OOC: Welcome back, Miriam!

Posted June 12, 2021, 8:06 p.m. by Lieutenant Mwezi (Chief Tactical Officer) (Miriam W)

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Hey Leviathaners,

I am delighted to welcome back Miriam W! As some of you will remember, Miriam played our first CSO, the former Borg, GLaDOS. This time, she’s bringing an equally fascinating character in Galdori CTO, Mwezi. The Galdorians are a race that she herself has invented and they’re incredibly creative, so I look forward to learning a lot more about them through this character!

It’s so good to have you back, Miriam. You know the drill by now, head to the containment deck and grab yourself a broom, hehe!

  • Sharon

Thanks for the welcome.

Just want to mention that the people of Galdor are not the Galdorians, they are simply “the Galdori”! :D Everyone makes that mistake. lol.


Oops! Sorry about that, I shall make a note for future!

  • Sharon

Wohoo! It’s great to have you here, Miriam. Welcome aboard! :)

— Trin

Welcome back to the Levi Miriam :)


Keep dying here because I don’t connect to the character I’m writing (GLaDOS is hard to write, you guys), but given the fact that I’ve stuck with Mwezi without taking a break from the character since, I dunno… before exodus (!!!), I think I’ll be here for a while :D

  • Mir

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