Knock knock... Jewels meets the RTF Cmdr

Posted July 21, 2021, 11:11 p.m. by Ensign Juliet Anders (Security Officer / RTF) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Chief Warrant Officer Kodek Vonn (RTF Commander) in Knock knock… Jewels meets the RTF Cmdr

Posted by Chief Warrant Officer Kodek Vonn (RTF Commander) in Knock knock… Jewels meets the RTF Cmdr

Things had been sideways the last week. Between checking in, herself, and the new RTF Commander’s arrival, she hadn’t actually gotten around to officially meeting him. After the training with the rest of RTF yesterday in the holodeck, she realized it was time to bite the discomfort and just do it.

She was in her regular ship uniform, but it was one meant for check ins and meetings. It was clean and crisp and inspection ready to the last detail. She wasn’t about to show up in coveralls and expect the man to take her seriously in her position. As she walked the final yards to his door, she continued to roll things in her head. She knew she would tell him about her abilities. It would be wrong not to. But the question was, how was he going to take the omission in her records that he had access to? The Security Chief hadn’t been happy, but had accepted it. But this wasn’t just anyone, this was a Breen. While she had never met any, she had interacted with them in the past. But only on the sidelines type of way. She had been on a mission and they had been part of another group. Well, two had been part of another team. So she had nodded to them after the briefing but had no other interaction with them. She knew they had skills even ‘she’ envied. Perhaps she could learn from him… it was possible, she hoped.

There were rumors of him on the ship already. Most didn’t like the idea of him being aboard. And one or two thought he should be housed with the ‘anomalies’. To her, especially since he was positioned as her supervisor, he was just another crewmember. He just happened to be one she would have to get to know on a deeper scale than most.

Before she could finish the thought, she tucked an errant strand of ebon hair behind her ear and palmed the door to his office. Computer had relayed he was here. She just hoped that hadn’t changed in the last fifteen minutes.

Ens Juliet “Jewels” Anders

The door slid open silently to reveal the most spartan-looking office ever. A desk and two chairs in front of it. A very long rifle standing in the corner. And seated at the desk, unmoving, the Breen. There was no motion, no movement. As Anders came in the voice from the helmet said “Ensign. How may I be of assistance?”

Vonn, RCO

Surprisingly, Jewels was pleased when she entered. On more than one level. The lack of chaos in the office, in regards to clutter, was pleasant. Nothing to distract. And as she glanced at the man, she liked his simple response. No messing about with offers of drinks or sweets. This was an office made for business and he treated it as such. She stepped in and let the door close behind her.

“Ensign Juliet Anders, checking in officially, Sir.” Her mind went out out reflexively to read surface thoughts or emotions coming from the Chief Warrant Officer as she stood more at ease than attention, but not slouching like some grunt come to retrieve an empty coffee cup.

Ens Juliet Anders
“Jewels” RTF

As her mind reached she found… nothing. Not a void where he was, not a wall; just… nothing. As if he wasn’t there at all. Then the voice spoke. “Very well. Sit, Ensign.” the voice said. The Breen didn’t move, but the desk interface suddenly activated and her file came up and then was gone.

“Before we begin -” the voice began, “- I will ask you the same question I have asked all of your fellow RTF members. Do you have an issue with taking orders from me, no questions asked? If you do, I will thank you for your time and efforts on the RTF and bid you good day. I will remove you from the RTF roster with a note indicating satisfactory service. But that is a choice you make now… not after you think about the matter.”

Vonn, RCO

Juliet took a seat and shook her head as her immediate answer came out. “No, Sir. You are my superior by Fleet and the Captain. I don’t see a reason I would say no.” Sure, Breen were an anomaly. The nothingness she felt from him was a bit disconcerting with what her eyes were telling her. But having heard it from others and sensing it in person, she was satisfied.

Cocking her head slightly, she looked at him. “Do you have any issues with me being a telepath, Warrant? and no one else but the Captain, Doc and Security Chief knowing it yet?” She hadn’t planned on telling him that way, but she wasn’t exactly a skittish person. It was asked with respect and no sense of sarcasm. A simple question for question. Some wouldn’t want her there for that reason. So better to know now than continue on only to be booted later.

(I hope, still hehehe)

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