Corridors - An evening wander (open to all)

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Mwezi took in a breath, then released it. He stared at the layout figure of the ship on the wall, his eyes boring into the blacked out areas.

Soft footfalls came up beside him, a warm hand resting in the small of his back while a head rested against his shoulder. “You alright?” Kula’s melodious voice spoke in their native tongue, a moon dialect of the Laleri. Unlike the more common Galdori tongue, it was not picked up by the Universal Translators.

Perhaps I will be in time. I don’t like all the secrecy. How little we know about this place.” Mwezi leaned his head over to rest it on top of hers, letting out an angry little chitter.

Perhaps you are not so angry at Cobb and his crew as you are at being stuck in this timeline,” Kula responded kindly, pulling away in order to force him to look into her eyes. There was that soft wisdom she always had, making the soldier in him stand down.

I just want to go home,” he grumbled, leaning against the wall.

Home to Galdor, or home to the Chernov? I thought your home was with me?” she giggled, teasing.

Either? Both?” Mwezi sighed. “I’m not sure. It’s out there, but it’s hardly the same planet we were orbiting a few days ago.

I’ve been doing a little digging. The scientists were kind enough to give me what information they have on Galdor in their computer. Not much of it was classified, and apparently being a native of the planet gave me a little extra clearance,” Kula said with a small grin. “Galdor as we knew it was almost exactly the same in this timeline, up until First Contact with the Federation. It was a little later, which meant they had the Sar’tep better refined by the time they met Starfleet. From what I could tell, the me and you of this timeline were both involved in the project. The Mwezi of this universe was a shuttle pilot, of all things.

Mwezi chuckled. He could see it happening. He’d been a good pilot at the Academy, but his ambition to go to Starfleet had disqualified him from the Shuttle Bonding path. He nodded, encouraging her to continue.

The Federation wasn’t as aggressive in this timeline, and it took a while, but Galdor did join the Federation eventually - without the sharing of the Sar’tep in the conditions. They did share it, but on a very limited basis. There are only a few units in the whole galaxy. And before you ask, no. I couldn’t access the locations,” Kula cut off the question before it even had time to form in Mwezi’s mind. He grinned widely. She knew him well.

Mwezi hadn’t smiled like this in a long while. He had missed this feeling of happiness.

It was at that moment that the two of them heard footsteps approaching. Who else would be out and about at this hour of the evening?

  • Mwezi and Kula

Ryder had been settling back into life aboard the Leviathan, though short the time aboard the station and then alone retrieving Gen and Casela was oddly nice. Alone he could do some the things he wanted without interruption. So now back on the Levi he always found himself waking in the night and going for a walk. He’d kiss Casela every time and check in on Gen before leaving. He could hear voices up ahead and wondered who it was. He rounded the curving corridor and was met with two faces who he recognised but not personal. “Good evening” The trill XO said with a smile. The two furry humanoids in front of him both with their own identifying features meant, if his memory served him well, was Lieutenant Mewzi and Kula.

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

Mwezi’s face curled into a grin, his sharp teeth being perhaps a little intimidating at first glance. “Commander Raauhl,” he greeted, giving the man a slight bow of the head. “I must thank you again for allowing Kula and I to remain aboard the Leviathan.”

He looked at the man with an analytical mind. He wasn’t a species Mwezi was familiar with, the smell was all wrong for human and he had spots all down his face and arms. Mwezi briefly wondered how much of the man’s body was covered in those spots, and especially how the arm spots would intersect at the shoulders with the ones on the head and torso - if they were there as well.

Kula’s smile was a little more reserved. She was tense, not as used to Federation people as Mwezi was, and the lack of emotions radiating from people around here was disconcerting. Mwezi pushed comfort towards her En’ne, and Kula relaxed somewhat. “It’s a big ship,” Kula commented. “I’ve never been on a ship so big, and I’ve barely been anywhere on it.”

Mwezi and Kula

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