Sitting in my quarters and thinking what to do in here. -open. Everyone welcome-

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“Its not that I have a hard time socializing it’s just that I’ve never socialized with a female is all.” He then looked at her and said, “sure but what game?” He replied.

Ensign Logan

The conversation was interrupted, at that moment, by the sound of Logan’s door chime…

  • Visitor number 2

He hears the chime going off and he then said to the next visitor “enter”. He said.

Ensign Logan

The door slid open to reveal a tall, muscular part-Klingon. With a grin, she nodded to Logan then made an immediate approach for Luna.
“Ah Luna, you are here,” she roared with her customary vigour, “I have perfected a new recipe for spiced bloodwine and was looking for someone to try it!”

Luna was relatively to see Kara, until the women asked her to try Bloodwine. The color drained for luna’s already pail face as she remembered the first time she tried bloodwine. ” trying to get me to throw up all night again I see” she joked smiling at the woman.

“Ah yes,” the half-Klingon laughed, “I had forgotten that incident. Then perhaps you should pass. Although it is a shame, this is a particularly good concoction. And believe me, I tried several that were not so pleasing before I landed on this recipe!”

Then, turning to the Vulcan, she added, “Perhaps you might enjoy a glass? I do not believe we have met. Kara Nakuto. Researcher and, with some help from my sister, bartender in training.”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

“Hello ms. Nakuto. I do not drink bloodwine sadly enough. And besides as a vulcan I do not consume that kind of beverage. But thank you amyways.” As he politely rejected it.

Luna grined ” oh yes he totally has to try it, it would be interesting to see if drunk vulcan’s act silly” Luna again joked. Then looked to Logan. ” Logan, I was not trying to be mean I just couldn’t resist that joke” she said.
Ensign Luna

“Ensign. Humor is the most illogical emotion that vulcans dont use. Dont forget as I am vulcan I dont use it. So i am sorry.” He said politely.

Ensign Logan

“I often find,” Nakuto countered, “that humour can be a potent tool, to make friends, to put people at ease, to alleviate tension - there are many situations in which humour can be the perfect response. Now what is illogical about that, my dear Vulcan?”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

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