Side Sim - Structural Secrets

Posted June 16, 2021, 10:33 p.m. by Ensign Juliet Anders (Security Officer / RTF) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Lieutenant Mwezi (Chief Tactical Officer) in Side Sim - Structural Secrets
Mwezi loved exploring the unused access corridors and jeffries tubes in a new ship. He’d asked the Captain for permission to explore the… Non-classified back-ends of the ship, and the non-committal grunt he’d gotten in reply had been good enough for him.

He’d managed to pry a structural diagram of the non-classified corridors of the Leviathan and downloaded it to his U.R.I., which he had just in case he got lost. It beeped if he got too near the classified areas, at which point he’d turn around and try a different access area. And of course there were the areas that were too small for his large frame to fit.

Despite the restrictions on his exploration, he’d managed to find several secret stashes of various goodies, from Andorian Wine to Talaxian Star-Brandy. It was a fun exploration. Finally, he found a nook where he could stretch out, so he did so, letting his body relax for a few moments. It was a nice nook, empty of any particular belongings.

His sensitive nose picked up traces of one individual who seemed to frequent the area. Mostly human. Female. It was a familiar smell. Someone he’d interacted with when he first arrived, in that hectic time. Jewel? He tried to remember. She didn’t seem to have been here in a while so hopefully she wouldn’t mind him resting here for a little while.

Mwezi, CTO

Trainings, rounds, more trainings, more rounds. The days had run end over end for the last several days that when she realized she was off the roster for a day, she didn’t volunteer for anything.

After her usual work out and jog around the ship, she remembered a place she had found where it was just enough distance from all major hubs of the ship to be silent. Silent from mechanical noise, talking noise and mental noise. She turned a few quick corners, climbed a ladder, and was only one turn away from her small nook when she paused.

Someone was ahead.

Her mind reached out to pick up on mental noise. From emotions to surface thoughts, she would sense it. But nothing was there. Or rather, what was there was blank. There were few on the ship capable of blocking out everything surface. Anomalies not included, that narrowed it down considerably. She didn’t have to remain completely on hands and knees, she could have stooped. But she remained on them for ease of movement and crawled the last few feet to turn the corner and see who was there.

“Mwezi? Right?” Her voice was as silent as her approach had been. Though knowing his own heightened senses, she doubted she had completely snuck up on him. But like him, she could block herself and he may be a bit surprised she wasn’t registering, save on an olfactory level. And after having sweat as she had for the last hour, it was one of the things she wouldn’t have been able to mask.

Ensign Juliet Anders
“Jewels” RTF

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