Cobb and Gil Containment tour - Durheim and a Security Officer required

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” oh no you don’t I know that face. Neither Gill or I will be lab rats” Luna said a cold chill running down her spine at the thought. ” Pants Spider stop playing games and come you please. I sware your just as bad as Cerenity sometimes” she said giggling.
Ensign Luna

“Yes, yes, no experiments on the crew....” Durheim’s tone carried a note of disappointment at the reminder, but he nodded at Luna in agreement.

” Good I would not want to lose one of my friends” she said.

“What say we move on, eh? And check back later to see if the thi…if the pants spider has returned?” the captain suggested.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“No, no, you’ve got to be patient,” a voice said from down the hall, not far from the tour party. “Your strategy is good but your impulsivity ruins it. You aren’t waiting for it to pay off,” said Luran, sat on the floor with a pile of rods known as t’an in front of her. Who she was playing with happened to be a cannaballistic plant, apparently known as ‘Carroll’. Luran was attempting to teach the plant the tradition Vulcan game of kal-toh.

~ Ensign Luran Akunon, Medical

The containment unit was familiar, as was the discussion on strategy. With a chuckle, Zachariah stepped forward and through the door of the unit, coming to a halt when he found Ensign Akunon seated on the floor. And across from her, a vision plucked from Cobb’s own nightmares. Kal-toh.
“I don’t know who impresses me more,” he gasped at the half-Vulcan medic, “you for taking on Carroll as an opponent. Or Carroll for braving this torture masquerading as a game!”

” what are you doing you know that thing is dangerous right” Luna said confused.

“Perhaps normally, but it is contained and I needed someone to teach this game to,” Luran replied to Luna, placing one of her t’ans on the structure.

Gil continued to look concerned as everyone seemed to treat the concept on an escaped anomaly, particularly one called “pants spider,” as business as usual. The fact that Durheim’s hint of disappointment at Luna’s insistence she and himself not be subject to experimentation only added to this concern.

“It it always like this?” He asked Luna.

  • Gil

Cerenity giggled ” Pants Spider is harmless, so yes” Luna said with a smile.
Ensign Luna

“Yes, Mr. Gil. The Leviathan is a… strange ship; even within the strangeness of the ARU as a whole. I believe there has been some talk about doing some research into some of the… ah, less mundane oddities that seem to converge on this ship, but I do not know if that has taken place as of yet.” In an alarmingly ineffectual attempt to place Gil at ease, Durheim attempted to smile; but the gesture appeared as more of a manic grimace than anything else.

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Around the next bend the ship’s counselor appeared, laughing. And one never knew if that was a good thing or a bad thing. She paused in front of the group. “Yes Cpt., Pants Spider likes to give hugs. They’re actually quite soothing as long as you don’t mind spiders too much.” She waved farewell and moved off. Now if one was to REALLY pay attention they’d notice her pants looked more like scaled leather, or more accurately covered in fine hair and had four even seams along each leg. But it was the belt buckle that would really draw attention…two big blinking eyes, but only for a moment before they closed contentedly. “I’m due in the science labs. Have a good tour.” She glanced at Gil, “And you must be En Gil. Welcome aboard.” Then she was gone past the security doors.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Luran was not close enough to see Lieutenant Synthi-er appear, but she heard her voice for a moment, and then it seemed she was gone, and Luran found herself wondering if the counselor had actually been there at all. Or at least, physically been there.

~ Ensign Luran Akunon, Medical

Zachariah also had been inside Carrol’s containment and blocked from glimpsing Casela directly. But something about her tone, the nonchalant expression of her words, had sounded, to his ears, out of character for the usually serious counsellor. With a questioning glance to Luran, he stepped back into the hallway and to the other members of his touring party.
“Was that Lt Synthi-er? What the hell was she doing here?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“I am not sure, Mr. Cobb; but you do seem quite nervous.” Durheim eyed up the Captain, a curious look on his face. “Would you like to find out if that was Ms. Synthi-er? Or would you rather assume it was, and move on?” Jonathan’s tone held no judgement (who was he to judge, after all?) but it was earnest.

-WO Durheim, CE

“Nervous?” Cobb replied, one trembling hand raking through his hair. “What ever gave you that idea, Mr Durheim? I was merely…curious as to what the Counselor was doing on the containment deck. But still, I suppose anomalies do need counselling of their own on occasion.”
He turned to the other members of the group.
“Mr Gil, since this tour is for your benefit, what would you like to do next?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Gil nodded to the Lieutenant and smiled. “Pleasure to meet you.” He continued to be not put at ease by Durheim’s smile and opted to remain silent until Cobb asked him where he wanted to go next. Feeling put on the spot, he stammered and shrugged. It seemed fairly straightforward, at least containment seemed fairly straightforward–in it’s “barely contained chaos” sort of way–so he shrugged and looked to Luna, his eyes silently pleading for advice.

  • Gil

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