Hello Again Kodek

Posted June 17, 2021, 11:54 a.m. by Lieutenant Jaieh Vrenek (Medical Officer / RTF) (Sam Pennington)

Posted by Chief Warrant Officer Kodek Vonn (RTF Commander) in Hello Again Kodek

Posted by Lieutenant Jaieh Vrenek (Medical Officer / RTF) in Hello Again Kodek

Posted by Chief Warrant Officer Kodek Vonn (RTF Commander) in Hello Again Kodek
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Jaieh walked down the hall after meeting the CO. This would be an… interesting assignment. Now to report to RTF command. It seemed her duties would be split between medical, research, and containment. She had recently worked with a very colloquial human who often remarked “busy hands are happy hands.” Jaieh supposed she now had an opportunity to have very busy hands.

She came to the RTF commander’s office. Above the chime, a plate read “CWO Kodek Vonn” and this gave Jaieh pause. She recognized this name and it made her unhappy to think of reporting to him. She rang the chime nonetheless.

-Lt Jaieh Vrenek

The door slid open silently to reveal the most spartan-looking office ever. A desk and two chairs in front of it. A very long rifle standing in the corner. And seated at the desk, unmoving, the Breen. There was no motion, no movement. As Vrenek came in the voice, unchanged since their time on the Swift, said “Lieutenant. How may I be of assistance?”

Vonn, RCO

“Warrant Officer Vonn.” Jaieh paused, holding something back. “I’m here to report as a member of the RTF team. I have split duties, between the medical division and RTF.”

-Lt Jaieh Vrenek

The Breen didn’t move, but the voice said “Please sit.” and the voice waited until Jaieh did so.

Jaieh sat across from Vonn, not particularly enjoying this interaction.

“You are mistaken. You do not have split duties, Lieutenant. You have your medical duties which will take most of your time. You are required to spend additional time outside of those duties training for RTF operations. When the RTF is activated, your medical duties cease immediately and you report for duty. Do you understand?” The voice was flat… emotionless… synthetic.

Vonn, RCO

“I do.” Jaieh’s eyes narrowed slightly. “How often is RTF activated?”

-Lt Jaieh Vrenek

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