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Kara moved quickly to stand before Luna and take firm but gentle hold of her shoulders.
“Luna, listen to me,” the half-Klingon’s tone was insistent. “You are not failing as Cerenity’s mother. What happened to Loki, the place he was dragged to, where he followed me to, it was…”
She trailed off as her voice began breaking, unable to return, even mentally, to the void.
“Luna, I do not know where Loki has gone. I do not know if he will ever return. But I do know that he would not want you to be alone. He would want you to be happy. You and Cerenity both. And if this Jin is a good man and good for your daughter then I see no reason why you should not explore it to the full.”

” Cerenity would accept him she is still convinced at Loki is going to come back. As for Jin he understood me in a way no one on this ship can and I understand him. It’s nice to not feel alone. ” She said gently.

“It is,” Kara nodded, her own thoughts shifting momentarily to Akirel Ros. “But then Cerenity has no need to consider Jin as a replacement for Loki. Loki will always be her father. But you are permitted to make other friends, Luna, just as Cerenity is. Surely she understands that?”

” Dose not change the fact that she thinks he is trying to replace Loki he’s not no one could change how much i loved Loki but serenity has it in her head that i dont care about Loki anymore. I don’t know what to do with that child” she said quietly.

“Cerenity has been through a lot,” Nakuto agreed. “For any child. But particularly for one so young. The events on the Viking are bound to have had an effect on her. She’ll come round. Once she can accept that the Leviathan is not the Viking and that those old terrors have not followed us here…” She paused, before adding quickly, “Not all of them, anyway. But once she realises that then maybe she will be able to relax a little. And so might you!”

” I hope so Kara, I hope so” she said.

” then ther Vonn and the RTF. I sware he heats me and don’t want me on the team. This sniper and arkangel nonsense seems like just a way to keep me out of the way. All anyone sees when they look at me or my file is a frail week bird girl. I’m more then capable and able to handle myself in a real fight. I just wish for once people would look at me and see the truth. I’m tired of having to prove my skills and abilities over and over again.” Luna said frustrated.
Ensign Luna

At the mention of the RTF Chief, Nakuto’s expression soured. “Vonn is…a unique character, are they not,” she shrugged. “I can not deny the warrior within them, the courage and the strength and the resolve under pressure. It is…impressive. And yet I can neither deny that they are an arrogant, judgemental pain in the ass.”
She laughed and shook her head.

” that’s the understament of the Sentara, man is insane he clames he wants to utilize my ability to fly but then puts me in situations where it’s impossible and the weapon he wants me to use is way to heavy” she said. Frustration clearly written on her face.

“Because they want you to think outside of the box,” Nakuto attempted to point out. “You already have mastery over your flight. So perhaps now Vonn is attempting to elevate your other skills to an equal level.”

“Kara you know as well as I do that I’m skilled in fighting even when I’m grounded and have little space to move about” Luna said with a smile.

“That I do!” the half-Klingon roared with laughter in appreciation of her warrior-friend.

“But Luna, perhaps they do not tease you with this training. Fighting anomalies is unlike fighting any other opponent. As I am sure you already know. It requires far more than speed and brute strength. But also patience and tenacity and the ability to adapt your own combat style to an almost infinite variety of foe. Perhaps it is those skills that Kodek Vonn is trying to unlock within you? A silent assassin. An archangel. It seems to be rather fitting, no?”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

” I prefer to be in my aponits face not watch from a far wail my friends are in danger. Besides my aponets underestimate me just as much as eveyone else gives me a major advantag. ” Luna said.
Ensign Luna

“Yes they do,” the half-Klingon grinned in admiration of her friend. “And there is immense satisfaction to be drawn from taking an enemy unawares. But not every anomaly can be battled face to face. And I would imagine that the RTF need to be as adaptable as they are strong. The more fighting techniques you can master, the better a warrior you will become. I speak from experience, Luna, from one forced during the war to swallow my own desire for immediate combat and instead learn how to stalk and to study an enemy first.”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

luna smiled ” I learned that leson the hadway that dam shadow monster had me unable to fly for weeks. it just snuck up on my i did not see it coming at all.” luna said shaking her head. ” I still feel like this sniper bisness is just a way of getting me out of the way” Luna said reluctantly.
Ensign Luna

“You are entitled to feel however you wish, of course,” Kara conceded. “But I do not believe so. What I do believe is that, if you could perhaps trust Vonn’s methods a little, within the safety of the Leviathan at least, then perhaps you might learn something new about yourself. Learn how powerful you truly can be!”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

” many you are right thank you kara, you know your probably the best friend in ever had” she said.
Ensign Luna

“As you are to me,” Kara replied, moving to pull Luna into an embrace, then belatedly recalling her aversion to tactility and settling for a strong hand to her shoulder instead.

“So,” she continued after a time, returning to her leaning position against the wall, “have you checked out any of the new anomalies yet? Or had another run in with that annoying spider?”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

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