When Predictions Come True (TAG Vonn)

Posted July 26, 2021, 10:23 a.m. by Chief Warrant Officer Kodek Vonn (RTF Commander) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in When Predictions Come True (TAG Vonn)

Posted by Chief Warrant Officer Kodek Vonn (RTF Commander) in When Predictions Come True (TAG Vonn)

Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in When Predictions Come True (TAG Vonn)
After searching the entire CIC deck and the deck above and below Casela was certain that there were no more missing parts of the anomaly. “Stand down Fenrir. Go back to Gen.” The KAI9 headed in the opposite direction and Casela stepped into the lift. All that up, down, climbing, crawling and twisting about in the duct work was making her stomach nauseous. She stopped at the lounge and requested a travel mug of lemonade, hoping the citrus would settle her stomach and then down to the RTF deck as ordered. She nodded to several of the officers and agents that she had worked with over the past year. She stopped at the door to Vonn’s office and pressed the chime.

Lt Synthi-er

The doors slid open… but there was no Vonn inside. The room was empty save for the normal furniture… even the large rifle that stood in the corner was gone. As she entered, the computer chirped and Vonn’s voice said “Lieutenant. I will be back shortly. Please review the PaDD on the desk and prepare any questions you will have.”

On the desk sat a PaDD, and on the PaDD was a single file: the RTF Organizational chart…

With her a Second-In-Command.

Vonn, RCO

Casela picked up the PaDD and sat down in a chair, leaned back, legs stretched out. Second-In-Command? Really now? That was…interesting. And her sudden reinstatement. She supposed it was logical. She’d taken over when Manhattan had been MIA. Command was never something she had ever aspired to. Section loved her because she was capable as working a Lone Wolf for years at a time. The few times over the years she’d actually worked onboard ships, she’d been passed over and even demoted because of her tendency to run rough shod over idiots. Manhattan had been determined to change that. And she supposed he was getting his wish.

RCO: Kodek Vonn
2IC: Casela Synthi-er

Hyperios Hydras
Squadron Regent: Surda
Mission Specialist/Medic: Jaieh Vrenek
Sq Marksman: Luna
Recovery Device Handler: NE Falon Kop
Vaguard: NE Nerjo Grabi
Rear Guard: NE Cr’all

Black Devils
Squadron Regent: NE Irida Kovacenkov
Mission Specialist: NE Niw Nagit
Sq Marksman: NE Derek Trainor
Recovery Device Handler: NE Luhiw Kjab
Vaguard/Medic: NE Niven
Rear Guard: NE Uj’aw Kat’ar

Cerberus Hounds
Squadron Regent: NE Honduras
Mission Specialist/Medic: NE Mress
Sq Marksman: NE Fenark
Recovery Device Handler/Medic: NE Kisos Ch’rharren
Vaguard: Kindle
Rear Guard/Medic: Juliet Anders

Anomaly Detection Team
Alpha: Dicceza and Kredor
Beta: Bitta and Haath
Gamma: Wachun Yerehea and Jabeck

Containment Transfer Team
Alpha: Yoma Pordahi and Onuvek
Beta: V’Liak and Estaw Trezhur
Gamma: Maomek and J’miruhk Hecx

AARM Maintence Crew
None Assigned

RTF Armory Officer
Lyleya Sinaras

Casela nodded at some, raised a brow at others, and seriously contemplated others. She adjusted in the seat once or twice trying to find some position that didn’t make her stomach protest after a few moments. She sipped at the lemonade, slowly, but regularly as she read. Many were new names she wasn’t familiar with, and far too many were gone. After looking over the organizational chart a few times, Casela sat and stared at what Vonn was getting ready to do to her and her career. And she found that for the first time in far far too long she was actually excited about an opportunity. And given her other circumstance she had to wonder if she was loosing her mind.

Lt Synthi-er

The doors slid open and Vonn entered. They took their normal seat at the desk without a word, but then the voice said “You have reviewed the file? Good. Thoughts?” he asked.

Vonn, RCO

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