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Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in Side sim: Sickbay - CMOs office


Casela watched Gen, she wasn’t talking and looked a little lost. Of course as a child Casela would not have thought a doctor very bright if he suggested a sleep over in sickbay was fun. She’d seen the nurse take off the soaking we socks as she’d watched from Knox’s office. She wasn’t even going to speculate. She stood up letting Ryder take her place, and let him work that calming magic he had. Casela knew first hand that sometimes a little girl simply needed the comfort of her father, and Ryder might not officially be her father yet, but Casela could feel how Gen felt about Ryder, and it was the same thing. Casela stepped away briefly, and getting permission from the nurse, she replicated a glass of water (not Gen’s favorite but best after the sedation) and a new pair of fuzzy socks, and returned with both and giving Gen the water and setting the socks on her lap.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

“This has to be your decision Gen” Raauhl finally said watching to see if she would make a decision herself but when Knox was met with silence and Casela clearly looked to him on this he decided it was time, “I think you should do and we’ll be here with you the whole time. I think, if we dont find out what happened and why or how we could be putting you at prolonged risk Gen” He smiled, “And if you’re good through the whole thing I’ll cook you whatever you want, maybe even in the holodeck with any program you chose.” He hoped giving her a little risk-reward would prompt her to answer.

-Cmdr Raauhl, XO


Gen looked down at the socks and took the water in two shakey hands. She frowned considering and looked up at Theo again. “Why are there two of you?” She repeated.

The doctor gave her a warm smile. “That’s the medicine we gave you and the bump to the head you took…” he gave her head a scan again with the tricorder. “It should pass once you have a nice sip of water. Do you feel sick or dizzy at all?”

The girl shook her head and lifted the glass to her lips to drink then passed the water back to the doctor and looked to her parents for a reassuring moment. Finally she nodded. “Ok. But I want popcorn.” She told Ryder.

Theo laughed. “If you’ll both excuse me, I will talk to my staff and organise some things while you all rest here a little.” He excused himself.

interesting child. he thought as he walked away casually Very, we ought to be careful around her. Theodore decided as the list of tests he wanted flashed in Theo’s minds eye.

Gen and Theo

Casela watched Knox leave for a moment. She understood the fascination someone like Gen would cause for a researcher. And she’d been very hesitant to let McHarrie and Kastil near Gen. She was hesitant to let anyone near her. She knew Gen was anomalous and really the safest place for her was here on Leviathan, but she didn’t want Gen lumped in with the myriad other anomalies on board. And if ARU got a full look at her she’d be in a cell and kept there. But Gen wasn’t just anomalous. Casela was fairly sure that Gen was not an anomaly at all, but more affected by one, changed by one and not the anomaly itself. After her own ‘experimental’ ordeal she knew that her opinion was slightly skewed. But she also knew that it was best if they figure out what was going on with Gen and how. Knox had saved her life a long time ago, and she had no reason to doubt he would take great care with Gen, but she was still uneasy.

“As soon as Dr Knox says you can eat we’ll get you some popcorn.” She took the socks and helped Gen slip them onto her feet. Gen talked about wheely shoes often, they should get her a pair. She glanced at Ryder, now was as good a time as any to ask her. Something happy to look forward to was a good distraction, and Cas was sure some of the tests might be intimidating, at the very least. She moved back next to Ryder and squeezed Gen’s hand a little, and with her other, holding Ryder’s hand. “Gen, we were going to talk to you later, but we,” she glanced at Ryder again, “we wanted to ask you something.” She knew Ryder wanted to ask her, and she didn’t want to take that away from him, so she stopped there and let him speak.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Gen watched them both looking confused. “Am I in trouble?” She asked looking between them both.



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