Defend by any Means Necessary

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Casela’s ‘How Not To Be A Spy’
Mistake 1: Answer the spy pager when you are too sick to think straight
Mistake 2: Not asking your doctor to field the terms of your medical leave
Mistake 3: Do not leave immediately as ordered, instead spend time saying good by to those that matter
Mistake 4: Sleep on your transport instead of studying valuable intel reports
Mistake 5: Turn your mission into a mommy/daughter day

Casela shook her head. “Mission be damned. The parameters have changed. I would never let her knowingly go with me.” She closed her eyes shaking her head a bit, her head feeling fuzzy. It took her 5 days to get here and Leviathan had continued traveling in the opposite direction. “You are at least 8 days away, maybe more? How are you going to get here?” She wasn’t sure a ship as armed and imposing as Leviathan was a good idea in this area. But that wasn’t her problem. She wasn’t overly concerned about the how but the when. How long was Gen going to be here? “We’ll meet you, but I want to make sure Gen is feeling better before we leave.” She didn’t include herself, hiding the fact that she knew she herself was unwell. “I arrived today if I leave now, it will look suspicious.” If she t was just her she would risk being followed but not with Gen with her. She had come to stop the section from coming to Levi to check on her and finding out about Gen and from finding out the misinformation she’d been feeding them about the anomalies. Gen’s little stunt was going to put her right in their notice if Casela wasn’t careful. Standing behind her, Cas wrapped an arm around her protectively. “I will keep her safe. I promise.”
Lt Synthi-er, S31 (Mama Bear mode)

He nodded, “I’ll come alone I don’t think there’s any need to endanger the crew and the Leviathan doesn’t exactly scream peaceful intentions, please keep her safe Casela though I have no doubt you will and Genesis McCallister dont expect to be getting any cookies from, please look after you mum too.” Raauhl gave the pair a smile, a knowing smile that through thick and thin they’d be there for each other, even if it meant travelling light years. “I’ll see you both soon.”

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

Casela nodded firmly at his request. She’d give her life to keep them both safe. She wasn’t going to lose either of them, again. She nudged Gen a little at the no cookie comment. It wasn’t about the cookies but the traditions there were starting. Being together as a family. But Ryder wasn’t taking that away from her, and she wanted to make sure Gen understood that. Ryder was worried, she could see it on his face still, the near panic of trying to find her. She was quiet waiting to see if Gen would say anything.

“We’ll be safe, I promise. We’ll see you soon. I love you.” The buzzing of minds was starting to get louder and still unable to block them out it was leaving her on edge, but knowing he was on his way settled her nerves some. She would have to remember though that without being able to blocker her thoughts she would have to be very careful what she thought about.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

“I love you too” He said, the screen going blank as he sat back and sighed. Now all he had to do was convince Cobb to let hid XO to travel alone across the stars into a possibly unknown and hostile situation to recover the two people he cared about most, it was like one of Gens fairly tales accept there was no guarantee of a happy ending, scratch that there was. Ryder stood, and began to pace as he devised his plan

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

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3 Days Later
=^=Alfred, transport Gen straight to the shuttle, now. Initiate program Sigma.=^= Gen disappeared into a blue swirl and moments later Alfred had launched the Valkyrja. “Hello young lady. We are going to go get your father, hang on it might be a bit bumpy.” Alfred said to Gen as he initiated the launch sequence, sent the clearance request and left Rho Pupis, Casela still on the surface. Once they had cleared the Ion Nebula Alfred began transmitting a message to the Leviathan and all it’s known auxiliary craft. Emergency codes, His eyes only, Cmdr Ryder Raauhl.
Alfred, AI

Raauhl had managed to convince Cobb to use one of the Space stations shuttles, it was capable of warp and like their own a prototype with a few tricks up its nacelles, complete with its own AI Jeeves. “Sir, there is an incoming emergency symbol from the shuttle designated Valkyrja. I have never understood the humanoid fascination with…” The trill groaned having pressed the mute button which conveniently come with the AI. Raauhl opened the message.

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

On the screen was Alfred. A glimpse of Gen’s hair could be seen in the background, but no hint of Casela. “Cmdr Rhaauhl, I have an urgent message for you, but I am required to ask for verification. You are to tell me where Ms Casela would go on vacation.”

After getting the appropriate response a recording of Casela appeared. “The trip out went well. Ginny and I had dinner last night. I let her try a rose, I’m not sure she liked it.” There was a hint of a smile, for effect. She seemed to be staring at him. “I tried this local red wine. It was horrible. Worst thing I have ever had. Last time I will have wine. See you soon?”

Alfred reappeared. “I have altered course to intercept you, Cmdr. You have authorization to control my systems. Do you wish me to proceed elsewhere?”
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