Defend by Desperate Measures

Posted June 25, 2021, 12:37 p.m. by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) (Jennifer Ward)

Defend by Any Means:
Defend on Rho Pupis:
Defend - From the Depths of Turpitude:

Casela’s ‘How Not To Be A Spy’
Mistake 1: Answer the spy pager when you are too sick to think straight
Mistake 2: Not asking your doctor to field the terms of your medical leave
Mistake 3: Do not leave immediately as ordered, instead spend time saying good by to those that matter
Mistake 4: Sleep on your transport instead of studying valuable intel reports
Mistake 5: Turn your mission into a mommy/daughter day
Mistake 6: Send your only escape away without you

Raauhl had managed to convince Cobb to use one of the Space stations shuttles, it was capable of warp and like their own a prototype with a few tricks up its nacelles, complete with its own AI Jeeves. “Sir, there is an incoming emergency symbol from the shuttle designated Valkyrja. I have never understood the humanoid fascination with…” The trill groaned having pressed the mute button which conveniently come with the AI. Raauhl opened the message.

On the screen was Alfred. A glimpse of Gen’s hair could be seen in the background, but no hint of Casela. “Cmdr Rhaauhl, I have an urgent message for you, but I am required to ask for verification. You are to tell me where Ms Casela would go on vacation.”


Alfred nodded, “Thank you, Cmdr.” After getting the appropriate response a recording of Casela appeared. “The trip out went well. Ginny and I had dinner last night. I let her try a rose, I’m not sure she liked it.” There was a hint of a smile, for effect. She seemed to be staring at him. “I tried this local red wine. It was horrible. Worst thing I have ever had. Last time I will have wine. See you soon?”

Alfred reappeared. “I have altered course to intercept you, Cmdr. You have authorization to control my systems. Do you wish me to proceed elsewhere?”

“Once I reach you I will take Genesis aboard and then you will return Rho Pupis.” He was sure Casela had some kind of contingency program for that order.

After picking up Gensis, Ryder remembered the PaDD that Casela had given him. The PaDD instructed him to record a message and then send it to Ch’otok Klrin of House Ke’dass on the IKS D’ghurasht of the Imperial Klingon Counsel or the Opaka. Then to leave the PaDD powered on if he wished to receive a reply.

=/\=My name is Cmdr Ryder Raauhl.=/\= He had no idea who this person was or how much to say, but Casela had said she trusted this person. =/\=Casela told me to contact you if she was in trouble. She’s in trouble. She sent our…daughter, alone back to me with a message about Red Wine. She was headed to Rho Pupis. I am hoping you can help her, I can’t leave our daughter.=/\=
Commander Raauhl, XO and Alfred

Casela’s eyes opened, fluttered, and closed. She was tired, sick, a headache on top of headache. Her mouth was dry, lips cracked and she blinked dry eyes that wouldn’t moisten. She was severely dehydrated, severely. And weak, she recognized the feeling of not having eaten in too long. A body that felt like it was constantly shaking but was too weak to move, dizziness, and floating, and the thought of food making her want to vomit. She needed water but was clearly not thirsty. She glanced around the room, sparks flying, smoke making everything even more hazy than her vision already was. Her bag was on a side table, the items gone through. Fire, the equipment was on fire. There by the door! The icy voiced woman. She reached with her mind and grabbed hold, the woman screamed, clawing at her own head. Casela was getting out of there, until her own mind rebelled against her and the seizures took her again…

Casela came to again and looked around, groaning in pain and confusion. She pulled her arms only to be stopped by the restraints, the same with her ankles. There was no sign of the icy voiced woman. They had worked her over severely and that d@%# Romulan mind reading device was amping up the seizures. None of these thoughts were really formed but more understood by instinct. She pulled at her wrists again…her bracelet. She glanced down at it. How long since she’d sent Gen away? She had no idea, but if Ryder didn’t get the message…Alfred’s program was very specific, she had to pray the programming was as good as Tellek had claimed and that Gen was safe now.

She glanced down at the bracelet, she worked until the bracelet was loose from the restraint hanging heavily against the flair of her palm. She bent forward in the chair, using teeth and chin to turn the bracelet on her wrist. She found the single purple stone. Grasping it in her teeth she spun it till she found the small button and bit down, pressing it. Bengwl’ I’m really in trouble this time. Please hear the alarms…

The bracelet always had a passive location tracker on it, made of Vulcan Vokaya (a turquoise-colored mineral unique to Vulcan which emitted a harmless but distinctive radiation). But this small purple stone would activate a small boridium pellet inside the stone (the energy signature from which could be used to track Casela. It was paired, through a piece of ingenious engineering from Ch’otok, with a gamma signature that he would know immediately was hers.)

Light years away the Opaka, powered down for the most part suddenly lit up to life, alarms and warnings going off all over the ship. Inside Ch’otok’s hut his computer console began to flash in hundreds of shades of red. And even if he was outside working his fields, he would hear the alarms going off.

Valkyrie, S31

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