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“My pleasure,” Zachariah replied quietly, before stepping closer and whispering, “considering I have all the attractiveness of a drunken Tellarite, I thought I would offer you something more beautiful. Although they pale in comparison to you.”

Quinn flushed as she looked up at him, “Thank you, and you have more class than a drunken Tellerite.” she murmered softly. He had thrown her for a loop with the flowers and the compliment but she was trying to get on balance.

Casela looked around. Quinn’s shirt and several other items in her quarters were that cerulean blue, the same as the captain’s eyes. Coincidence?

“Very well, buddy ol’ pal” He teased following behind him feeling a little empty-handed, eh should have brought something… Then another thought was this some kind of double date. He chuckled at the thought and would have to see how the meal goes. “Wow it does smell good!” Raauhl stepped up next to Casela no point in hiding thier feelings behind closed doors even if Cobb and Quinn were present so he placed a hand on her lower back and kissed her on her cheek. “You’re always in trouble.”

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

“Now you know why I get up two hours before my shift for breakfast.” That and Cobb insisted, but she did enjoy those early morning meetings with the captain, and it had allowed her, in a relaxed environment, to help him…okay for them to help each other. She turned her head to look at Ryder as he walked over and was surprised at the openly sweet gesture and Casela found herself leaning into the heat of his hand. She didn’t quite know what to do with her reaction. She laughed at his words, but did he catch the slight self-consciousness in it? “You haven’t seen me in trouble yet. I haven’t been in the brig once since I came on board.” Was she nervous? But despite being surprised she was comfortable to stay there next to him. Until she realized that both men were still holding their contributions to the dinner. She took the cracker and cheese tray from Ryder, removed the lid and set it in an empty space on the table. Then the bottle Brandy from Ryder and stealthily took the bottles of whiskey and white wine from Cobb. She set the brandy and whiskey aside, and with an expert flourish uncorked the wine and set it in an ice bucket that Quinn had setting out.

“That can soon be arranged if a trip to the brig is what you’re after, Cas,” Cobb winked, setting his own bottle of wine on the counter and then turning full attention to the whiskey.

Ever the unflappable she grinned, “Really? Do you mean it? I mean a few days where no one is allowed to bug me because there is some emergency in the containment decks, no being woken up because some idiotic ensign decided to not follow safety procedures in the science labs and is now ‘suffering,’ and no RTF training! Yes please. I mean I do have a reputation to maintain.”

Cobb winked at Ryder. “Over breakfast tomorrow, Cas, I think I shall teach you all about an old custom from my home planet. It’s called a Vacation.”

“Vaaaycaaytion?” She drew the word out as if pronouncing it for the first time. “What is this? I have never heard this word before.” Casela couldn’t be accused of being ‘silly’ but she was close to it. “I look forward to the education.”

Quinn grinned at Rider, then back to Cobb and Cas, “Make yourselves at home and have a seat where you like. I will get these into a vase and join you in a moment.” she said with a nod towards the set table before she turned to her left and headed for the replicator, she didn’t have a vase yet, she had no idea what type would best fit the vividly colorful bouquet, Cobb had brought but she hoped there was something interesting from the data base.

Quinn Kindle, Yeoman, R T F, Cobb’s Angel

Instead of sitting down, Casela walked over to Quinn. “May I?” She was going to do it anyway, but she asked out of politeness. She searched through the computer codes until she found what she wanted. A moment later a beautiful glass vase appeared. Tear dropped in shape with the top fanning out and ending in a delicate ripple effect. The glass was twisted and streaked with pale streaks of the rainbow, softly complementing the gorgeous arrangement Cobb had given her.. A small device was attached to the bottom of the vase was a small light. When activated the light would refract through the water and around the stems, and then out of the glass through the rainbowed streaks, creating a unique light display each time. She handed the vase to Quinn, with the light off. “I know the artist.” Even without the light it would display the flowers in a delicate way, allowing them to spread apart and show off each one individually. She returned to the table and sat down next to Ryder.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Quinn held the vase marveling at it. It was the most gorgous vase she had ever seen. It showed off the flowers from Cobb wonderfully. She smiled brightly at Cas as she brought it over to the table to add it to the center piece. It was very fitting.

Zachariah sipped slowly at his whiskey, his attention momentarily caught by the hypnotic dances of light from the vase. Then, shaking his head, he considered offering some help to Quinn but then worried he might just get in the way, so instead turned his gaze back to the other couple in the room.
“I wonder what Irida might have to say about this little soiree, eh?” he commented with a chuckle.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

This time she laughed, “Oh something totally inappropriate and absurd. She’ll probably accuse you of playing favorites and breaking Fey’s heart that you didn’t choose her sister’s pastries over Quinn’s. And probably that we,” and she waves a finger between herself and Ryder, “are looking for permission, or as she’d put it, better to beg forgiveness than permission. You are probably incensed that you weren’t asked beforehand and that the whole crew should rally behind us. Oh and not to mention that someone should sour Fey’s cookies because they all like Quinn’s cooking better.” She took a sip of the juice she’d had delivered and grinned wickedly. “But she shall have no clue. I made sure she was set to inspect ALL the Mark VII batons tonight, each and every single one. And it’s a 50 point check. She’ll be there till alpha shift tomorrow.”
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Raauhl chuckled, “I am very glad to not have you as my boss.” He paused and then realised, “Well I suppose unofficially you are my boss since you have me cleaning the quarters every damned minute and changing the bed linen every weekend. Come to think about it some species would consider me a slave” He winked, it was nice to be relaxed and feel in the company of friends instead of just colleagues.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Casela turned and gazed at him, was he teasing her? In front of other people? It was such a novel situation. What was more surprising was the gentle feeling of butterflies in her stomach. She blinked once and then turned her gaze to the captain when he whistled.

Zachariah’s eyes grew wide and he let out a long whistle. “I’m impressed, Cas,” he chuckled, “you have my First Officer here impeccably trained. I shall have to set you loose on our new RTF Chief some time.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Casela laughed, it was a soft sound but genuine. “Oh don’t let him fool you.” She turned a teasing grin on Ryder, “I heard you and Gen yesterday, making sure there was NOTHING, not even cleaning, to do for after my surgery. I heard you two conspiring to keep me on bed rest.” She shook her head, “Oh no Zachariah I am not going anywhere near Vonn with the intention of ‘training’ him. Have you walked by his quarters? It’s like dry ice rolling out from under the door, and apparently he sent Kara packing. Nope.” She was going to say that was a hill she didn’t want to die on but that would have been a cruel metaphor to use in front of Cobb. “I don’t like the cold, no thank you.”

Quinn got settled into her seat and smiled at her three guest in turn, “Well she can think what she wants and I will happily have a cook off if it will settle the debate about cooking.” her eyes twinkled with mischievious light and she winked playfully at Cobb, before she eyed Cas and Ryder, “I don’t normally hold ceremony on meals but if anyone wants to say grace or something feel free, otherwise, you are welcome to dig in as you decide. Cas where did you meet the artist of the vase? Do they happen to do figurines too?” If there was one thing Quinn loved more than her crocheting it was collecting figurines. Though most of her collection had been lost she had a few of her original pieces, in her keepsake box.

Quinn Kindle, Yeoman R T F Cobb’s Angel

Casela reached out and pulled a single flower out of the vase, the light display changing to something less than harmonious and then she slipped it back in. Where before the lights were beautiful but subdued when she replaced the flower, the lights seemed to burst into something truly magnificent. She touched the edge gently before sitting back. Her eyes taking in the piece. “Kalanya Synthi-er, my mother. The original was designed for my Aunt Olivia, when she had my cousin. The originals are all blown glass. She has whole collections of figurines. They’re all in the computer.”
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Quinn nodded her head softly in thanks, “I will take time to look at it, Thank you very much, Cas.” She said softly. Quinn looked at the two men and raised her ginger hued brows slightly, “Is the food too spicy you can’t talk?” Her expression was a mixture of curiosity and concern, maybe she’d over done the peppers.

Quinn Kindle, Yeoman R T F Cobb’s Angel

“Not too spicy at all,” Cobb replied around a large mouthful of food. “I can more than handle the heat. As, I hear, can Ryder,” he added with a wink to his first officer. “But food this delicious warrants undivided attention. At least for a while.”

Suddenly aware of his lack of social graces, Cobb finished his current mouthful, then took pause from the delights of eating to study the woman beside him.
“Where did you learn to cook like this, Quinn?” he asked. “For surely you have a gift unlike anything I have ever seen. Or tasted.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Quinn grinned cheekily even as she blushed, “Oh I learned to appreciate cooking from my grandparents but most of my recipes are adapted from lessons from a family friend, who studied in different chef schools.” Isabella Giacomo, fondly known as Aunty Is. Some of the recipes Quinn had promised not to share unless it was with family but most she was free to share as she liked. Though cooking for others was a way of sharing without showing off the detailed recipe.

Quinn Kindle, Yeoman, R T F, Cobb’s Angel

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