Suprize enginering lession ( Captens redy room)

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” isn’t that what we are doing now” she said confused.

Cobb was slightly taken aback, unaccustomed to his company being enjoyed. “Aye, I…suppose we are.”

Cerenity giggled ” Do you not have many friends or sumthing Captain” cerenity asked.

How much truth to share with one so young and optimistic? In the end, he settled for a shrug and a muttered response of “Well, as a captain I am incredibly busy. It does not leave a lot of time for…friends.”

Cerenity turned her head sideways ” you have time for me” she pointed out.

“I do,” Cobb replied with utmost sincerity. “I will always find time in my schedule for you, lass.”

The waning spark now returned, Zachariah sat forward again to stare at the tricorder anew.
“How do you like the other children on the ship? Gen and…Jeane, right? Do you find opportunity to play and laugh with them?”

” there my friends of course we play together Jeane follows me everywhere just about” cerenity said happly.

Of the drinking and the socialising he remained silent for now. That would be a tale for another time. When the child was a few years older.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

” I wish I could go to school but there’s no way mom is letting me out of there sight until I’m 18 at least” cerenity said quietly. Then looked at the piece of the trycorder.” I think this pice goze here” she said connecting one of the pices to the wrong place.

“Ah, almost. But not quite.”

Reaching for blank paper and a thick marker pen, the captain began to mirror the circuitry of the tricorder in a crude line-drawing.
“Here,” he drew a round circle with a smiling face in the centre. “This is Mr Electron. And Mr Electron is almost as lazy as me! So when we trace the circuit from one component to the next, we will always take the shortest and easiest path. Or, as we say in engineering, Miss Cerenity, the path of least resistance.”

He handed the marker pen to the young girl and invited her to draw her own electron family along her predicted path…

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Cerenity looked at the marker then the paper then. ” but your not lazy” she said as she drew a shorter path and the elections. ” your smart, you only have so much energy to use at any given time so sometimes the path of least resistance is the better path. Though there art times when you need to fly against a Jetstream” she said happly.

“Why, thank you, Cerenity,” Zachariah chuckled. “And so are you. In fact, once you get to Starfleet Academy, I have a feeling you’re going to eclipse us all.”

” Yah if I can get in I heard mommy had to fight to get into the academy. Do you know why?” Cerenity asked. She was confused and did not understand why they did not want to let there mom in.

“No, I do not,” he offered an honest response, before expanding on it with a larger helping of painful truth. “But the Federation can, at times, be…territorial. And access to the academy is only granted to those belonging to races that meet their approval.”

” But mommy is human they let other humans in the academy” cerenity said confused.

“They do.” His attempt to creep around the edges of the matter had failed. And for one so young, Cerenity could be a relentless inquisitor.
“But your mommy is different to other humans, Cerenity. As are you. And while you will encounter many who celebrate your uniqueness, I can not deny the existence of those who would punish you for the same. So while I have no doubt that some in the Academy saw immediately your mother’s true talents, I imagine others would only have seen those things that set her apart and devoted themselves to punishing her for it.”

A moment of silence to consider Luna’s battle for acceptance - from the Federation, from her peers at the Academy, from every crew she had served on since her graduation and possibly every crew she was yet to serve on still. He wondered, in that moment, if Cerenity understood how much strength and courage was to be found in her own mother. And how much strength and courage had been passed down to her as well.

“But your mother blazed that trail so that you would not have to,” he continued at last. “And with the grace of the gods your own passage to the academy should come a little easier than hers.”

Looking back down at the almost-repaired tricorder, he added, almost to himself, “Fly against a jetstream, eh? I shall have to try that some day.”

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” cerenity giggled it’s actually a really bad idea to do that but mommy can do it though she is really tired after doing it” Cerenity said.

“I imagine there isn’t much that your mother can not do,” Zachariah replied. “She is a remarkable young woman and I am incredibly proud of her. As I am of you,” he added as he lifted the tricorder. “Looks to me like you have this all fixed and ready to give another try. What do you say to that, eh?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Cerenity grinned ” Can I test it on you?” She said her eyes lighting up. ” do you think sickbay will be happy to have there trycorder fixed” she asked happly.

“On me?” his eyes grew wide, but then dissolved into a chuckle. “Aye, go right ahead. I’m probably overdue for my medical eval at any rate so you’ll be doing Dr Knox a favour.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

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