Permission please (Atten To Cobb)

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Posted by Captain Zachariah Cobb (Commanding Officer) in Permission please (Atten To Cobb)

Posted by Crewman Quinn Emery Kindle (Yeoman / RTF) in Permission please (Atten To Cobb)
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After her meeting with Vonn the new RTF commander, Quinn checked her list of Cobb’s appointments and slotted herself in for the next free one, she picked up some food for his fish, and brought the small tank with the new beta fish in it ( ), with her as well. Originally the beta fish had been intended as a birthday gift but the fish she had requested had not arrived. Now that it was here she wanted to give it to him in person. She rang the chime on his office and waited for permission to enter.

Quinn Kindle, Yeoman, RTF, Cobb’s Angel

“Enter,” came a familiar voice, although muffled as if wading through a mouthful of sticky caramel. And indeed, once inside the room, Quinn would find the captain finishing off a pastry he had saved over from breakfast, traitorous flakes of pastry and drops of glistening sugar still decorating his beard.

“Ah, Quinn, I was just…”
Rising quickly to his feet, Zachariah wiped at his mouth with a shirt sleeve, then crossed the room to meet her, his attention captured immediately by the fishtank in her arms.
“Well, what is this now, eh? Hello there, little guys,” he bent down to place his nose against the tank and properly greet the fish.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Quinn bit back a grin, at the sight of Cobb brushing away the pastry bits out of his beard with sleeves, if her hands hadn’t been full with the small fish tank and food she would have walked over to the replicator and gotten him a napkin. “These are your belated birthday gift from me, I know are still enjoying the bottle of scottish whisky but this is the present I wanted to give you originally.” she said gently, before she paused and looked up at him meeting his eyes. “I wanted to get your opinion on something if that is alright?”

“Well, I reckon this is one of the best gifts anyone has ever given me,” Cobb replied, gently lifting the tank from her arms and placing it in the centre of his bar, where it could assume elevated status amongst all his other prized possessions.

Then turning back to Quinn, he dismissed the formality of his desk and instead beckoned her over to the viewing window and the comfortable seat that ran the full length of the wall below it.
“Aye, of course it’s alright,” he attempted to reassure her. “Please, ask away.”

Quinn wasn’t one hundred percent certain how he would feel about her next words but she hoped he would hear her out. She swallowed and spoke gently, “I met with the new RTF commander and he said that if I stay on the teams I would have to be willing to stop whatever I am doing to go do what is needed. I take my position as your yeoman very seriously, and I also want to be sure I am helping out where I can.” she fell silent a long moment before she added keeping her eyes on his face, “I will quit the RTF if that is what you think is best, but if you allow it I would prefer helping them out. Whatever you decide I will abide by.” Quinn finished quietly, honestly.

Quinn Kindle, Yeoman, RTF, Cobb’s Angel

At her mention of the RTF Commander, Cobb visibly stiffened, still irritated beyond measure by the mention of the Breen. But as Quinn’s conundrum was explained, his own features softened and he reached out to gently take hold of her hand.
“Quinn, I…I am honoured that you would seek my opinion, both as your captain and also as…your friend,” he dared to venture. “And while you are, and will be, always, irreplaceable as my yeoman, our duty is to the ARU above all. And that includes yours to the RTF.”

A pause, Cobb rising now to his feet and pacing, determinedly, before her.
“I know how much your role with them means to you and I am prouder than I have words to express of how adept you are in that role. Plus,” he added with a chuckle, “what good are your wonderful pastries if an anomaly gets to them before I do, eh?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Quinn blushed softly when he had taken her hand, her eyes focused on his face as he spoke. “How you feel about my work matters to me.” he was her friend she wanted to say he was more than that too but one thing at a time. His pacing in front of her had her grinning cheekily even as she listened to the rest of his words. “True though I don’t think the anomalies that got the last batch appreciated them too much.” she retorted softly, a pause and then she got to her feet. “One more thing.”

Quinn knew once she said her next words there was no taking it back. Seeing crew hurt and gone because of anomalies and transfers, pointed out that she shouldn’t wait or else she would have regrets. Quinn locked her gaze on his cerulean blue eyes and spoke softly, “I like you a great deal Captain Zachariah Cobb and if you don’t toss me out an air lock for being over bold, I would like to see if we can be more than friends.”

Her inner most thoughts were a mixture of ((He is going to tell me to get out! Here is hoping he doesn’t laugh. Oh Isis please don’t let him be dating someone else already)). She kept still, her face turning pink, but she wasn’t backing down, she said what she felt was right.

Quinn Kindle, Yeoman, RTF, Cobb’s Angel

With gentle yet firm grip of her slender hands in his, Zachariah led Quinn back over to the couch and then seated them both so that he could look deep into her eyes, unhindered. In his own, soft lighting was caught by rogue moisture, reflecting back to her like a thousand, dying stars.
“Oh Quinn,” he whispered on anxious and fragile breath, “you have no notion of how much I longed to hear such sentiment from you. Or for the opportunity to declare my own deepening feelings for you in return. So now, let me declare them before this moment is lost. I care for you, Quinn Emery Kindle. I care for you with a strength and a fondness I had thought lost to me to the end of all time.”

A pause as his right hand was brought up to stroke gently at her cheek, the blush of red against his palm like rich wine first falling upon his tongue. But bitterness came as chaser, always, and as quickly as it had risen, the same hand now fell back down to once more cling to her own.

“I am not a good man, Quinn Kindle. As much as I might once have longed to be, as much as others might claim of me still, to continue such a lie would be to blacken every atom between us that is good. I know not what you see when you look upon me, whether the stain of the previous decades lies plain across my face, or hides like a coward behind well-trimmed beard and gleaming captain’s pips. But just as your captain I would warn you of external danger, so too as friend must I now warn you of the danger that lies within. Here,” his fist pounded against his chest.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Quinn looked at him and gave him a full smile showing off the dimples in her cheeks, her eyes twinkling as she spoke, “What I see is a honest man, who has been through a lot and still has lines you don’t cross. You say you’re not good but you give a damn and you do what is right even when it isn’t easy.” She gave his hands a gentle squeeze with her own smaller ones, “I don’t scare from many things.” Quinn paused and added softly, “There’s danger in every heart. We just have to be brave enough to admit it’s there and maybe have a friend to lean on when it gets dark.”

Quinn Kindle, Yeoman, RTF, Cobb’s Angel

“You are very kind, Quinn,” Cobb replied, the weight of her hands in his grounding him against this threat of raw and untamed emotion. “You see the good in people. I like that about you. It is a quality that I myself lack.”
Primal breath exhaled from the depths of his soul, a measure of his previous caution diminishing in its wake. Did he dare to take a chance on companionship with this rare and beautiful creature? Could he bear to laden her with the risk of capsizement that came when anchored to one Zachariah Cobb?

“I feel that if I walked away from you now, I would spend the rest of my life regretting it,” he admitted with a shrug, final vestige of restraint collapsing as the cliff eroding into harsh sea. “But you, Quinn Kindle, you must promise me now, that if the darkness inside me begins to claim you, then you will walk away from me and never, ever look back.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“I promise and if you decide that you think I am too much trouble say so please so I don’t over stay my welcome.” Nother hurt more than finding out she wasn’t welcome when far as she knew she was. So being open and honest about it she hoped it would work out better for them both. Though she highly doubted that his darkness would over take her. Her spirit was curious, she hoped that with time he would see just what she saw him in that did in fact make him a Good Man worthy of her feelings and trust. With enough time and patience Quinn felt he would one day. And if not she would do her best to keep him smiling in her own way.

Quinn Kindle, Yeoman, RTF, Cobb’s Angel

“Trouble, eh?” Cobb winked. “Now, I quite like the sound of that.”

With a final glance towards Quinn, Zachariah reluctantly got to his feet.
“I am delaying you from your duties. And my mountain of reports are not going to read themselves. But let us plan more time together outside of duty. For now, Yeoman, you are dismissed.” Then with a chuckle he added, “I am sure Chief Vonn will be waiting for your answer with baited breath.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

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