MPT-LS: Year of Hell - Sickbay

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=^= Commander Knox, we’re bringing two casualties to you, I recommend Bio contamination and an RTF team to meet us.=^= Came the voice of the ships second in command later followed by another announcement and things went into motion. =^=Raauhl to the CIC please clear a path from the lounge to sickbay we have two.... Unusual Starfleet personnel in need of medical assistance and both are emitting Tachyon radiation=^=. Though the message was for the CIC the ships communication was now open and it allowed the the medical personnel keep tabs on what was going on.

In his office the dark haired form of Dr Knox had been sitting quietly, his finger steepled under his chin, having an internal discussion with himself. When the call came in there was a moment of mildly dizzying confusion as each part of that conversation sought dominance. It was a quick battle of wills and ended in a similar fashion to how most of them did recently.

=^= Understood.=^= Theodore responded in a calm tone. He then sent a second call.

=^= All duty medical personnel report to sickbay. Incoming casualties. RTF presence requested.=^= he stood then.

Raauhl was first through the doors followed by the RTF personnel carrying two stretchers and the one nurse, “I hope you’re ready its and odd one. We couldn’t risk suing the transporters due to the volume of tachyon radiation” he said to the duty medical personnel. He moved aside to allow them to get to work.

  • Commander Raauhl, XO

As the team entered the sickbay containment protocols initiated. A secondary containment program was ready to run around two biobeds that Theodore directed both stretchers to. He raised one eyebrow in an arch.

“Have hyronalin on standby.” He said to NE Starling who immediately moved off to retrieve the radiation poisoning treatment.

As the new patients were moved onto the beds Theodore turned to regard the XO. “Can you explain their predicament please commander. How did they get this way and are there any further injuries or exposures to them than your team?”

All the Trill could do for his initial response was shake his head, when words did muster themselves they still didn’t provide an answer. “Honestly Doc I wish someone would tell me whats going on, I’m actually hoping you will shed some light on our two arrivals.” Raauhl pointed at the two guests.

He removed his tricorder from his lab coat and began scanning the nearest body, indicating one of the duty medical staff should also do the same to the other.

Dr Knox

Luran was among the first staff to report for the emergency, and as indicated by Dr Knox, began scanning the other patient. As she did, she listened for the XO’s explanation, wanting to know what exactly had happened.

~ Ensign Luran Akunon, Medical

The medical scanners disclosed much of what was already known. The two were Laleri, of the planet Galdor. The larger individual was male, and was the one wearing the strange Starfleet uniform. He was slightly dehydrated, and scans revealed a hormonal imbalance that they couldn’t make heads or tails of.

The smaller was a female, and she had no signs of Starfleet on her, although there was a patch on the shoulder of her lab-coat which displayed the globe of Galdor along with a short phrase in their native script. She was the worse of the two, being severely dehydrated and emaciated. It was a miracle that she was even alive.

Both patients had tachyon particles emitting from their bodies, although continued scanning showed that the emission rates were dropping off sharply and were likely a result of however they’d arrived on the Leviathan and not an inherent property of the individuals.

The male began to stir, opening his eyes slightly. “Taggart?” He muttered in a ragged, dry voice, reaching out into the air. “Chris, what happened?”

  • Mwezi

Raauhl moved closed, “Who is Taggart?” The XO was carefully not to get to close in case they attacked.

  • Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Theodore’s expression formed a thin line as he surveyed the scan results and the medical panels above both beds. “Both seem to be dehydrated…10ccs of Neodextraline for the male please.” He took the hypo as it was offered to him and administered it before beginning a more detailed assessment of any injuries.

Dr Knox

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