Side Sim - Holodeck - Let The Games Begin (Tag Luna)

Posted June 22, 2021, 11:04 a.m. by Chief Warrant Officer Kodek Vonn (RTF Commander) (James Sinclair)


A voice from nowhere and everywhere around her spoke. “If you so desperately wish to design your own training, Ensign; perhaps you should try something a bit harder? I would recommend evasion as more tactically sound approach to fisticuffs, however.” Vonn said. The scene shifted suddenly and without warning.

Luna glared that was it. She had had enuff of Vonn treating her like a week link. She would request a sparing match when this was over. Yes she would probably lose but it would make her feel better.

Luna was standing on a high plateau, right on the edge. The drop was hundreds of feet straight down. A maelstrom of incredibly strong winds swirled around the plateau in all directions, blowing rust-colored dirt and sand and small debris in every direction. The top of the plateau was probably a mile square and covered in low shrubs and gnarled trees no more than six feet high. Rocks littered the ground. At her feet lay a ghillie suit mesh, unadorned. “Your assailants will arrive in ten minutes. They are armed and armored and will be looking for you. Safety threshold has been lowered to sixty percent. If they shoot you, it will hurt. If they find you, it will hurt as well. Good luck, Ensign. I hope you were paying attention.”

Vonn, RTF CO

She quickly go to work making the site look like a bush and braking up her silowet the She crouched behind one of the bushes and waghted.
Ensign Luna

A shuttle appeared in the eye of the storm and then disappeared a few seconds later. The storm disappeared and then the plateau went silent.

A few minutes later, a pair of Naussican raiders appeared. They wore patchwork armor and carried disruptor rifles. They looked around about ten feet apart as they moved slowly clearly searching for sonething… or someone.

Vonn, RTF CO

Luna stayed where she watched the stranger apper. It was quite the mental challenge to force herself nk to move and just watched but she did it.
Ensign Luna

The crunch of boots on ground came closer and closer. A moment later, a large boot landed directly in front of her face and stayed there for a few moments. The crackle of comms came over in a strange language and then the butt of a disruptor rifle set on the ground by the boot.

Vonn, RTF CO

luna did not move. She remained silent.
Ensign Luna

The two sets of boots stood motionless for a few minutes, then one walked off one direction and the other in the opposite. Slowly, the crunch of boot on ground faded.

Vonn, RCO


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