Cobb and Logan's holodeck adventure - all welcome

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At exactly 20:00 hours, the doors to the holodeck slid open, a silent beckoning for the participants to step inside. Once through the doors they would find themselves on a long, stone-paved dock bordering a wide and bustling river. The rising sun and fire-kissed clouds suggested early morning, but already the area was filling with merchants, laying out wares and trinkets on bright-coloured blankets, and travellers setting down heavy suitcases and steamer trunks to mop at their brows with linen handkerchiefs. The air around them was warm and dry, indicative of a desert location, with a gentle breeze that ruffled nearby palm trees.

As the group continued to study their surroundings, they were approached by a young man in a long, dark green galabeya.
“You are with Mr Cobb?” he inquired. “Mr Cobb will meet you onboard. Please, prepare to embark.” With outswept hand, the man gestured towards the water, where the group would find their transport waiting for them - a large, triple-deck, steamer ship.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the young man announced to the various groups now clustered along the dock, “Welcome to the SS Karnak. Please make your way onboard.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

As Logan gets into the holodeck and gets to the transport padd and then noticed that the captain was waiting for him. “Hello captain. This is rather interesting. I mean I like it and all. But what’s this program about anyways? I am not familiar with the specifications or details of this program sir.” As he wondered around and looked at the place with a odd gaze. He lifts his left eyebrow up and looks at the computer with a confused face.

“Good Doctor,” a fruity voice resounded from behind Logan, its temper infected with a trace of amusement, “isn’t the discovery part of the fun?”
If Hawkeye were to turn, his gaze would grace the quaint frame of one Tal Abara. Her guileless copper eyes teemed with unfounded enthusiasm as she tended forward and offered a curt bow. “You must be Mr. Logan,” she dared to assume, “Tal Abara.”

While they are on the holodeck and in the program with the captain and roaming around he still is confused with the specifications that the program has and that the fact that it’s something hes not used to seeing. Hes used to seeing Starfleet headquarters and the San Francisco golden gate bridge. “Its fascinating. But what do we do here in this program.” He asked the captain.

Ensign logan.

Tal smiled at the galabeya-clad man, a quiet breath guiding her to the water’s edge. Latent wonder shimmered in her eyes as she considered the steamship. The name SS Karnak sparked her mind with tempting familiarity, but Tal shook it away sooner than she could indulge its mystery. She instead threw a curious glance at Logan and ventured onto its decks.

— Tal Abara

“Hello Tal Abara. Yes it is. It is Mr. Logan.” As Hawkeye turned around and smiled. But also looked at her wondering what the glance about. “Tal Abara. Why are you glancing at me? I am just curious. Its unusual for me to see someone smile and glancing at me. Is it common for most humanoids to glance at someone?” As he asked, glancing back curiously.

Ensign Logan

Luna and cerenity entered the holodeck. Serenity of course took off flying. the child headed right for the ship. ” Serenity wait” Luna called. She opened her wings as if to flow on to be reminded of her run in with the shadow monster. Her flight fethers were still damaged it would take another week or so before she could fly again. She headed to the boat in a sprint.

Cerenity landed just behind Ensign Logan. ” Mommy sure is slow. Hi Miss. tal, who is your friend” she said. Luna finly appeared on the deck of the ship “Cerenity!” She snaped. Cerenity just looked at her mom with the what did I do face.
Ensign Luna

A long, wooden walkway led up to the first open deck of the steamer where it appeared as if one passenger had already settled himself onboard. His clothes suggested him as a man of some distinction - dark grey, pinstriped suit and matching bowler hat, although the long, grey ponytail was somewhat at odds. As the sounds of the others stepping onto the deck reached his ears, the man raised a tumbler of whiskey then turned to face the approaching group.
“Mr Logan, Misses Abara, Luna and Cerenity, welcome onboard one and all!”

Cerulean eyes danced with glee as he stepped forward and placed a hand on the Vulcan medic’s shoulder.
“Mr Logan, I suspect you might be wondering why you are here?” A raucous chuckle and a wink to Cerenity and Luna before adding with an air of impressed curiosity, “Although something tells me Miss Abara might be finding these surroundings a little more familiar?”

A retreat to the table, if for no other reason than to draw their collective attention to the welcome drinks awaiting them all.
“Mr Logan,” Cobb cleared his throat, voice booming like a true master of ceremonies as his fingers twirled the corners of his mustache, “We are about to witness a murder. Watch closely, for the discovery of the culprit will be completely up to us!”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

” A murder? Can’t we prevent it” Cerenity asked. She opened her wings and hovered next to the captain the tips of her wings lightly brushing his shoulder. Luna’s eyes went wide. ” Captain please tell me the program is safe” Luna said. She was already panicked because she couldn’t fly. That nagging instinct need to be in the air driving her insane. But she kept it hidden from the others there. After all it would not do to let anyone see her panic.
Ensign Luna

“Ensign take it easy. I have seen things like this before. It’s not the first time. And besides. If you’d like I can hold you till everything’s done. And I’m sure that it’s just a hologram killing another one anyways so it’s not that bad I dont think. And yes captain I am wondering why I am here. This is unusually different for something for my taste. But if I may say so captain most of things like this is completely illogical for most things. And besides, a murder is highly unlikely unless the safety protocols arent on or anything. Cause Ensign Luna here, is a little scared but like I said Ensign I am here to be held onto if you ever need it. With a holodeck program like this has started, there is no going back.” As he mentioned it to both the captain and the ensign knowingly that the ensign is scared and is needing someone to have to hold on to so that way she doesnt get scared as much as she would. Logan is someone who still cares and all but with the fact that shes scared he is willing to make her feel safe.

Ensign Logan

Quinn walked in through the archway, her expression full of curiosity and keen interest. She was a bit late as she wasn’t sure what to wear for this program but figured she would let the program edit her attire as to fit and just pulled her hair back into a long braid that trailed down her back. She walked up the gang plank to the boat and waited to see what was next.

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