MPT-LS: Year of Hell - CIC Bridge - Setting out (all welcome)

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Captain Zachariah Cobb sat, tense and alert, in the CIC’s central seat, wearing the oppressive mantle of one far older and decrepit than even his own advanced years. It appeared, to any who gazed upon him, that events on the starbase had taken a considerable toll, the mission, and the heated conversations with the Admiral, draining him almost to the last drop.

Around him the room lay silent, the odd bleep and chirp as terminals capitulated under wiser, more sentient hands the only occasional break. And every now and then, a whisper, as the captain murmured quietly a repeating sentence to himself.
“And I have done a hellish thing.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“What might that be, Mr. Cobb?” The reedy voice appeared as if out of nowhere; the Chief Engineer could be remarkably light on his feet when he chose to be.

Frankly speaking, it was somewhat unusual for the eccentric Chief Engineer to find himself on the bridge. Sure, on many ships the CE was never far from their beloved engines.... But in this case, as in many, the Leviathan was… different. The engines were indeed, vitally important. But her cargo… well, engines didn’t typically drive whole crews to madness, or worse fates. At least, not when they were in proper order. Durheim was rarely found far from the cargo bay; long since converted to a mobile prison specializing in containing those things that couldn’t be explained. But in preparation for this rather unique (and possibly one-way) voyage, the containment bay had been nearly emptied. The Starbase hadn’t exactly been pleased.... But Admiral Roebuck’s word carried weight, and no official complaints had been registered. As such, the CE had found himself with an unusual amount of free time, and had wandered onto the bridge in time to catch the Captains’ dire muttering.

-WO Durheim, CE

If Cobb recognised the presence of his favourite engineering chief, then he gave no indication of the fact. Instead his eyes remained downcast, his posture hunched and drawn and almost without respite, that damned, repetitive murmuring.

At the helm, MacReady caught Durheim’s attention and waved the man over.
“He’s been whispering that same sentence since we left the starbase,” he moaned. “It’s downright creepy, is what it is!”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Durheim gave the Captain a curious glance; before joining MacReady at the helm. “Hmmm; we left the starbase some time ago; you’re saying he has been repeating that phrase since then? Is there a particular reason you have not called for either Mr. Knox or Mrs. Synthi-er?” While the tone wasn’t accusatory; the words could easily be interpreted as such; Cobb’s rather unusual state was.... poor for morale, to say the least.

Jonathan was silent for a moment, contemplating the oddness of the captain. Nodding to himself, he returned to the captains’ side, an odd look on his face as he deliberately touched his thumb and forefinger together on his right hand. “Mr. Cobb; if you do not respond, I will deliver a strong electrical shock to you…”

After a moment of silence, the smell of ozone began to spread across the bridge, and a sharp electrical crackle emitted from the Chief Engineers’ mechanical hand as it neared Cobb’s shoulder....

-WO Durheim; CE and practicing electro-therapist

“That is a course of action I do not recommend” Came a deep voice from behind the Chief Engineer. It belonged to what would be for most Humans a short man but he still stood a little taller. He was facing towards the viewscreen hands behind his back. His features were expressionless, his red beard incongruous with his short kept dark brown hair. He didn’t look at the man or the Captain his grey eyes seemed focused on the view of Space. His stance was relaxed but he seemed so still. It was as if he had always been standing in the one point.


Quinn walked in, her hands holding a tray of mixed crossiants, buttery, chocolate filled, jell filled and few cream like ones. She had a thermos of coffee at her hip and she moved with quiet and purposeful steps towards Cobb, “Captain gets first dibs then the rest of you may take what you like from the tray.” she said lightly to the others, around her. Her eyes searched Zachariah’s face with concern.

Quinn Kindle, Yeoman, RTF, Cobb’s Angel

The CIC was Rhaauls seconds home, he spent just as much time here as he did his shared quarters with Casela and Gen, on this occasion he was arriving from the late following behind the sweet smell of pastries. “Looks like I’m not too late,” He said looking between Cobb and their Chief Engineer with a curious grin, “Everything ok or should I invite Gen onto the bridge?” He chuckled.

  • Commander Ryder Raauhl, XO

Jewels had pulled security duty on the bridge that day and arrived as a warning was given by the CIO to a man who’s hand had alighted on the shoulder of the Captain. She paused, a slight inhale of breath and brightening of eyes the only tell that she was ready to jump in if that warning was ignored. Whatever she had walked into, it made her neck hairs wake up. No one else seemed overly alert so she knew she had to wait a breath and heartbeat to see what was going on. But the tone of the CIO was not a joking one, in her opinion so she side stepped, eyes on the trio, towards the security console she was to occupy the next several hours.

The Captain had been more than kind to her and a threat to him was something she wasn’t going to endure. As it seemed, neither was it what the CIO would accept.

The snack ladened woman arrived just a step behind her and passed the RTF officer without so much as a glance. Offering the Captain the first choice of tidbits made her relax slightly. Sure the man in question over over the CO wasn’t that much of a threat if no one else was bothering with him. But she waited for the CO’s response before she would lower her tension and relax. Sometimes, being new on a ship wasn’t a good thing. Sure, senses weren’t dulled by ‘it’s been this way all the time’, but it also meant she wasn’t sure who was jesting, who was serious, and what situations needed backup. It was unnerving but something she was used to.

Her glance went to the CIO as she waited their reactions.

Ens Juliet Anders
((not posturing, just not sure what is happening and trained to be alert… that’s all lol))

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