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Posted June 15, 2021, 6:21 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Reira Akaba (Scientist) (Stephen MacDonald)

“Checking your credentials…” The man over the communications stated, Reira tapping his foot impatiently. He’d finally got approval to transfer to the Leviathan and now he’d missed it’s departure due to various and complicated reasons he wasn’t going to explain to just anyone… “You’re approved, Lieutenant Akaba. Sending you the flight path, try not to be later than you already are.” The Navigational Officer offered a gentle reprimand as the course came through. “Sorry, Commander. Warp troubles and all that.” Reira offered quickly, inputting the course at high warp and ending communications with a sigh. “Bureaucratic asshole. I’d be there already if you hadn’t asked me about everything short of my life story.” The drone sighed, running his hands through his lilac hair. He didn’t want it in it’s natural colour, it looked too much like… his father.

“Out of sensor range, so let’s go a little faster.” Tapping at the controls, the console began beeping. “Warning, unauthorized technology detected, ini- I THOUGHT I SWITCHED YOU OFF!” Reira shouted irritably at the male voice emanating from the console, the black Starfleet Logo trying to lock out his commands so he tapped in a command sequence on the wall via the physical Borg controls, deleting the program. There was a sudden shift and a small laugh from him. “We’re into Transwarp.” Sitting down, he began removing more and more of the Section 31 coding, analyzing it. It was like peeling an onion, once he thought he had one lot done there was even more.

Still, that’s what he got for stealing a shuttlecraft from his father’s ship, they shouldn’t have left it so lightly guarded. He really didn’t like the original name Nyx, so he rechristened her as the Nova Luna, even updating it in the registry and replicating a new nameplate. It was his fault for blowing his old shuttle up. There were still teething issues, the Section 31 interface didn’t recognize him hence the switch to Alphanumerics and a neural interface, just point and think. “Computer, access my nutritional replicator logs, replicate a large portion of Alpha-343.” Smoothing his hair back into place, there was a familiar hum as a spoon and a dish of chocolate souffle appeared, it wasn’t really suitable for lunch but he had a hard day and some chocolate would really hit the spot.

Soon finishing his lunch, he tapped at the console. “Computer, how long until we intercept the Leviathan?” He asked, placing the empty dish and spoon back into the replicator. “1 minute at current velocity.” The female voice replied. “Drop out of Transwarp, engage maximum warp.” Reira sat down, clicking his neck. He had to see John again, he had a lot of questions for him, the main one being if… if he still loved him. Reira hadn’t stopped loving him, it was an illogical human emotion but the desire to care for someone and be cared for in return was appealing to the former Drone who wasn’t used to it.

The ship soon dropped out of high warp and the drone got his first view of the Leviathan. “She’s pretty nice. Open a communication channel, all frequencies.” Hearing the confirmation buzz, he began transmitting. “This is Lieutenant Akaba of the Nova Luna hailing USS Leviathan. I repeat, this is Lieutenant Akaba of the Nova Luna hailing USS Leviathan, do you read me? I apologize for arriving so late, my shuttlecraft had an engineering problem.” He asked, banging the transmitter as it was sparking, the shuttlecraft was clearly Starfleet in design but a sleek, somewhat shiny black instead of silver with Borg plating and green nacelles. The “engineering” problem was a brief skirmish with Leo’s vessel, the Astraios which knocked out his transwarp drive.

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