Sickbay shadows attack

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Casela met Jin’Lor’s gaze, instant like of the man at his words ‘I took care of it.’ Casela had noticed the man around the ship, though they hadn’t spoken, and his penchant for knives. She had a pretty good idea of how he ‘took care of it.’ She looked around at the three children and the adults with them coming to a decision. “Surda, since Luna is unable and you know her best, I will ask you stand in with Cerenity.” She’d seen how Jin’Lor was looking at Luna on the biobed, and she could surmise that there were deeper feelings there, but she didn’t know what or how far. She also knew Cerenity was fiercely loyal to her missing father, and now was not the time to push that boundry. Her brief gaze attempted to acknowledge both those things to Jin’Lor. It was not a slight at him, but respect for Cerenity. “With each of your permissions I’d like to show the children how to resist this thing.”

Surda nodded without hesitation. Even without Casela volunteering her for Cerenity, she would have asked to stand for Luna.

She pulled Gen next to her, insisting she sit next to Gen and put and arm around her to reassure her and to make sure she okay. She could always have Knox give her something but she didn’t want to do that. While she waited for the parents to decide she tapped her combadge and spoke softly, =^=Alfred, emergency launch, stay right outside the ship. Full lights on, use emergency lights too. Standby for transport if needed.=^= If she had to she’d take all the children and parents off the ship and to the shuttle. A moments later she could see Valkyrja out the sickbay windows. She looked at the children that were staying. “This creature that Cerenity discovered. It’s telepathic. Do you all understand what that means?”
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Surda nodded again, but Casela would be able to feel her amusement. I’d hope after all our talking I would know what telepathy is.
-Surda, CoS

” it talks inside your mind? Did it speak to you?” Cerenity asked Suprize she thought she was the only one that could see or hear it.

Jin’Lor was silent for a long moment, but nodded as he rubbed Jeane’s shoulders. “If it helps him, I’m fine with it.” He said in a calm tone, his focus on keeping his adopted son calm. The trauma the boy had been through up until two years ago still haunted the silver haired boy and this shadowy figure had brought all those horrible memories back.

Jeane looked to Cerenity, frowning. “The shadow told me I’d never get away…” He whispered.

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe
Civilian Jeane Venneroe

Casela nodded, “That’s right, telepathy is the ability to talk to someone with just your mind. This creature that Cerenity discovered can do that. What makes this creature so scary is that it can read your fears. We all have them, and there is nothing wrong with that. But we stop it from reading our minds. And I’m going to show you how.”

” You really think you can lock me out” cerenity heard the shadow. Her eyes going wide. ” Go away” she screamed grabbing fistful of her own hair. She started to cry shaking her head. ” You can not escape me” it said.

” LEAVE me alone” Cerenity screamed and flapped her wings wildly. Luna heard Cerenity’s crys. She struggled to get off the biobed. She only managed to fall to the ground. ” Cerenity it’s ok” Luna said trying to calm her child she tried to get up but everything hurt and she just couldn’t.

Jeane jerked slightly and stared at Cerenity with worry. “What’s wrong?” He asked and reached toward her.

Jin’Lor frowned and went to Luna quickly, crouching down next to her. He was very hesitant to touch her, but wanted to help any way he could. “You shouldn’t be moving…” The geneticist murmured and glanced to any medical officers in the room for help.

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe
Civilian Jeane Venneroe

Gen sat quietly watching the goings on as if she were contemplating the situation. She moved closer to Casela looking around for the source of the hubbub.

Theo meanwhile was busy with the other medical staff trying to put Luna back in place and initialise the restraint field. “If you will not lie still and allow us to treat you properly I will need to restrain you.” He warned sternly.

Gen and Theo

” My Baby” Luna muttered. She was unable to actually fight him. But the look on her face said everything. She was desperate to get to Cerenity. She could not stand to hear her baby cry like that. ” Cerenity ” Luna muttered several times shaking her head slightly as if looking for the crying child.
Ensign Luna

Casela waited for Surda to get ahold of Cerenity. The child was going to hurt herself, she was terrified, and it was understandable, justified, but she hoped that Surda would at least be able to keep her physically calm. She wrapped an arm around Gen. “Cerenity, sweetie, listen to me, okay. Don’t listen to that thing. It can’t hurt you in here. I want you to think about what makes you the MOST happy. If I had to guess it would be flying. Can you tell me about it? I’ve never flown. Can you tell me what it feels like? The wind, the air, how the muscles in your back feel when you flap your wings? You are super smart, so I bet you can even tell me how your body works to make that happen.” The idea was to have her so intensely focused on something happy it would work like a wall to keep the thing out of her thoughts. She nodded to Jin’Lor, “Can you help Jeane think of a similar memory?” She turned to Gen and it was easier because she and Gen could already speak telepathically. Alright, Baby, your turn. Something REALLY happy. Make a picture in your head, like your painting, make it really detailed.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Cerenity whimpered and looked at Casela. ” it-it tricky on a down stroke you want to catch the are and use it for fort yourself up. When you going an up stroke you have to rotate your wings horizontal against the wind so it’s easier to get you wings redy for the next dowstroke” she said seemingly to calm some. There was still a tension to her as she spoke.

Casela nodded, “Good Cerenity. I bet Ms Surda has never flown either. Can you tell her all about it? How the air smells, what the ground looks like from way up there, are sounds different?” She glanced at Surda and nodded subtly so she would keep Cerenity talking.

Returning to Jeane, the geneticist crouched down once more next to his adopted son and tilted his head. “What’s the happiest memory you’ve got, kid? Possibly the first time you flew?” Jin’Lor inquired, gazing at the silver haired teenager.

Those lavender eyes turned to the brunette and Jeane shook his head. “No, but flying is awesome.” He answered. “My happiest memory is the day you saved me from Mr. Zeke.”

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe
Civilian Jeane Venneroe

“Alright Jeane, I want you to describe that day to your Dad, okay. BUT no details, nothing about Mr. Zeke.” She didn’t need to be a telepath to now that this Zeke was a monster in human form. If the boy had to be saved from him, it was more than obvious. “We don’t want to give this creature information about him, okay?”
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Jeane went silent at her words and began to fiddle with the trinket in his hair, not willing to meat this woman’s gaze anymore. Seeing this action, Jin’Lor let out a sigh and settled a hand on Jeane’s shoulder as a reminder that he was safe. Turning his blue eyes to Casela, though, he said, “It’s kind of impossible not to explain Zeke when it comes to that day. Just know he’s very happy for what I did to get him away from the man.” He explained in as calm a voice he could keep.

Ensign Jin’Lor Venneroe
Civilian Jeane Venneroe

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