Defend by any Means Necessary

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Posted by Commander Ryder Raauhl (Executive Officer) in Defend by any Means Necessary

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Casela’s ‘How Not To Be A Spy’
Mistake 1: Answer the spy pager when you are too sick to think straight
Mistake 2: Not asking your doctor to field the terms of your medical leave
Mistake 3: Do not leave immediately as odred, instead spend time saying good by to those that matter
Mistake 4: Sleep on your transport instead of studying valuable intel reports


There was a humph sound and a flicker as a slightly pale and tired looking Gen phased out of the shuttle into existence. She scowled at the AI’s voice, “I don’t care what you do!” She said in the defiant tone of children everywhere. She looked around “where did she go?” She asked.

Alfred had the entire Leviathan crew manifest in his protected data banks. Casela had it set up that way so the shuttle would not incorrectly identify anyone working nearby in the shuttle bay as a threat. But in addition to the crew who went with her to Delotha, she had put Gen into the system as well, just incase they ever went anywhere with her. Once Gen materialized completely, Alfred was able to get a solid scan of her and immediately recognized her. His image flickered to life from the holoprojectors. He was also programmed to answer her questions and, much as Big had done to Casela, Alfred was programmed to protect her. “You are Gen, Ms Casela’s daughter. I am Alfred, the shuttle computer. Your mother left when we landed. You look very tired.” He flipped down a cot and then ordered her favorite food and drink from the shuttle replicator. “You should eat and lie down.” Alfred sent a small message to Casela. An automated signal that would indicate a problem with the shuttle systems. Most people had such a system set up on their shuttles to indicate if their shuttles were in need of maintenance. “I have contacted her. You should rest till she comes back.”

Gen took the food and drink as if she was starving and drained the drink quickly. She sat down on the cot but didn’t lie back.

This time Casela had very little of a disguise. Other than changing her eyes to a very rich emerald green and curling her hair she appeared the same. This was supposed to be an easy task. She took the time to aquant herself with her room. A quiet but quick scan with a small palm sized scanner assured her of no listening devices, cameras, or other telemetry coming or going from her room. A quick addition to the heavy linen dress with short sleeves and high neckline, resembling the local attire, was a knife sheath strapped to either leg and a garrotte threaded into the linen belt. From her pack she took what looked like a messenger bag. Into the underside of the flap when both of her fighting fans into special loops. She added a bag of latinum slips. Today was simply the goal of learning the layout. She wouldn’t be looking for places to listen until the following morning. So the first place she went was the market and she was lucky enough to find a Klingon vendor and a stuffed Toby the Targ. She seemingly wandered the market, aimlessly, looking at items and putting them down. She was looking for something for Ryder, but the problem was, like she told him, nothing she gave him came close to immortality. Eventually she found something, it didn’t tell him how significant his presence in her life was, but she was sure he would like it.

She wandered the market making note of alleyways, access points to the roofs, main roads, and the location of busy businesses and social points. Anywhere that would be easy to disappear into the shadows or a crowd. She should already have this information, but she didn’t take the time to read everything in the files sent to her, instead she had slept. There was a wide range of cultures represented in the market. Rho Pupis seemed to be thriving with the influx of the Romulan colony. She chose a stall serving traditional Romulan cuisine. The tables were tall and no chairs. In small establishments like this Romulan’s tended to stand while they ate. Casela ordered soup. It was light but had a robust flavor and was filling. She looked around the area while she ate. Taking note of faces, groups and who was not engaging with others. She was distracted though, returning to faces, landmarks, patterns in the social rhythm. She felt like she was missing something. The concern heightening her senses and flooding her system with adrenaline. She observed and checked and ‘listened’ but couldn’t pinpoint the reason for the feeling. She finished her meal and made her way back towards her accommodations. She stopped several times, with no purpose in mind, other than to ensure she wasn’t being followed. It wasn’t until she was sitting on the bed in the room, taking in the ‘quiet’ and the sounds of the building and surrounding area, to get the rhythm that she realized what was wrong. It was like a thought was missing from her mind. It was like his presence was gone, she could barely feel the connection where he should be just on the edge of her mind, but he wasn’t on the other end. She sighed, she was lonely without them. “I miss you both.” She’d send them a message in the morning and get this assignment done, as quickly as possible.
Operative Valkyrie, S31


Sitting in the quiet Casela noticed a flashing light on a small older style communicator. A message flashed across the small screen indicating a malfunction with Valkyrja that needed maintenance attention. A common enough message if it had been any shuttle but Valkyrja. Casela grabbed her weapons, tucking them into pockets, and left her room, heading for the shuttle. She took a direct route, checking on one’s shuttle not being strange. She stumbled once, the headache and disorientation getting to her…and it did not go unnoticed.

She checked around the outside of the shuttle from a distance just in case. Then palming the access panel she stepped inside to hatch closing behind her. She stood dumb founded at the sight before her. Gen on a cot and Alfred activated despite having told him to turn off. She walked over to Gen and hugged her, not even bothering to check to see if it was some sort of trick. “Baby, what are you doing here? I just talked to you and Daddy yesterday. How did you get here?”

“I couldn’t let you go alone. You’re hurt and it’s dangerous.” She said her eyes big the way children did. “She shrugged
” I phased, it was hard. I’ve never stayed phased so long. I’m tired.” She said honestly.

Casela sighed softly. “If it’s dangerous what are you doing here? Hmmm? I’ve been trained for this, and I’ve done this for a long time. I’m okay. You however are not.” She grabbed a medical tricorder and ran it over Gen. She wasn’t sure there was much she could do other than let her rest, but she’d see.

“Alfred, send a priority message to the Leviathan, to Cmdr Raauhl.” She turned to Gen while Alfred made the connection. “Your father is going to be very angry at me.”

On the Leviathan, Raauhl’s console would light up, blinking indicating a priority message from Casela’s shuttle.
Lt Synthi-er CNS

This made her hang her head. “I’m in trouble aren’t I?” She asked.


Casela smoothed back her hair and kissed her on the top of her head. “Oh yeah, baby girl, you are in trouble. Daddy and I told you, you could not come and so I am very sure you didn’t tell him you were leaving. He’s probably torn the entire ship apart by now looking for you.” Casela didn’t raise her voice or sound stern. Just tired and very worried. She knew Ryder would be frantic when he couldn’t find Gen. She would be and she also knew that when Fenrir was found without Gen and no idea where she’d gone, it would be worse.

Raauhl had been from stem to stern looking for Gen, nobody had seen her, external scans showed she was not floating between the bulkheads or the hull. It had dawned early to him that there was a chance she had stowed away with Casela but he didn’t want to believe it. He had ordered several searches, ship-wide announcements and nothing. He had just returned to his quarters when the light was blinking. He quickly answered. “Hello?” His voice was stern as he searched the screen which was still black.

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

Casela had no intention of being funny or prolonging his concern. As the connection flickered to life, Casela pulled Gen in front of her, hands resting on her shoulders, so Ryder would be able to clearly see her. Forgetting why she was on Rho Pupis and that the connection was encrypted, in the wake of her discovery that Gen had snuck away with her, she didn’t bother with code words or double meanings. She just wanted Ryder to know Gen was okay. “I just discovered that she stowed away on the shuttle. Apparently she phased out and I don’t know how it works, but she’s here. Exhausted and weak, but otherwise seems okay. Except that she’s in a whole lot of trouble.” Her voice was equally as stern as his over the situation. Seeing him on the screen though, reminded her that she couldn’t ‘feel’ him through their connection now, and that hollow feeling just increased how much she missed him.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

“Hi.” Gen said sheepishly as she appeared in screen shot.


Raauhl looked to the little screen his frown increasing and then softening at the sight of Gen, he sighed. “You shouldn’t have gone Gen, you’ve put yourself, me and your mum in a very difficult position, to say I am disappointed is an understatement.” He crossed his arms before pinching his head together with one hand. “Right well, I know you cant abandon your mission and there’s no way I’m letting Gen go with you any further, I’m coming to get you.”

  • Lt Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Casela shook her head. “Mission be damned. The parameters have changed. I would never let her knowingly go with me.” She closed her eyes shaking her head a bit, her head feeling fuzzy. It took her 5 days to get here and Leviathan had continued traveling in the opposite direction. “You are at least 8 days away, maybe more? How are you going to get here?” She wasn’t sure a ship as armed and imposing as Leviathan was a good idea in this area. But that wasn’t her problem. She wasn’t overly concerned about the how but the when. How long was Gen going to be here? “We’ll meet you, but I want to make sure Gen is feeling better before we leave.” She didn’t include herself, hiding the fact that she knew she herself was unwell. “I arrived today if I leave now, it will look suspicious.” If she t was just her she would risk being followed but not with Gen with her. She had come to stop the section from coming to Levi to check on her and finding out about Gen and from finding out the misinformation she’d been feeding them about the anomalies. Gen’s little stunt was going to put her right in their notice if Casela wasn’t careful. Standing behind her, Cas wrapped an arm around her protectively. “I will keep her safe. I promise.”
Lt Synthi-er, S31 (Mama Bear mode)

He nodded, “I’ll come alone I don’t think there’s any need to endanger the crew and the Leviathan doesn’t exactly scream peaceful intentions, please keep her safe Casela though I have no doubt you will and Genesis McCallister dont expect to be getting any cookies from, please look after you mum too.” Raauhl gave the pair a smile, a knowing smile that through thick and thin they’d be there for each other, even if it meant travelling light years. “I’ll see you both soon.”

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

Casela nodded firmly at his request. She’d give her life to keep them both safe. She wasn’t going to lose either of them, again. She nudged Gen a little at the no cookie comment. It wasn’t about the cookies but the traditions there were starting. Being together as a family. But Ryder wasn’t taking that away from her, and she wanted to make sure Gen understood that. Ryder was worried, she could see it on his face still, the near panic of trying to find her. She was quiet waiting to see if Gen would say anything.

“We’ll be safe, I promise. We’ll see you soon. I love you.” The buzzing of minds was starting to get louder and still unable to block them out it was leaving her on edge, but knowing he was on his way settled her nerves some. She would have to remember though that without being able to blocker her thoughts she would have to be very careful what she thought about.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

“I love you too” He said, the screen going blank as he sat back and sighed. Now all he had to do was convince Cobb to let hid XO to travel alone across the stars into a possibly unknown and hostile situation to recover the two people he cared about most, it was like one of Gens fairly tales accept there was no guarantee of a happy ending, scratch that there was. Ryder stood, and began to pace as he devised his plan

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

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