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Posted May 3, 2021, 7:46 p.m. by Captain Zachariah Cobb (Commanding Officer) (Sharon Miller)

Hey Leviathaners,

it’s everyone’s favourite post of the month! Line of the night for April! As always we have some absolutely fantastic entries for this month so I hope you enjoy looking through them all again and congratulations to everyone who got a mention!

(Standard disclaimer by now - this is purely a bit of fun and doesn’t count towards anything official. It’s also inevitably skewed in favour of those who post daily, but that’s just the nature of me choosing a new line every day.)

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Date Character Player Line Post
01/04/2021 Juliet Anders Melissa Aragon “So far, Derrick seemed to be the one she wanted more info about. When she had knocked everyone on their backside that first day in the holodeck with Cas, he had barely wavered. On hindsight, she thinks he shuffled one foot to keep his balance. But she wouldn’t have bet her life on it.”
02/04/2021 Kodek Vonn James Sinclair “If a motionless and wholly silent being could convey a sense of annoyance… then Vonn would have at that moment. “I do not drink such things. Nor do I own vessels to do so. However… as you seem to have dressed with the presumption that you would be allowed into my quarters…”
03/04/2021 Joseph Franklin Dave Eads “No need for any of that…” Franklin said quietly, “As much as I likely deserve to be shot, it wouldn’t do anyone any good now.”
04/04/2021 Tal Abara Trinity Fister “You say that as if there’s any doubt,” Tal downed the contents of her glass and inched forward to present Cobb a clandestine grin. “Viking’s got everyone suspended by string,” the former counsellor hummed, “she’s smart. She understands our mortal condition – conceivably better than we ever could – and she exploits it.”
05/04/2021 Surda Leonora V “She frowned for a moment, shifting her weight uncertainly. “We’re leaving,” She announced to the room at large. “and no person or thing is coming with us.” She crossed to the girl and picked her up easily, holding her against her chest with one arm. Surda turned in a circle, looking for any sign of them, and still finding nothing, walked back out the door with Cerenity.”
06/04/2021 Misana Kahl Elin Harker “I tend to collect teas and anything to make warm beverages! I find a nice cup of tea can start friendships.”
07/04/2021 Jonathan Durheim William Deaton “In short, I had not considered the role, Mr. Cobb. But… I am not opposed to it. I can’t say how I will, or will not as the case may be, meet your expectations, but I believe that I do have the best interests of the ship and crew in mind. I do not foresee that changing outside of.... extreme circumstances.”
08/04/2021 N/A Jay Luistro “Country? Italy. If you mean relative position: on my bed.” N/A
09/04/2021 Theodore Knox Calé Reilly “Aren’t you?” Theodore asked with another smile. “No matter, it is unlikely you’ll remember this anyway my dear.” He said then looked back to the screen “I think we should do something about this.” He added, not to Casela. A thought returned, one that was Theodore and also not at the same time. yes I think you may be right.”
10/04/2021 Casela Synthi-er Jennifer Ward “Throbbing, no, a thooming, that’s deep, more felt than heard, vibrating through my whole head, it mutes out all the sound to let it back in suddenly like being next to a tri-cobalt grenade going off.” She coughed slightly, “Have you ever been in an avalanche? The roaring at the height of the slide, it never stops and never quiets.”
11/04/2021 Madison Marsh Matt Bongiorno “The fresh glass of whiskey was subtly calling her name and she responded as she reached for the glass. She held the glass to her lips and sipped on the whiskey. A look of satisfaction came across her face as she set the drink back on the paper blue print while making eye contact with her Captain. “Mmmm, I love whiskey and this one hits the spot Captain.”
12/04/2021 Luna Christina Crafford ”Hi Durheim, did you get into a fight with the warp core? If so who won” she said jokingly.”
12/04/2021 Casela Synthi-er Jennifer Ward “Now let’s get down to business shall we? How do you face your demons, Ensign? Because on this ship, we capture them, contain them, and look them in the eye and laugh at their ineptitude.”
13/04/2021 Surda Leonora V “My Lady Sujin. You asked for unexplainable occurrences, unusual rumors, and bizarre happenings. I am pleased to report that I have more than rumors for you. To show my gratitude for your protection, I bring news of a truly stimulating product. There is an auction (yes, that sort of auction,) where a certain special friend of yours is selling a most peculiar individual. Do with this what you will, but remember, I am your most faithful vassal.”
14/04/2021 DaiMon Lazol Brian Richards “Comfortable I take it? This is the first time I think I’ve seen you actually trying to relax. Shall I replicate some grapes and feed them to you?”
15/04/2021 Casela Synthi-er Jennifer Ward “Though I appreciate the grapes it would not be wise to allow yourself to be close enough to feed them to me Lazol. You might lose a finger or three.”
16/04/2021 Ryder Raauhl J Ridgley “The only one who laid alone now was Raauhl, from around him however a different light emitted, Purple and Orange but not as if from an unknown source but from Ryder himself and then the words.... “NO” Erupted around the empty exploding room. “YOU WILL LIVE.” And Raauhl eyes snapped open.”
17/04/2021 Theodore Knox Calé Reilly “A second later and it appeared that a small nova had gone off. Sickbay lit up in such a way that the Whos down in Whoville would be jealous of such light display and JJ Abrams would need to add at least a thousand more lights to his next bridge scene just to compare.”
18/04/2021 Jonathan Durheim William Deaton “Sidling over to the captain, Durheim asked in a quiet voice “Mr. Cobb; what would you like Mr. Gill to see today? The dangerous and misleading, the murderous, or something else entirely?”
19/04/2021 Surda Leonora V “Surda sat down on the ground, Cerenity on one side, and silently invited Jeane to join them. “We can’t go help Mr. Vonn, but we can check in with him, alright?” She detached her combadge and held it out so all the kids would be able to hear.”
20/04/2021 Ryder Raauhl J Ridgley “The dark void of space hid many secrets, and sat tucked away near the edge of Ferengi space in no-mans land was no different. The location had been chosen early on after several science probes failed to return but continued to transmit and to the founders meant that somewhere in the dark void was a location where there was one way in and one way out.”
21/04/2021 Jeane Venneroe Kayte Moore “What?” He said at first until their words registered in his mind. “Oh, uh…my leg is better but…I…it looked like him…I don’t want to go back to that awful place I was in before dad found me.” He looked toward Jin’Lor, who was still looking very worried about Luna. “I’m scared, Miss Surda.”
21/04/2021 Luran Akunon Nicole C “If Luran weren’t as set on the Vulcan path, she may have grinned.”
22/04/2021 Gil Tom Shore “But now he had to get ready to entertain a small girl, which was far more daunting than facing a horde of flesh eating, underground, worms in his mind.”
23/04/2021 Luran Akunon Nicole C “I cannot proceed until some cause for the Commander’s predicament is discovered. We’re already trying to relieve the pain however I suspect it will not subside entirely unless the underlying problem is fixed. And well, I’ve heard the underlying problem may not be… the most typical of circumstances, sir.”
24/04/2021 Surda Leonora V “A dark room, filled with dark people. Blackened minds with blackened souls. Money, money! their greedy hearts cried, as they poked IT, prodded IT. They wanted IT to make them GOLD, but IT would not, and so they locked IT away.”
25/04/2021 Cerenity Christina Crafford “Your smart, you only have so much energy to use at any given time so sometimes the path of least resistance is the better path. Though there art times when you need to fly against a Jetstream.”
26/04/2021 Casela Synthi-er Jennifer Ward “Casela’s ‘How Not To Be A Spy’…Mistake 5: Turn your mission into a mommy/daughter day.”
27/04/2021 Jonathan Durheim William Deaton “You do realize, Mr Cobb, that the Pants Spider is… ‘friendly’, yes? As in, it will seek to assuage your fears; typically through jaunty tunes and… well, hugs.” Jonathan turned and looked at Cobb directly. “We have a suspicion that it can detect, and may in fact be attracted to fear…” Durheim’s eyes fairly glowed behind the thick goggles; as the idea of running a new test settled in his mind.”

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