RTF Chief's Office - Nakuto calls a truce (of sorts)

Posted June 21, 2021, 6:29 a.m. by Commander Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher - Yellow (Engineering)) (Sharon Miller)

Posted by Chief Warrant Officer Kodek Vonn (RTF Commander) in RTF Chief’s Office - Nakuto calls a truce (of sorts)

Posted by Commander Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher - Yellow (Engineering)) in RTF Chief’s Office - Nakuto calls a truce (of sorts)
Their last meeting had not ended amicably. In fact Kara considered a Klingon B’aht Qui challenge to be more cordial than conversation with Vonn. But this time her call was not a social one. It was business. And by approaching the RTF Chief in their office as opposed to the more vulnerable location of their quarters, she hoped that the Breen officer might find it less difficult to address her as a fellow crewmember instead of a presumed enemy.

Still, as she pressed the chime she found her anxiety sufficient to wish that she had brought along her bat’leth.

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

The door slid open silently to reveal the most spartan-looking office ever. A desk and two chairs in front of it. A very long rifle standing in the corner. And seated at the desk, hands flat on the desk and unmoving, was the Breen. There was no motion, no movement. As Nakuto came in the voice said “Commander. How may I be of assistance?” flatly and without emotion.

Vonn, RCO

Kara entered Vonn’s office as the ancient human might the proverbial lion’s den. It was a challenge that called to question decades of training and immersion into Klingon society, this attempt to adopt a more submissive demeanour. But it was of upmost importance that the RTF Chief hear Nakuto fully before casting her back onto the deck.

“I believe it is I who might be of assistance to you,” the half-Klingon replied, now clearing the doorway fully and standing to attention before the bare desk. “I have long admired the skill and precise training demonstrated by your agents, when engaged in battle with an anomaly. Our recent delivery to the base of several Abell-level entities was testament, I believe, to the talent, and the immense bravery, of your capture team.”

The unspoken ‘but’ was so glaring as to almost assume physical form.

“While at the starbase, I was tasked with overseeing the off and on-loading of anomalies. And while again I admired the courage and tenacity of the RTF officers involved, it appeared to me as if containment might be one area where your team could use some additional help. I have spent the past year on the Leviathan coming face to face with these anomalies, have made recommendations for, overseen construction of, even assisted in the application of, various forms of containment. And so I come to offer my own skills to yourself and to the RTF.”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

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