Roebuck's Office. A replacement. And an offer.

Posted June 23, 2021, 4:05 p.m. by Captain Zachariah Cobb (Commanding Officer) (Sharon Miller)

Posted by Lazol (Chief Science Officer) in Roebuck’s Office. A replacement. And an offer.

Posted by Captain Zachariah Cobb (Commanding Officer) in Roebuck’s Office. A replacement. And an offer.

Posted by Captain Zachariah Cobb (Commanding Officer) in Roebuck’s Office. A replacement. And an offer.
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Lazol had pulled some strings and worked out a plan. He had indeed had time to cool off and was far more level headed. Had that changed his decision? Not at all, but it was about finding the right person and the right fit. He wasn’t that man and anyone worth their salt knew it. He knew this might blacklist him again, but he wanted to help, he truly cared for those onboard the Leviathan, but he couldn’t in good conscious abandon his ties to the outside universe for the sake of an anomaly. He stood at the door with PaDD in hand and rang the chime, not knowing at all what was about to happen beyond those doors.

Lazol, CSO

“Come,” came a weary, yet still commanding, call from inside. Stepping in, Lazol would find Roebuck alone, at his desk, and with a large whiskey clasped between his hands. Evidently the meeting had taken a toll on the Admiral, his usually handsome features overcast with an anxious frown.

“DaiMon Lazol,” he exhaled at the sight of his visitor. “How can I help you? Or is it Captain Cobb who you seek?”

  • Admiral Roebuck

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“Admiral the first thing you should know is that I do not intend to apologize for what I said, but how I said it. I am under the impression that you’re sending in the Leviathan to undergo a mission that she may not return from, and is one in a line of ships that have entered and so far the rest have not yet returned. Am I right in saying that?” Lazol said as the doors shut behind him. He noted the whiskey and it’s brand. He would be sending a bottle or two sooner or later. “What I want to say Admiral is that there is a level of decorum and tact that I did not display, one you and Captain Cobb are due given your experience and your position in this department and larger organization. Do know however that I will not be on that ship, however I do have another in mind, should you wish to hear my thoughts. The man I wish for you to consider is a Dominion War veteran with decades of experience in chemistry, biology, and agricultural sciences. While he might not sound like the most skilled when it comes to anomalies, he is the perfect leader for a department who takes the eccentrics and wildcards of Starfleet sciences and puts them in a room with things of untold power and knowledge then tells them to poke that thing with a stick.”

Roebuck allowed the DaiMon to complete his passionate monologue without interruption. But as soon as the Ferengi took pause for breath, the Admiral spied his own chance and offered his customary, dazzling smile.
“Please, DaiMon Lazol, sit,” he swept an arm towards a large and comfortable chair. “And let me attempt to reassure you that it is not my plan to throw the Leviathan to the wolves without at least arming it with such a stick.”
The smile faded to an expression of practicality. “Mr Lazol, you and I are the only people from today’s meeting who understand the financial value of the Leviathan. It is redundant of me to remind you that she is not merely a Federation starship, but the flagship of the entire ARU. So please, believe me when I tell you this is not a vessel I am willing to cast aside like a broken toy. I would not be sending the Leviathan on this mission without hope that she, above all other ships, will succeed in finding a way back out.”

Allowing a pause for the scientist to examine the Admiral’s own speech, Roebuck made use of the time by filling two glasses with an amber-colored wine.
“Still,” he passed one glass to Lazol before sipping delicately at his own, “I do understand your own reluctance to accompany the Leviathan on this mission. As Captain Cobb assures me he understands for every single member of the crew. So if this veteran that you speak of remains willing to take up the reigns in your stead, then by all means let us meet him and we shall offer a fair chance to convince us of the same.”

Lazol at this point sat down across from the Admiral and loosened his shoulders and expression, “The next thing Admiral is that I want to offer my services to the Leviathan in my status as a trader businessman. I will work to keep the ship supplied and provisioned outside of Starfleet’s channels and all I ask is that you compensate me for the materials at wholesale value. No markups, no fees, nothing. Do understand Admiral that I have grown to care for these people and they mean something to me. I have my reasons for not going that Cobb is aware of and if you wish to know, I ask that you consult him. But I can run a few cargo ships with holographic crews of to run shipments or even join along their journey. If my ships are destroyed than I will be the one to swallow the cost, but I don’t want to see those people, those good people, thrown to the wolves.”

Lazol, ex-CSO

Lazol’s offer took the Admiral by surprise, snowy eyebrows rising to join with ice-kissed hair. Of all the things he had come to expect from the Ferengi scientist, beginning to care for his fellow crewmates was not one. Then again, Roebuck knew Zachariah Cobb as well as any man. Was it truly so unbelievable that he would stoke such fervent loyalty from every single member of his team?

“That is a very generous offer, DaiMon,” he admitted. “And one that the Leviathan will be most grateful to have at their disposal, I have no doubt. And rest assured that you will be appropriately compensated for every item. The ARU have benefited greatly from our collaboration with your people and it is a relationship that I wish to see prevail. As, I hope and I believe, do you.”

  • Admiral Roebuck

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