Checking into the CMO

Posted July 24, 2021, 5:30 p.m. by Lieutenant Jaieh Vrenek (Medical Officer / RTF) (Sam Pennington)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox (Chief Medical Officer) in Checking into the CMO

Posted by Lieutenant Jaieh Vrenek (Medical Officer / RTF) in Checking into the CMO

Posted by Lieutenant Jaieh Vrenek (Medical Officer / RTF) in Checking into the CMO
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Jaieh wandered from Vonn’s office to sickbay to see her new CMO. If he was anything like the rest of the ship, he was here because he’d be out of place anywhere else. After admiring the sickbay facilities for a moment, Jaieh pressed the door chime for the CMO’s office and waited.

-Lt Jaieh Vrenek

The NE Doctor on duty, Starling, saw the stranger enter and move to the office. She waited a second to confirm that was where he was going and followed. “He’s not there.” She said with a smile. “He’s in one of the medical labs. Back out into the corridor, third door along and second lab on the right. Unless there’s something I can help you with.”

NE Starling

Jaieh smiled. “I somewhat doubt it. I’m a new doctor here, I’m supposed to report to Doctor Knox.” She extended her hand to Starling. “I’m Lieutenant Jaieh Vrenek.”

-Lt Jaieh Vrenek

Starling smiled and took the offered hand, giving it a shake. “Doctor Starling.” She said by way of introduction. “You can call me Clarice. If you head out of here to the lab you’ll find him. Just make sure you knock first and leave anything metal here.” She gave him a wink and walked away to continue with her duties.

NE Starling

“Thank you.” Jaieh said with a smile before turning and walking in that direction. When she came to the laboratory, she paused and knocked at the door frame.

-Lt Jaieh Vrenek

There was the sound of light piano music emanating from the lab. The knock epwent unanswered for a heartbeat before a calm voice called “It is quite safe. Please enter.”

Inside the lab, bent over a computer up linked microscope leaned a dark haired figure. The medical teal over shirt was draped across a chair nearby along side a matching lab coat. The man worse only the black undershirt and trousers ensemble with a black leather apron that came to his knees. He also wore a pair of black leather elbow length gloves.

Looking up as the door opened he gave a blank look when the face was unrecognised in his mind and said. “Good afternoon,”

Dr Knox

The music was kind to her ears, though the sights strange as any on this ship to her eyes. Jaieh stood for a moment before responding. “Good afternoon. Sir. I am Lieutenant Jaieh Vrenek. I’m a doctor, reporting to the Leviathan today.” She offered him a PaDD with the records to this effect. To most human doctors, Jaieh seemed odd at least in that she introduced herself by rank. It was a habit of Romulan training that never quite died.

-Lt Jaieh Vrenek

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