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Raauhl could sense the tension in the group mixed with a few more emotions, “We can only hope so, and act accordingly we’ll continue our job here and hopefully figure what happened.” In all honesty, he wasn’t sure what they were going to do, they didn’t have the Leviathan to help them perhaps with thier scanners they’d be able to find out the cause but then again they were trying everything to remain incognito. Perhaps Casela would have an idea.

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

Casela unashamedly was ‘listening’ as they worked. She heard Raauhl’s thought that maybe she would have ideas. There was no need to make them back track. She convinced Yarren and Jensen to go with her to look for the ‘missing ‘ party. The nights here would get cold and they hadn’t went out with over night gear. They appeared on the far side of the river and nimbly crossed the same path Raauhl and McHarrie had earlier. Jenson moved over to Bella checking her. She hadn’t eaten well and but by the way she was drinking water she wasn’t dehydrated but she was burned from the Alttaqite. Casela, familiar to Bella as Zanya, walked over and sat down next to Lanshay and Bella crawled into her lap. Yarren took Lanshay and looked her over, making sure she was okay. He had let her go with Remington and if she was hurt he felt responsible.
Zanya held the girl still while Jenson worked on her. “Bella, where have you been? We’ve been so worried.”

Bella jerked her arm as Jenson washed her skin and applied an ointment to it. Bella pointed back the way they had come. “In the caves. I didn’t want to go, but she made me.” Yarren looked around for the woman but didn’t see any sign of her. “Where did she come from, Bella? Do you know? Did she come from another village or a ship?” Bella shook her head hard. “No, I wished for her.”

Lanshay turned around, “That’s it. She said ‘I wish I hadn’t wished for you’ and the woman disappeared!” Casela looked from one to the other and then at Raauhl and the other adults. “Bella, what do you mean you wished for her?” Bella tipped her head back and looked at Zanyz, “Niveck was teasing me that I didn’t have a mommy like him. And I made a wish that she was real and she was.” Now that was interesting but it certainly wasn’t the strangest thing Casela had seen or heard of since boarding the Levi.

“Zanya I have to get her back, she’s been exposed to a lot of Alttaqite,” Jenson put his things away and picked Bella up and started walking back. Yarren hesitated looking from Lanshay to Jenson’s retreating form. He gave a once over to the men Zanya had brought with her and sighed. Zanya wasn’t his responsibility. “Stay out of trouble, please,” and then he took Lanshay and followed after Jenson. Casela turned to Raauhl, “Did you get any readings from the shuttle?
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Raauhl and Synthi-er followed the readings Alfred sent to the tricorder deep into the old mine. Down one of the deep passages they found a section of the shaft that had collapsed during the earthquake that Lanshay had mentioned. Amongst the rubble they found an ancient artifact. It was a large spherically shaped container with sensors on the outside that had been damaged. The casing was covered in Iconian calligraphy. The Iconians had funneled a micro-gateway through a dilithium matrix that created a static near warp bubble around the anomaly contained inside. This created a feedback loop that continuously sustained the anomaly even after the gateway was closed, but it was also why the anomaly was constantly shifting quantum states. That was how it maintained stability. The Iconians made a way to stabilize it, but didn’t realize that it would sustain itself and that they couldn’t shut it off. After much analysis it was determined that the sensors were designed to work in tandem. One process alpha waves of the brain and the other auditory vocalizations. When the two readings match it activates the artifact into fulling the thought and spoken ‘wish.’

It appeared that the artifact had been beamed directly into the rockbed thousands of centuries before. Chunks of broken rock had impressions of Iconian calligraphy on it, but was undecipherable. The Alttaqite metal found in the mines is a super heavy mineral with superconducting properties. It was capable of storing massive amounts of energy and is extremely hard and has a unique energy signature. Analysis showed that it was the Alttaqite that contained the artifact all these years by creating a faraday cage around it and blocking signals to or from the artifact. Enough of the mineral was obtained from the village to create a case to enclose the artifact. An additional significant amount of Alttaqite was purchased from the village to bring back to the ship for analysis and further containment of the artifact.

Once the artifact was sufficiently contained the odd occurrences corrected themselves. Vedi’s leg was healed with no evidence of having ever been broken, Bella’s mother never returned, Terul’s father stopped trying to talk to him from beyond the grave, and Jokath appeared, back in the yard, completely confused about what had happened. Without the interference from Trickster the original quantum signature settled back into place and everything went back to the way it was.

With the artifact, nicknamed Trickster, like the ancient genies of Earth, contained, the team returned to Leviathan.

Upon returning the artifact was logged alongside the metal that contained it by Lazol and his team. Once he was brought back down to the bulkheads rambling of latinum and profits, he was able to carefully test the efficacy of various containment methods, from force fields to other metals. Testing is still underway to find a suitable replacement for the Alttaqite.

It seemed that the Iconaians played God and created something with powers not even they could control. It’s a good thing that it was recovered, as scaring a few children with memories they’d rather forget is a far more favorable outcome than a warlord using the creation to wipe continents from the face of planets or destroying the fabric of reality to twist fate to their purposes. It’s unknown if it only responds to children even if that’s all that happened on Delotha, or if there is another aspect that is yet to be understood. Perhaps this isn’t the true capability of the device and it may yet hold more secrets. Perhaps the words of Peace Pilgrim here ring true “If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.” And to couple that with the words of William Gaddis “Power doesn’t corrupt people, people corrupt power.” With those thoughts in mind, Trickster is destined to a solitary existence away from those that may use its power to corrupt. The file marked Abell. To be locked away for good.

Story Teller EvilJen

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