Year of Hell - Trouble in the Jormungandr Lounge

Posted July 26, 2021, 5:12 a.m. by Commander Ryder Raauhl (Executive Officer) (J Ridgley)

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Raauhl accompanied with the RTF detachment at the order of Cobb assembled outside of their prestigious lounge, ‘ Why does every anomaly end up in the lounge’ He thought thinking about the ice cloud and other lethal anomalies. The Trill XO had thought about facing another threat after his most recent death experience, some called it to near death but he had actually died and was only brought back to life thanks to the powers of yet another anomaly.

Once those who went to investigate the Lounge arrived, the first thing they’d notice was the wind. Air was pushing against their direction of travel, making it hard to walk.

The second thing was… A fold. It looked like someone had taken a picture of the lounge and printed it out full-size, and something was now trying to get through from behind the picture. The fold seemed to ripple.

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Raauhl studied the area they had exposed by opening the doors, “One-day we’ll have butterflies or flowers” He commented, “What do the internal scanners say?” He asked the RTF members of the group, he could easily check himself but he didn’t want to deprive others of their actual job, besides he was too concerned about watching the area in front of him than scanners, he’d rather not die again.

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

Scanners detected a spacial anomaly. Gravity was being weird. Then, just as suddenly as the anomaly began, space went back to normal. There was a bit of a ripple, but all readings returned to regular space.

Well, except for one thing. In the middle of the room there were two humanoid figures. One in a fetal position, and the other with arms wrapped around the first as if trying to keep them warm. Scans revealed them to be alive, but in poor shape - dehydrated and unconscious.

There were tachyon particles emitting from them, so that was odd.

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Juliet was coming down the hall as the others gathered. Unaware of the readings in the lounge before the door opened, she shook her head. “So we don’t know how much of the goo is missing from the station but we should have an answer soon. Hope there isn’t much more. Not sure we want the entire ship frozen out to collect it all.” As she got closer, she watched the others and was prepared to back them up if anything tried to escape.

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“Check the rest of the room and the kitchen to see if there is anyone else.” Raauhl ordered entering the room, the two humanoid figures on the floor were most likely not human not entirely anyway. “Hello, I am sorry for the conditions but we had no other choice. Who are you and what are you doing on this ship? Once we know you’re no harm to us or this ship we can look at making things more comfortable.” Raauhl didn’t like the idea that what they were doing were harming the entities but also he had his people to think about.

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