Side Sim, Heart Strings (Atten to Cobb)

Posted June 13, 2021, 12:57 a.m. by Crewman Quinn Emery Kindle (Yeoman / RTF) (Cassa D)

Quinn tied off the last knot and looked at the results of her work. It was far from perfect. It was her more effect in though. She put it in the box and tucked it under the table, then she finished getting ready for the picnic she had planned for Zachariah and herself.

The holo-deck she had reserved and had the program set up forest and meadow, by the lake in the height of fall, crisp fresh air and brilliant colored leaves in the trees, so all that was left was to meet him there. She pulled a small wagon behind her, in it was a large picnic basket the wrapped box, her gift for Cobb within it, a thermos of his favorite old fashioned and a thermos of french vanilla cuppachino with peppermint bits in it for herself. She was wearing a jade green dress shirt and black pants, beige sandals, her hair loose around her shoulders.

Quinn Kindle, Yeoman, RTF, Cobb’s Angel

OOC: the box is about seven inches long and five inches wide, inside is a mult colored crochetted blanket the size of a twin bed or so, it is not a perfect square, the edges are all well rounded sorta waving all around it, with small pictures crochetted into it, of Cobb and events on the Leviathan and even their talk on the patio of the starbase, it is not perfect, there’s numerous spots were the stitches were too far placed and others too close together. There also several of her own hairs tangled within the threads. Rather than undo it all she left it be. The bottom of it says in very uneven threads, Zachariah Cobb, Good man, Honest and Brave, yours, Quinn Emery Kindle. The colors are a mixture of prismatic tones, deep jewel tones and several threads of cerulean and crimson. The text thread is royal blue and fades to sky blue going white before ending in crimson. It is the softest yarns mixed together.

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