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Posted June 12, 2021, 10:37 a.m. by Lieutenant Jaieh Vrenek (Medical Officer) (Sam Pennington)

Posted by Captain Zachariah Cobb (Commanding Officer) in New Orders/Arrival

Posted by Lieutenant Jaieh Vrenek (Medical Officer) in New Orders/Arrival

Posted by Captain Zachariah Cobb (Commanding Officer) in New Orders/Arrival
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Jaieh was at her station in a Starfleet medical research lab. She was there late, as usual, and fortunate to enjoy her work as much as he did. “Lieutenant Vrenek?” Jaieh jumped, not having noticed the Captain standing in the doorway. “Oh. You scared me.”
“My apologies. I’m just here to deliver these.” He stepped forward and handed Jaieh a PaDD, which held transfer orders. “I’m afraid I’m not familiar with the USS Leviathan.”
“Good. Details on the PaDD. Shuttle leaves tomorrow.” The Captain left. what an odd man.

Jaieh went home and packed quickly. If nothing else, these orders looked official. She had been able to authenticate the existence of the USS Leviathan, but the details of its mission were classified. According to her orders, it was anomaly containment and research. But why would a science division be classified. Projects maybe. A whole ship?

The shuttle ride was mostly nerves. She still knew too little about this ship.

When she arrived, she had to find the CMO… or someone in higher authority…

-Lt Jaieh Vrenek

OOC: The CMO is on LOA for the next few days. But Cobb likes to meet all arriving crew personally so you’ll have to make do with him for now, hehe.

IC: “Ah, Lt Vrenek I presume?” came a voice from across the shuttlebay. A mere second later and the speaker appeared - tall and slightly-rounded, with long, greying hair and matching beard that framed a pair of laser-sharp, cerulean eyes. The pips and tunic colours said captain, the rumpled garments and heavy, buckled boots suggested a Harley Davidson parked on the bridge.
Reaching the newcomer, the captain extended a hand. “I look forward to meeting the medic behind the research. Your previous captain spoke highly of you indeed. Although I presume from your demeanour that they told you very little about me! Or the Leviathan?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“Yes, that’s me. Very nice to meet you Captain…” Jaieh quickly checked her transfer orders before shaking the Captain’s hand. “Cobb. I, uh, yes. I was told very little about the Leviathan, its crew, or its mission. Other than that, everything is clear.” Jaieh smiled.

-Lt Jaieh Vrenek

“Clear as mud, or thereabouts?” the captain chuckled, nodding to a waiting yeoman to gather the Romulan’s belongings for transfer to her quarters. “Aye, I daresay we all felt about the same the first time we stepped onboard. Well, not to worry, let us retire to my ready room for a quick welcome drink and I will fill you in on every sordid detail,” he added with a wink.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Jaieh looked back at the yeoman for a moment and then returned her gaze to Cobb. “Sounds fine to me, lead the way Captain.” Jaieh mentally noted that this Captain seemed just as odd as the previous one, just in different ways.

-Lt Jaieh Vrenek

The journey to Cobb’s ready room was swift, the captain selecting with ease the precise combination of twists, turns and turbolifts to make light of the distance to the CIC. He walked without commentary, eyes fixed ahead, stride powerful and determined, aside from an occasional “Aye” in response to greetings from passing crew.

Jaieh took in the path and the people along the way, appreciating the nature of the strange ship.

The CIC itself presented a surprise to those more accustomed to a top-level bridge. No ornamental, transparent ceiling adorned this venue and in place of the customary command seats at centre stage, here Vrenek would find an impressive ring of terminals, each one capable of holographic projections which, when combined, created something akin to the three-dimensional, strategic battle maps of old.

This reminded Jaieh of bases she used to work at. Finding new memories in a place like this would ease her mind.

“Here,” Zachariah broke his vow of silence, slipping quickly inside a door without waiting to confirm Jaieh’s following. The captain’s ready room was plain - a standard viewing window, the entire length of the left wall, rose from a worn yet comfortable banquette seat. While on the right, several rows of inlaid shelves held books, engineering tools, broken tricorder components and an impressive collection of liquors. It was towards this collection that the old man now headed, pouring and draining a half glass of whiskey before requesting a selection from his Romulan guest.

Jaieh considered for a second before indicating a bottle of brandy. She thought about giving the Captain one of her bottles of Viinerine. He seemed quite the collector.

Drinks procured, Cobb retreated to his desk, currently buried beneath several layers of blueprints, books and real paper maps. The surrounding chairs were equally covered, the captain quickly clearing space for Jaieh before lowering with satisfaction into his own, well-worn seat.
“Let us cut straight to the heart of the matter,” he announced, placing his drink directly onto the paper mountain and fixing the medic under that piercing, cerulean gaze. “Do you have any concept of the kind of entities you will be dealing with on this ship?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“The term used was ‘Anomaly’. I’m left to assume not normal humans and Vulcans.” Jaieh arched her eyebrows. “Mutations, new species, both?”

-Lt Jaieh Vrenek

“Devils,” Zachariah replied in barely more than a whisper. “These creatures are as ones dredged up from the depths of an Eldritch sea, as the things that lurk in dark corners and ‘neath the beds of small children. They form from the very essence of nightmares.”

A pause, as the captain drained his glass, then with a shrug, added in a far more conversational tone, “the Abell-level ones, at any rate. The others range from psychotic killers to friendly curiosities. The point is, Lieutenant, that you never quite know what to expect when you open a containment unit door.”

Opening his desk drawer, Cobb rifled noisily for a few moments, some more components and engineering tools being discarded to the floor during his search. Then finally he withdrew a black PADD and, entering his own security code, handed it over to Vrenek.
“This is a copy of the current ARU catalog, in line with your own clearance level, of course. To offer a brief key to help you make sense of it all, blue and green anomalies are usually well-behaved enough to bring home for tea. Yellow would kill you on sight. And Abell? They would end the whole universe and everything within it in the blink of an eye.”

(OOC: The actual anomaly catalog can be found here:

Refilling his glass, Cobb took an opportunity to study the Romulan officer. She seemed calmer and less belligerent than some Romulans he had met and for that he was exceedingly grateful. But she also appeared as if she could handle herself and, in truth, she would not have been assigned here if she couldn’t.

“So,” he broke his determined focus at last, “why do you think the ARU selected you for this mission, eh?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Jaieh read the catalogue with interest. She inhaled deeply. “Well, I suppose, as classified as this mission is they’d have access to certain classified records of my time before coming to the federation. I served in the medical research division of the Romulan Military during my mandatory service. We encountered a lot of… strange things.”

-Lt Jaieh Vrenek

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