Side Sim, Hearts, Minds, and Claws (Atten to Cobb, Vonn, Surda, Casela, )

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Holo Deck 2 (timeline after events of Settling Things thread)

The familiar yellow and black grid was currently being hidden by a gymnasium of sorts, there were balance beams, large blue matts and various other things in the room from hanging rings and double uneven bars, as well as several large bands of silk, or ropes. There were targets along the walls, some old bull’seyes, some that had outlines of people, some that were less obvious. There was one table with her weapons spread out on it, everything she knew how to use from the custom ushaan-tor daggers, the japanese swords, rapier, the bow and arrows, the mark seven from RTF, and a bow staff. The rest of the weapons she had were not meant for sparring or fighting. They were gifts and honorary things to remember friends who were no longer living, so those were in her quarters in the case devoted to keeping them in good condition. Though if it came down to it she would use them to fight if there was no other option and then make sure to restore them to their in case state after proper cleansing and what repairs might be required.

Quinn was pacing around the room, her hair pulled into a tight twisting braid, her outfit was her original RTF uniform given to her by Manhattan, there was another table with four seats off to the left side of the room, meant to be a place to sit and see everthing in the lower level where Quinn was currently pacing,

On that table was several crossiants, kouign amann pastries, muffins and several choices of things to drink though not one ounze of alchohol to be seen.

She had asked for her Captain, and her RTF commander to come, a side note had been sent privately to Casela and Surda (just in case). Quinn wanted to make sure the air was clear between the men who were in effect in charge of her career, professionally, her mind as a crewmember, and one was very dear to her heart and he needed to know exactly what that meant to her as well as showing Vonn, that while she respected him as a Commander he had some lines he had crossed. A lot was going to be said and some things might not go as she would prefer but in the end everyone would know exactly where they stood and she hoped they would work together to make sure they all got back to the starbase again.

Quinn Kindle, Yeoman, RTF, Cobb’s Angel

Cobb was first to arrive at the holodeck. Dressed in his usual off-duty attire of harley davidson t-shirt and boots, he had clearly been expecting a different virtual scenario to greet him.
“Ah, Quinn?” he called out, while spotting and making a hasty approach towards the pastries, “when I suggested some holodeck fun this was not exactly what I had in mind.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“Fun is planned too but there’s a bit too,” she broke off as Casela walked in, she smiled at her.

Casela walked in right behind Cobb, looked around. She has a headache, telepathically induced. She walked right up to Quinn, “Let’s talk.” And led her off to the side. “What’s this all about? I’m all for weapons practice, but start talking.”
Synthi-er CNS

“I don’t know if you heard but a recent meeting between Cobb and Vonn did not go well and I want to clear up a few things so it doesn’t happen again.” she said quietly to Cas, adding even softer, “I wanted you and Surda here to be sure that Cobb and Vonn don’t get too bull headed at least for a few minutes.”

Casela raised that single infuriating eyebrow. “Of course I heard about it.” She looked around, “Quinn you are my friend, and as a fellow officer you know I respect you, but as the ship’s counselor, I am telling you right now this was ill advised. This is not the way to deal with this, and despite you being a topic of the conversation, you were not the only topic, and Vonn is justified. You know how I feel about the captain. But if there is a problem it won’t come from Kodek Vonn. And there in lies the problem, neither you nor Cobb has taken the time to know him. I know how you feel about Cobb, and that aside, calling out both your commanding officers this way will not go well.”

The doors slid open and Vonn came through. The helmet swiveled to look at Quinn and then Cobb. The Breen said nothing and then simply moved to the side of the door and stood motionless.

Vonn, RTF CO

Quinn looked over Cas’ shoulder and eyed Vonn, ‘’There’s seats for a reason Sir, if you stand there so close to the door that implies you mean to walk out before we’ve even begun.” she didn’t use any attitude as she spoke just offering up how it looked from his stance so close to the doorway. Quinn turned her gaze back to Casela, “If you don’t feel good it’s okay I will call Surda or figure out something else for back up.” she said quietly.

“Or it could be that protocol dictates one doesn’t sit before the Commanding Officer, Ms. Quinn.” the voice from the helmet said flatly.

“You are quite correct Chief Vonn.” Vonn of course knew he was correct and didn’t need her confirmation, but it was a blatant and not subtle show of exactly what Casela thought of what was going on.

Quinn looked again at Zachariah and then to Vonn, then she jumped as a black cat with diamond collar landed on the floor next to her and Casela, “Isis this is not the time for surprises.” she muttered at the holo-graphic guide.

Quinn Kindle, Yeoman, RTF, Cobb’s Angel

Vonn, RTF CO

Casela looked at the cat and back at Quinn. “Ditch the guide and rethink what you are about to do here.”

Lt Synthi-er CNS

As first the counselor and then the RTF Chief had arrived, Cobb’s appetite for pastries had soured, his demeanour shifting quickly from relaxed friend to officious, if somewhat irritated, commanding officer.
“I can see what you’re trying to do here, Miss Kindle,” he finally gave voice to his frustration. “I presume you have either heard, or was told…” and here he flashed a quick glance towards the Breen, “…of my earlier meeting with Chief Vonn. And now you have decided to respond to the scuttlebutt by treating us both like bloody children who must be taught how to share their toys? Am I right, Crewman?”
The use of her rank was deliberate and for more reasons than mere protocol.

“If so then I will tell you all right now that this is not the way things are done on my ship. Chief Vonn’s own issues with me remain elusive since they seem reluctant to engage me in constructive conversation and rather prefer to hurl unfounded insults and accusations. I remain open and willing for a more civilised debate, at such time as the Chief wishes to do so. But until then, let me remind you all that you have a duty far more significant than engaging in localised petty squabbles.”

The Breen, to this point motionless, now moved. The helmet swiveled and locked onto the Captain, following him as he moved.

Pacing away from the confectionery-laden table, the captain paused to glance upon each person in turn, before continuing with his monologue.

“The Leviathan is unique, not only within the ARU, but also the Federation as a whole. If we are selected for a mission then it is because, due to whatever combination of crew skills and operative equipment we have achieved, we are singularly capable of achieving its goal. Do you all understand what that means? The security of the entire universe rests within our, and only our, hands. And if we fail, then there will be consequences far more calamitous than Chief Vonn having a fight with their captain.”

He shook his head, a mixture of offense and disappointment playing across his features, before turning his eyes once more upon the Breen.
“I remain optimistic that myself and Chief Vonn can come to a mutual truce and my door remains open for such a negotiation. But until that time, we each of us have a job to do.”
His final glance was for Quinn, his eyes unable to shield the pain being suppressed within.
“So I suggest that we focus our energies on that rather than on attempting to humiliate senior officers into submission.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

The voice spoke, but it was different… decidedly so. Guttural… harsh… grating… hostile. It was a voice only Cobb, or someone who had an spent inordinate time studying Breen, would recognize. It was an actual Breen voice; complete with the pauses needed for it to vocalize in an manner inconsistent with their physiology. “Cobb… you… are… a fool.” they said, and there was emotion and tone to their words.

“Once… again… you refuse… to see… past… your own… pain.” The Breen stepped towards Cobb and stood directly in front of him, the helmet peering down at him as if it were the face of an angry and primitive god looking at a failed believer. “You… belittle… decry… one who… seeks… to… show you… loyalty… and affection. One who… takes a stand… in your defense. … You are… still… so blind. … And that… will kill you… more… quickly… than… any blade… or… beam. … I can… only hope… to be there… when… you.. realize that… you… have… wasted… so long… hating… that… you… have… forgotten how to… listen… and how to… appreciate… the good… you have. … Instead… of smothering… it… in… your… own filth… of… self loathing… and regret. The past… is the past… Cobb. … Either take… your future… or leave it… to… those… of us… who… haven’t… been swallowed… by… our own… history.” Vonn swayed slightly, and took a step back and steadied themself. An audible sucking noise came from the helmet and then a hiss. For a moment, nothing happened. Then the voice, the synthetic one, said “I am done here. If anyone wishes to speak to me, you may find me in my quarters.” and they turned and walked out the door.

Vonn, RCO

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