Arrival of Intelligence Chief

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Posted by Captain Zachariah Cobb (Commanding Officer) in Arrival of Intelligence Chief

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Adam Magnusson (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Arrival of Intelligence Chief
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“Lieutenant Commander Adam Magnusson, Sir” His voice was surprisingly deep for his stature, small and seemingly thin. He clasped his hands behind his back and walked by the Captains right side never more than a half step behind.

“Welcome to the Leviathan, Commander Magnusson,” Cobb nodded in acknowledgement. “I was just reading the files on the incident at the dig site…”
Conversation was cut short as something small and fast collided with his legs.

At about that Cerenity came around a corner and crashed right into the captain. She blinked at looked up at the two men a bit startled. ” Hi Mr. Zachariah I think I’m lost.” She said her face turning red. “I was trying to get to the lounge the one with the fish” she said then looked to the new man behind the captain. ” Mr Zachariah who is your friend Iv never sean him before.” She asked. Then waved at the stranger. ” Hi I’m Cerenity” she added.

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Cerenity ( Ensign Luna’s 4 year old)

“Ah,” Zachariah grinned down at the small child. “You were heading to see the fish, eh? Planning to give them a spot of supper?”
Then to Adam he added, “This is Cerenity, she is our youngest engineer and very adept at fixing broken tricorders. Isn’t that right?”

” I know fixed one trycorder ans that was with your help” she said.

Adam cocked his head at the child’s appearance, the young girl reached his chest and he looked into her eyes, his features softening. He knew who this child was “Hello Cerenity, I’m Adam” He gave the faintest hint of a smile, he’d always liked children “My cousin Peter spoke of you, he said you’re quite the explorer” His tone lost its formality but he spoke the same way as he would to an adult albeit in a friendly manner.

” exploring is fun” cerenity said with a smile.

“Your cousin was on the Viking also?” the captain inquired. “By the gods we seem like a veritable magnet for refugees from that accursed ship!”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

” it was the realy tall guy mommy argued with him several times” she said happly.
Ensign Luna

Adam turned to answer the Captain but Cerenity was quicker “Yes I do believe that describes him fairly well” He straightened himself and looked at the Captain, his face stone once more and expressionless “He is still there on the new Viking, they found an old Viking Class that had been mothballed and put the survivors who remained on it” He said matter-of-factly.


“Aye, so I heard” Cobb nodded. “Still, if your cousin were to study our current roster then I daresay he would recognise more than a name or two.”

Zachariah grinned down at the child. “Now, Miss Cerenity, myself and the Commander here have some business to attend to. So where can we deliver you safely along the way?”
Then quickly, in case the young girl was worried she was being disregarded, he added with a wink, “Perhaps the Commander might enjoy an introduction to our resident fish, once we are done?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Cerenity was more consented about the old Viking. She looked almost upset by the news. But smiled when the captain spoke to her. ” I’m just glad I did not get into Trouble for getting lost I think I can find my own way from here. It was nice to meet you Mr. Addom” She said happly befor heading down the hall way.

Adam inclined his head to the child before she left then continuing on their way “Yes there is someone I think I should speak with from the old Viking crew” He did not elaborate “I’ve been aware of the ARU for less than a year but I believe I’ve been thoroughly briefed.” He said in the same respectful yet cold tone.


“Ah,” Zachariah’s voice was like rolling thunder. “But you have not yet been briefed by me!”

Arriving at the CIC, Cobb paused for a second to allow Magnusson to take note of the room’s unique configuration, the captain and first officer bumped from centre space by a ring of impressive terminals. Currently half of them were powered on, the surrounding officers studying the holographic vista they were projecting. At first glances it appeared to resemble an old-fashioned tactical strategy map. But closer inspection would reveal them to be playing a game of battleships.

Adam followed the Captain to the CIC, his eyes scanned the room with barely noticeable curiosity. They lingered for a moment on the holographic display and his lips tightened slightly in disapproval, it was a lousy game of strategy to occupy your mind.

“Here we go,” the captain announced, stepping inside the now open ready room and beckoning for the CIO to follow. Once inside he laid out two large glasses of whiskey with considerable speed, claiming one for himself and nodding with his head for Adam to take the other, before settling comfortably into his chair.

Adam took the glass but did not partake, he eyed the drink then turned his gaze to the Captain’s drink then Cobb himself, no hint of emotion, neither approval nor disapproval on his face. He sat down opposite the Captain.

“So, as I was saying,” he continued between gulps of his drink, “I have been reading about the incident at the dig site. It must feel like you stumbled upon our world rather than learned of it by choice, no? Well, it is the same for all of us. It was most definitely the case for me!” he laughed. “Only a year ago did I learn of the nature of these anomalies. And in that time I have learned a most valuable lesson. Ignorance is most definitely bliss!”

Placing down his empty glass, Cobb fixed cerulean eyes on Magnusson. “Does it feel that way for you, Commander? Like tumbling down a rabbit hole?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Gray eyes met blue as Adam answered “It was simply a mystery to solve. A steep hill where the steps are only rumors that lead to strangeness” He crossed his legs “I do not think one could learn of this by choice but I did choose to pursue this path, untraceable ships, and strange Starfleet Officers, it was an interesting chase”


Cobb’s eyebrows raised at the CIO’s response, accompanied by an agreeable nod.
“You have a pragmatic outlook on things, Commander. I like that. These creatures often like to feast on our insecurities and our fears. A poker face such as yours shall, I imagine, serve you very well.”

Adam inclined his head, he’d worked hard to master his expressionless face although originally it had been a way to show calm during tense situations it had also served him well in his intelligence business.

Reclining back into his chair, the captain crossed arms over his chest. “But perhaps then you wonder what your role here will entail? And to that I would say that you, Mr Magnusson, are to be the Leviathan’s eyes and her ears. We have several valuable sources placed throughout the quadrant and beyond, but if there is a whisper of anomalous behaviour then I want to know of it. If there is an incident that points to one of these entities as the cause then I want us to have course laid in before the victims have even been counted. I imagine you have also cultivated your own sources over the years, so use every means and method available to you. To discover. To investigate. And to report back.”

Adam nodded, it was much as he thought, being able to point to potential new anomalies would be useful for this ship.

The captain offered his companion a genuine grin, then concluded, “So, do you have any questions for me? On anything at all to do with the Leviathan or her crew?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Adam considered for a moment, he understood the ships mission and the ARU’s objectives but the crew was a wild card he needed to get a feel for “Your crew” He started “As I expected many of the crew have either classified and redacted backgrounds, that will not be much of a problem, I can read between the lines and have other means of gathering intelligence on crewmates” He said casually, the glass still in his hand “My question is how deep do you wish me to delve into the crew itself. There is little I can do regarding anomalies themselves unless they manifest as a Starship I can destroy or a person I can fight but I understand people. For an organization like this keeping, a close eye on its staff is important. I am in a unique position to do just that but only if you deem it necessary.”


Zachariah frowned as he considered the question. “I trust my crew, Mr Magnusson. Not on a personal level, or, not all of them at least. But I trust in them to perform their duties. As I hope they trust in me to perform mine. Still,” he shrugged, “I am in no way naive as to certain…unconventional backgrounds. Or that connections with other, shadowy organisations might not yet be wholly severed. Such circumstances are not my concern. Until they become my concern. If you catch my drift?”

He fixed a piercing, inquisitive expression on the other man.
“You can rightly expect me to extend that same measure of trust to you, Commander,” he concluded. “As I shall equally trust you to inform me when matters threaten to become my concern. Does that answer your question?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

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