do you all understand what that means?”
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Surda nodded again, but Casela would be able to feel her amusement. I’d hope after all our talking I would know what telepathy is.
-Surda, CoS

” it talks inside your mind? Did it speak to you?” Cerenity asked Suprize she thought she was the only one that could see or hear it.

Jin’Lor was silent for a long moment, but nodded as he rubbed Jeane’s shoulders. “If it helps him, I’m fine with it.” He said in a calm tone, his focus on keeping his adopted son calm. The trauma the boy had been through up until two years ago still haunted the silver haired boy and this shadowy figure had brought all those horrible memories back.

Jeane looked to Cerenity, frowning. “The shadow told me I’d never get away…” He whispered.

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe
Civilian Jeane Venneroe

” You really think you can lock me out” cerenity heard the shadow. Her eyes going wide. ” Go away” she screamed grabbing fistful of her own hair. She started to cry shaking her head. ” You can not escape me” it said.

” LEAVE me alone” Cerenity screamed and flapped her wings wildly. Luna heard Cerenity’s crys. She struggled to get off the biobed. She only managed to fall to the ground. ” Cerenity it’s ok” Luna said trying to calm her child she tried to get up but everything hurt and she just couldn’t.

Jeane jerked slightly and stared at Cerenity with worry. “What’s wrong?” He asked and reached toward her.

Jin’Lor frowned and went to Luna quickly, crouching down next to her. He was very hesitant to touch her, but wanted to help any way he could. “You shouldn’t be moving…” The geneticist murmured and glanced to any medical officers in the room for help.

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe
Civilian Jeane Venneroe

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