Prologue: How Mwezi got here

Posted June 17, 2021, 8:55 p.m. by Lieutenant Mwezi (Chief Tactical Officer) (Miriam W)

Two weeks ago;
Mwezi paced his quarters quietly, growling slightly to himself to stop from focusing on what his mind was obsessing over. The framed photo, its glass shattered on the table. The picture it held. The person he missed so terribly. It was horrible. Knowing that she was gone. Knowing he was so far away, and couldn’t even visit the empty memorial. Knowing that the pyre that had been lit hadn’t contained a body, but just a memory of a person.

One week ago;
Mwezi awoke from a dream so vivid he could hardly believe it hadn’t been real. She had been there. Kula had been right in front of him, close enough to touch. To smell. To feel her fingers on his wrist. He reached out, feeling her mental presence so close to his own. She was… No… She was gone.

Two days ago;
Mwezi laid on the biobed, barely aware of his surroundings. Kane was there. What had happened? He’d been in the conference room. Something about going home to Galdor? What … What was happening?

Kane gave him some kind of cocktail through the hypospray and awareness came back to his mind. Mwezi sat up slowly. He’d heard stories of this happening to the Mate-lost. Empathic Withdrawal, the medical community had termed it. Everyone just called it Lover’s Grief. But he couldn’t have it… Kula and him weren’t Mates. They hadn’t bonded. They were still sub-adults, it was impossible.

But that’s what Kane said it was. And he trusted the Doctor’s judgement.

Apparently Kane was gone. Lost to some freak accident. Mwezi wasn’t really absorbing most of the information. Just that his friend was gone. First Kula. Then Bridie had left. Now Kane? Did he have any friends left in this world? He closed his eyes and grimaced through the tremors that came from his spine as his Empathic Organ, his En’ne, felt the lack of Kula’s presence. He could barely sense his own people around him, even their emotions couldn’t help him now.

Mwezi sat up against the wall, the Galdori doctor tutting over him and trying to keep his vitals strong as they hooked him up to the experimental transporter device’s Beacon, hoping to use his Empathic connection to Kula to bring her back. All Mwezi could think about was that she wasn’t dead. She wasn’t dead. She was just somewhere they couldn’t reach without his help. He reached out with his sense and grasped hold of her. She grasped hold of him and he felt a sharp relief within himself. She was here. She was safe.

He vaguely noticed a lot of noise around him, and a shaking feeling in his body like everything was going wrong. The Doctor was shouting something about a seizure. Mwezi tried to tell everyone that it was okay. Kula was here with him, but his mouth wasn’t responding properly. He felt a heavy shroud of pain come over him like a cloak.

Then, suddenly, everything seemed to fold in on itself, like he was in a kaleidoscope and it was turning round and round, until everything around him was darkness and flashes of colour. The pain was gone, but his body felt fine. Then he registered the feeling of a hand in his. And Kula spoke his name. First fearfully, then hopefully, then with sobs of relief. He spoke her name in return. He pulled her forward and they hugged, crying into one another’s shoulder. They might be lost in an inter-dimensional subspace, but… They were together.

Mwezi and Kula

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