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Abyse, Gehenna
A dark room, filled with dark people. Blackened minds with blackened souls. Money, money! their greedy hearts cried, as they poked IT, prodded IT. They wanted IT to make them GOLD, but IT would not, and so they locked IT away. Fools, that’s what they were. Impolite little brats, and if IT could, IT would kill them all for daring to think IT could be forced to do anything.

A memo had been sent, requesting the presence of a select few crew members in the Ready Room. Surda had marked it top-secret, not that she thought any of the team would share it, but one could never be too careful. The Underworld could be a dangerous place, and she’d guard as many as she could from it.
-Surda, CoS

Casela got the memo, and eyed in for a long while before opening it. Surda was a dear friend and normally she would do anything for her. After her latest assignment by the section Casela was much more cautious. But it came from within the ship. And I formation was never a bad thing…right? She opened the memo. A meeting with Surda and Cobb in the ready room? So Angels duty then....mundane enough at first glance. She had no appts and so she left her office and a few short minutes later she appeared in the CIC. She glanced at the crew but they were blissfully unaware. She pressed the chime and upon permission she entered the ready room and took, not her usual seat, but a spot on the couch where she could lean back with some modicum of ease.”
Lt Synthi-er CNS

Memo received. Luran had hardly spoken to Lieutenant Surda, and she was unsure what the CoS would want of her. It was marked top-secret. Must be important… She opened it. A meeting in the ready room. She headed there the first chance she got, pressing the chime as soon as she reached the door. Once granted permission, she took a seat, glancing around to who else was there.

~ Ensign Luran Akunon, Medical

Seated behind his desk, face half-hidden by a PADD he was paying no attention to, Zachariah Cobb sipped silently at a strong, Irish coffee. On this occasion the floor was not his and, in truth, he was enjoying the occasion all the better for that fact.
As might have been expected, perhaps even hoped for, from a crew containing one Quinn Emery Kindle, a selection of coffee, tea and pastries had been set out for the attendants to help themselves. Although were one to wonder on the scarcity of the caramel croissants, they need look no further than Cobb’s silvery, crumb-flecked beard.

As the crewmembers began to settle in, they would each be greeted by a series of silent nods - the first in cheery greeting; the second as an invitation to load up on the sugary treats.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Casela glanced at the offering and her eyes landed on a glass of water with lemon. She grinned, Quinn was amazing. She picked up the glass and a yello Sadi, a fruit native to Betazed. It was juicy and tart and perfect with the lemon. She leaned back in her chair, propping her feet on the coffee table edge and waited to see what was going on.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Surda smiled at Casela, a silent welcome, but moved to sit next to Akunon instead. “Ensign Akunon,” She greeted. “How much experience do you have with undercover operations?” She should have read the older woman’s file, but she was pressed for time so simply talking to her would have to work.
-Surda, CoS

“Lieutenant,” said Luran, returning the greeting. “Not very much, sir. I have been on one undercover operation in the past.” She could assume there was an undercover operation involved. Otherwise, there would be no point in asking.

~ Ensign Luran Akunon, Medical

Surda hummed thoughtfully. There was no point asking what operation, Akunon probably wasn’t allowed to tell her anyway. “Excellent. Rescue?” If this good luck streak continued her entire team would be experienced and this mission would turn into a quick in-and-out recovery.
-Surda, CoS

Luran nodded. “I was medical standby more than anything,” she said. It probably wasn’t exactly the experience Surda was hoping for, but she supposed it must be better than nothing.

~ Ensign Luran Akunon, Medical

The captain remained silent, watching and listening to the conversation between Surda and Luran. He had no clue what terrors awaited them on this mission, but he felt confident that Surda had selected a formidable team.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Lazol entered the room late, fashionably late if it were a party but not so much when discussing top secret meetings. He sat and realized that this wasn’t going to be an ordinary mission. No, there was something about this. He skimmed the briefing, not wanting to appear foolish and gathered he was here due to possible connections rather than any covert skill the near elderly Ferengi might posess.

Lazol, CSO

“Pardon my lateness; I was held up by some containment concerns.” Durheim made his apologies as he entered the ready room, carrying with him a faint odor of ozone. He had skimmed the memo while making his way to the meeting, but hadn’t found much more in the way of useful information than it had originally revealed. As he sat at the table, he looked attentively at Lt. Surda, hoping for clarification on the purpose of this gathering. As he waited, he considered what he knew of the Orion Security chief; and how that may be related to this (Top!) secret meeting. Hmmm; Orion, possible checkered past, not always with StarFleet, secretive regarding her past… Not really enough to draw any conclusions. Jonathan shrugged mentally; figuring that any needed information would be revealed shortly.

-WO Durheim, CE

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“Very well.” Surda flicked on the map she had used earlier, displaying Gehenna once again. “This is Phyle-Gamma-2. The six of us will be visiting its second-largest city, Abyse, in an undercover search and recovery mission.” Her voice had taken on an entertainer’s quality, enticing people into listening closely. “Contrary to what you might expect, Abyse does not have an underground, it is the underground.” Surda reached under the table and retrieved five folded bundles of cloth. “We’ll be undercover at all times when we’re planetside, even in our ‘safehouse.’” She passed the bundles around, careful to put the correct one in front of each person. Once unfolded, they would appear to be uniforms similar to the one Surda had worn to the costume party, although the embellishment differed from person to person.

“Congratulations. You five are the newest members of the Red Ghost Orion Syndicate. Questions?”
-Surda, CoS & Storyteller

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